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Mick Mulvaney ->

्रम्प ्हाइट_हाउस कर्मचारियों के प्रमुख के रूप में MickMulvaney को नियुक्त America ़ुर्सान_न्यूज़


Nancy Wilson ->

A week tribute to the late legendary jazz rnb and popmusic vocalist nancywilson highlighting those that came after the great songstress Image of iampatricequinn Born and raised in nyc Daughter of civilrights activist Patrice joined the losangelesjazzscene and has garnered the respect of many losangeles_city top musicians She teaches acting at the losangeleshighschool for the performingarts all while cultivating her career in music Patrice has recorded with kamasiwashington ryanpapaporter brandoncoleman milesmosley And more keithrogersphotography jazz jazzvocalist music newjersey losangeles newyorkcity


If you know me, you know I'm all about a good vibration. these days know something about the vibe but for me, the vibe is nothing about a look and everything about sound AND colors nancywilson holds a brush like no other. Not to mention the fact that she must've sung more than other singers because you can find a Nancy record WHEREVER they sell records. I don't think I ever flipped through any collection, anywhere, without coming across her. We met her on cosbyshow and for some of us she IS jazz. Not for me, but she is and forever will be a very sweet vibration ripnancywilson


Been playing some old NancyWilson albums this morning, remember why I loved her voice so much- she can sing anything


The Mule ->

It’s not something we don’t all already know. But what a remarkable career Clint Eastwood has had not only as an actor but as a director. From his first film as a director “Play Misty For Me” in 1971 through “Unforgiven” (1992), “Mystic River” (2003), “Million Dollar Baby” (2004), “Flags of our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima” (2006) and “Sully” (2016), to name just some of the highlights. It would take days to talk Eastwood’s career. Clint Eastwood is back in his first credited acting role since “Trouble with the Curve” in 2012, and his first time since “Gran Torino” in 2008 (10 years ago), that he both acted in and directed a film. This makes his newest starring, producing and directing film “The Mule”, his 40th feature behind the camera and gajillionth in front of it. After spending the last few years, just as filmmaker/actor Peter Berg was. Eastwood had filmed a trilogy of heroism with his biggest box office success “American Sniper”, “Sully” and “The 15:17 to Paris”. “The Mule” is a star vehicle for 88 year old actor/director Clint Eastwood who is in nearly every scene and who can still command the screen. The movie was inspired by the story of Leo Sharp (whose name has been changed to Earl Stone for the film). A World War II veteran in his late 80s who became the world's oldest and most prolific drug mule for the Sinaloa Cartel. I’m not sure how accurate of a depiction Eastwood’s Earl is to the real Leo. As he is shown to like a strong drink, enjoys a pulled pork sandwich, loves to tell corny jokes, spurts out racist comments without really knowing it and he’s such a ladies’ man that he has two threesomes. Man this guy knows how to party and have fun! That’s not all. Earl lives life on the edge because he has become the top courier (“a Mule”), for a branch of the Mexican drug cartel, regularly delivering packages in excess of 100 plus kilos of cocaine within the States. As a drug mule he was deemed a “legend,” as a law enforcement official had put it in the New York Times Magazine article, by Sam Dolnick that serves as the basis for the film. •MOVIE REVIEW CONTINUED BELOW•


Les ingrédients d'un Noël réussi ? 15 - Une indigestion 💩 🎁 Retrouvez votre cadeau à la fin de la vidéo Pour activer votre code cadeau : 1.Rendez-vous sur la page du film THE MULE sur 2.Choisissez le e-billet 3. Rentrez votre code cadeau 4. Bon film ecinemacom ecinema film themule calendrierdelavent indigestion


If you watch this movie and get back to me saying that you don’t like it I will never talk to you again 😂😂 I am suspicious in say anything about clinteastwood because he is one of my favorite directors ❤️ this movie is tense, delicate and strong. It’s all about family time heartbroken forgiveness love it’s perfect movie for this time of the year. 👏👏👏👏 bradleycooper michaelpena and of course diannewiest themule themulemovie movietheater drama friday night weekend movie movienight losangeles california


