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anyone else hooked to yogi bowls?🤷🏻‍♀️ plain yoghurt with fresh mango🥭, kiwi, cacao nibs, goji berries, sunflower seeds, chia and pepitas😍😍 happy saturday babes


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Such a gorgeous baby shower cake for Anna today! Anna loved the sound of a concrete cake with a little pink details to celebrate the upcoming birth of her little girl. We absolutely loved the shades of pink texture on the base of the cake. So striking, yet so delicate. Dare we say it- one of our favourites! Inside, we have our deliciously citrusy lemon cake filled with house made lemon curd, pistachio Swiss meringue buttercream and pistachio crumble. The cake was topped with house made meringues, house made chocolate spheres (followed the katherine_sabbath technique), house made mini chocolate hearts and mini chocolate bars. We then topped this darling with a zaharibydina “Oh Baby” topper. We wish you and your beautiful family all the very best with the new addition to your family xx babyshower babyshowercake babyshowercakes babyshowercupcakes babyshowercakesforgirls sydneycakes sydneycake sydneycakedecorator sydneycakeshop instacake cakesofinstagram buttercreamcake cakeinspo cakeinspiration prettycake buzzfeed ohitsperfect acdnmember


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Aanstaande maandagochtend (06:12) krijgen we een totale maandverduistering te zien. Het weer ziet er gunstig uit, want het lijkt overwegend helder te zijn. Alleen op de Wadden kunnen wolkenvelden voorkomen. Wel vriest het licht tot matig. Koud dus! Een maansverduistering doet zich voor wanneer de zon, de aarde en de maan op één lijn staan (met de aarde in het midden). Normaal weerkaatst de maan het licht van de zon naar de aarde, maar tijdens een maansverduistering staat de aarde in de weg en ontvangt de maan geen zonlicht: de maan bevindt zich in de schaduw van de aarde en wordt dus donker, ofwel verduisterd. bloodmoon lunareclipse maan instagram weather


Tomorrow. And that is when the big snow comes to my mountain. Also when we will be getting a shocking bit of news, at 3pm. Stay frosty Truthers. Not a single one of you should feel too sure about what is going on. Listen to new ideas. Give them all their grain of salt. Reality is far stranger than fiction. bloodmoon wolfmoon lunareclipse humanitariancrises


Repost thetrapwitch ( get_repost) ・・・ (Volume ON 🎧) There’s a lot of love on the other side of hurt. There’s a lot of light on the other side of darkness. You wouldn’t know compassion though if you didn’t ever suffer. You wouldn’t ever know how things truly feel if you never allow yourself to feel them. We can feel pity on ourself and others, but there comes a time where that too may need to be released. It may take also releasing a lot of your pride. In piety is humility. A religious devotion. Spirituality. In being devoted to wanting love, you must be devoted to every aspect of it that is worth having it. Being dedicated to going through the middle passage to get to it. What blocks our blessings is burden. What hinders the goddess from shining out, is not clearing out what darkens her heart from within. To that, with this coming moon, and eclipse, I ask you this, for yourself, “Please let yourself feel a lot and then promise you’ll do the work to begin to let it go.” You are too sovereign to choose the other side of that. Living in the lack. If love is what you want to gain. What are you holding onto that is not causing you to be able to receive love with open hands. For yourself and with others? Happy pre lunar new year 🙏🏽 I did my shadow spread with my cards, my spiritual bath and my sovereignty prayer from my guide that I designed for this weekend. If you’d like to enjoy it to, you can find it on my website under “Stepping into Sovereignty”. Have a happy and prosperous weekend 🌔♌️ fullmoon fullmooninleo brujas bruja witch witchesofcolor lunareclipse totallynareclipse spiritualbath tarot oracle oshun


Full Moon 🌕 Monday 21st January at 4.16pm (AEST) Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. — A powerful and transformative time, some of you have probably been feeling the effects of this Full Moon already. Being closer than usual proximity to Earth, this Super Moon’s Energy may even feel a little stronger than usual 🙈 — The courage and fierceness of Leo is eager to destroy anything old that no longer serves us, but we must remember to be patient and not to respond to anything impulsively. Just be aware of this energy and use this time to instead contemplate what it is you’re needing to let go of. What do you need to make space for to make 2019 your best year? — This Leo energy can also make us feel somewhat off-balance and a bit erratic. Sit with these feelings - it is all a very normal part of change. Change is a state of being that allows us to shift our frequency, to transform and be in alignment with who we are becoming. — Crystal pick for this Full Moon is Onyx to enhance your courage and will help you let go of any negativity 🔮💎💖 — 📷 isabel_mariposa_galactica