It’s both an honour and a privilege to have a song featured in Clint Eastwoods THE MULE! 🥂 Starring & directed by clinteastwoodoffical co-starring bradleycooper alison.e.wood laurencefishburneofficial therealmichealpena The movie is out now in the U.S. and is coming to the U.K. in Jan! The song itself will be out very soon (Sugar feat. samgray1985) Thanks to warnerbrosentertainment & ultramusicofficial in the U.S. for making this happen! 🥂 themulemovie themule bradleycooperoriginal clinteastwood hollywood producer producerlife happy film movie movies songwriter michealpena laurencefishburne


Johnson and Johnson ->

JNJ,XOM,IBMから配当がありました😄株価は揃いも揃って下落中💦ですが今のところトータルではプラスなので気楽なものです。長期の分散投資大事ですね。☺️JNJは以前から話が出ているベビーパウダーの発癌性問題がぶり返したのが気になるところ。事業のウエイトとしては低いので訴訟が山を越したらいずれ買い増す予定です。😄✨📈💰 米国株友の会 米国株 配当金 配当 Exxonmobil johnsonandjohnson IBM 毎月購入 毎月増配 リセッションは買いどき


The WHO and other authorities recognize no safe level of exposure to asbestos. While most people exposed never develop cancer, for some, even small amounts of asbestos are enough to trigger the disease years later. johnsonandjohnson


That’s not a rubber duck. So yesterday I had a bath with Maverick for the first time. It was so cute, he was kicking away and I was helping him to sit up in the bath as we only currently have a lounger style seat for him at the moment. Couldn’t stay in the top long because the water gets cold really quick only due to water being luke warm in the first get in play a little, wash a littleget out! I mean you don’t really want to be in the bath TOO long because you could end up with more than what you bargained for and by that I mean you are at risk of getting more than a floating rubber duck in your bath 💩💩😂 it has happened! Not to me! but it has happened to people I cannot name 😂 I think if it did happen to me ,I literally wouldn’t know what to do! Prob just scream haha! Mavys poo still looks like a nappy explosion of mustard! Could you imagine that being in the bath 🤢☺️


Oops we did it again Here, rub some asbestos on you baby/hair/armpits Their share price dropped yesterday 10.4%. That's ONLY 10% after finding out that the company had deliberately lied for good 3 decades about its product. Should they not be forced to close down after such a huge global lie? 10% off the shareprice seems like a light slap on the wrist johnsonandjohnson