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LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR, THIS KILLINOIS SPECIAL unpacks the first two parts of the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary, with help from friend of the show and podcast extraordinaire jetandmikeshow Additionally, we give our raw thoughts in the aftermath of Jason Van Dyke receiving 6 years and 9 months in prison for the murder of Laquan McDonald. LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT rkelly jasonvandyke truecrimepodcast truecrimecommunity truecrimeillinois


LaquanMcDonald 's life mattered. JasonVanDyke shot him 16 times and killed him on October 20th, 2014. He and some of his colleagues lied in their official reports to cover-up the murder. After the video was released, though, the truth came out. Van Dyke was subsequently charged with first-degree murder, 16 counts of aggravated battery and official misconduct. On October 5th, 2018, he was found guilty of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm. He faced up to 96 years in prison. Yesterday, on January 17th, 2019, the 3 CPD officers ( DavidMarch JosephWalsh ThomasGaffney ) who went on trial for falsifying documents to cover up the murder were found not guily on all charges. Today, on January 18th, 2019, Van Dyke was sentenced to 81 months in prison (that's less than 6 years) and he will be eligible for parole after 2 years. When he is released, no matter how difficult things are for him and his family, he will still have a life and they will have one another. Laquan McDonald was murdered at 17. He will be 17 forever. His family will never have him back. Justice is a good idea and a noble concept on paper but in reality and in practice, it can never be fair or satisfying. In this case, at least, cops were charged and even though 3 walked, one was convicted and he is the one who actually committed the murder. So, I guess we and the McDonald family received justice. But did we? We should be thankful, right? And we are, but, personally I am more thankful to those who fought hard for a chance at some accountability than for the type of justice we were served once again on a shiny platter for the cameras. What are your thoughts, fam? 🤔 - That's we kneel and that's why we will continue to fight ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Reposted from therealblackcard - your life mattered. - regrann Chicago CPD EricReid ColinKaepernick NFL KnowYourRights KnowYourRightsCamp DoingBigThings BlackLivesMatter BlackGirlsRock BlackGirlMagic BlackBoyJoy BlackJoy BlackExcellence BlackGirlsWhoBlog BlacksWhoBlog TakeAKnee TakeTheKnee ImWithKap ImWithEReid


Click On The Link In The Bio Section And Watch This Video In It's Entirety. Click On The Subscribe And Bell Button! Make Sure You Click On The Like And Share Button So Somebody Else Can Watch This Video Too. Hopefully Everybody Is Having A Joyful And Prosperous Night. Stay Blessed Everybody JasonVanDyke LaquanMcDonald Chicago


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arnoldschwarzenegger’s son, josephbaena, that he shares with his former housekeeper, MidredPatriciaBaena, just recreated his iconic pose, & now the internet is encouraging him to be the next terminator. ——————————————————————————— The pose is the same one that Schwarzenegger struck in a pic taken in 1976, after he won his sixth-straight MrOlympia title in 1975 🍵. Are you here for it? ———————————————————————————


JosephBaena duket se po ndjek rrugën e të atit, ArnoldSchwarzenegger, duke rikrijuar pozicionin e tij të famshëm të “bodybuilding” si Mr. Olympia, titull që Arnie e ka fituar 7 herë. 21-vjeçari e ndau foton me ndjekësit në Instagram, ku nuk munguan komentet “Ja ku po vjen Terminatori i ardhshëm”


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Stressed but blessed 🙌🙏 just watch the Tammy and Jim Bakker episode on 2020, and wow sex and religion It was a very fascinating episode of their soap opera type downfall, and before that I watched Jeproady and knew the answer to the final statement was Regis before they completely even finished the statement! None of the contestants knew the answer and they're older than me I must've been 5 when he was famous hahahahaHA my grandma didn't even know the answer and I think she's genius I'm so proud I knew that answer makes me feel better 😂😂😃😄😆😆😆😆😆😆


YESthat Tammy Faye


Tonight on abc2020! TammyFayeBakker • • Repost abc2020 ・・・ Jim and Tammy Bakker: The unforgettable televangelists Entertainer Pat Boone, a frequent guest on the Bakker’s “PTL Club”, and actress Kristin Chenoweth, who is developing a musical about Tammy Faye, recall the televangelists’ personalities seen on their talk show. ABC2020 UnfaithfullyYours - tonight at 9|8c.


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"I m not the one who dies kid, i m who does the killing". Loved this season 2 as well ❤️ punisher punisherseason2


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