Sandy Hook ->

theme: school shooting


😍فيت15🥇الجديد والمفيد😍* *🏌🚴‍♀أقوى كورس للرشاقة والتنحيف الجسم⛹‍♂* *♂الوصول للوزن المثالي من منتج فيت15 *🏋‍♀ينزل الوزن من 6ل11 كيلو حسب طبيعة الجسم في 15 يوم فقط🏋*💪👏😍😍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ◽منتج طبيعي وآمن من غير آثار جانبية لأنه مكوناته من الأعشاب الطبيعية . ◽ينظف الجهاز الهضمي من السموم . ◽يقلل نسبة الكوليسترول في الدم ويسد الشهية . ◽يزيد من حرق الدهون . ◽*منتج مصرح من وزارة الصحة* *للرجال💁🏼‍♂ والنساء💁* للطلب والأستفسار📲 خااااااااااااص الان منتج التخسيس من فوريفر✨✨ ✨✨ *فيت١٥✨✨النزول من 7 الى 10 كيلو *لا تترددي ◀انه ليس مجرد إعلان، ولامجرد منتج تخسيس فقط ! فيت15 تقدمة شركة فورإيفر ليفينج الأمريكية منتجها رقم 1 مبيعات في العالم لأن جميع مكوناته طبيعية 100% يعني لا تحتوي علي أي مواد كيماوية تضر بالجسم لذلك هو آآآمن تماما وليس له أي أضرار جانبية و طبعا لقدرته الفائقة في تنزيل وزن صاحبه *ليس هذا فقط* 😊 إعلان ايضا يرجع الفضل في نجاحه ليس فقط في تنزيل الوزن 🎉🎉والأهم من كل شيْ أنه لا يعود الوزن الذي تم خسارته مره أخري 🎉🎉 *نعم لا يعود* 💪💪 👈فيت 15بيحتوي ايضا علي فوائد أخري مهمة لصحتك اعرفك عليها ☺👇 ✔فيت15 بيخلصك من سموم جسمك المتراكمة علي مدار سنين بفضل عصير هلام الصبار الطبيعي 💯% (ألوفيرا جيل). ✔يعمل على فقدان الشهية بطريقة طبيعية. ✔مفيد في مراقبة الوزن والمحافظة عليه. ✔يساعد في الحفاظ على: أ. نضارة شعرك. ب. نقاء وصفاء أظافرك . ج. نضارة بشرتك وحمايتها من التشققات. ✔يساعدك في تخفيض معدل الكوليستيرول في الدم 🔴للطلب والاستفسار ارسل رسالة للصفحة عصير الصبار يفيد بتخليص الجسم من كل السموم والفضلات المتراكمه بالجسم والدهون المخزونه نتيجه الاكل الغير صحي والمواد الكيمياويه الموجوده بالجسم بسبب اخذ بعض الادويه سابقا حبوب جارسينا تفقد الشهيه فايبر عباره عن الياف تحسن عمليه الهضم الثيرم تعمل علئ حرق الدهون بالجسم ومشروب بالكاكاو او الفانيلا ينطي نشاط وحيويه خاصه عند الرياضه الامارات عجمان الشارقة دبي زايدUAE سيف_بن_زايد فعاليات_فورملا_الدرعيه سوريانو_هلالي دوري_الامير_محمد_بن_سلمان_للمحترفينThankYouBTS الاتحاد_الباطنChristmasJumperDayBuenViernes البحرين قرطبة ساعه_استجابه الآن ‎ ‎‎ SandyHook اسقاط_القروض_فرحه_ننتظرها هاشتاقك_ترند5297_9797 الاتحاد_الباطن السعودية رياض جدة الدمام الخبر الكويت سوريانو_هلالي النصر_الرايد سوريانو_هلالي جوله_العلم


Chick-fil-A ->

気になっていたチキンのお店でランチ スパイシーチキンサラダ めちゃ美味しかった~😍 ロサンゼルスでけっこうみかけるので まだたべたことない人は是非 ★★★★ (ロサンゼルスでリフト、ウーバー乗る方 登録するとき プロモーションコード 良かったらお使い下さい リフトは登録するとき このプロモーションコード入れたら5ドル もらえるみたいです リフト↓ YUKA05324 ウーバーは、登録するとき これ入れたら最大1500円分の無料乗車券て 書いてます ウーバー↓ rtrk04 どちらも登録するとき よければ使ってみて下さい) California California留学 カリフォルニア留学 la lasvegas losangels usa アメリカ生活 アメリカ アメリカ留学 タビジョ たび タビジョと繋がりたい タビジョインスタグラマー たびすたぐらむ アラサー女子 女子旅行 lahabra インスタグラマー chickfila チキン ロサンゼルス生活 カリフォルニアスタイル カリフォルニアラブ ウーバー リフト lift


Out Christmas shopping last week we drove by Chick-fil-A and they had the most adorable holiday light display in their drive through. Hubs always up for a snack bought himself a chicken sandwich, so I could enjoy the light show. He’s so romantic. 😄 They tell you what radio station to tune in to. I thought just so we could enjoy holiday music. No, the lights lights are synced up to the music. I found it very fun. chickfila christmaslights christmastime truelove