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Oklahoma Weather ->

Hello Spring weather in Oklahoma. We’ve been under a tornado watch all day. Lots of places closed early and my cycle class got cancelled. So I’ve been stuck at home all day. ⠀ We had the sirens go off once tonight. Mostly just major rain, lightning, and some hail here though. I’m going to need extra coffee tomorrow. Stay safe tornado alley✌🏻


IM gonna call it. Leach Oklahoma, ROSE OKLAHOMA AND ROCKY FORD this is a TORNADO EMERGENCY. YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY THIS IS ANLIFE THREATENING SITUATION! A LARGE AND POTENTIALLY VIOLENT TORNADO IS ON THE GROUND. TAKE ACTION NOW TO PROTECT YOUR LIFE. Tornado Warning for Southern Delaware County in northeastern Oklahoma Southeastern Mayes County in northeastern Oklahoma Northeastern Cherokee County in east central Oklahoma * Until 1130 PM CDT. * At 1040 PM CDT, a confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado was located 5 miles south of Rose, moving northeast at 50 mph. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. TAKE COVER NOW! HAZARDDamaging tornado. SOURCERadar confirmed tornado. IMPACTYou are in a life-threatening situation. Flying debris may be deadly to those caught without shelter. Mobile homes will be destroyed. Considerable damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles is likely and complete destruction is possible. * Locations in or near the path include Jay Colcord Kansas Oaks Leach Twin Oaks Rose Dodge Lake Eucha State Park PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS To repeat, a large, extremely dangerous and potentially deadly tornado is on the ground. To protect your life, TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris. okwx oklahoma oklahomaweather extremelydangerous dangerous pds weather tornado violent


Iran ->

قطعه جدید و بسیار زیبای حجت_اشرف_زاده با نام «از یادها رفته» رو بطور اختصاصی از طریق کانال‌های لایوموزیک در تلگرام و روبیکا گوش کنید و لذت ببرید • ــ لطفا نظرات خودتون رو زیر همین پست کامنت کنید • (برای دانلود نسخه کامل این کار و درخواست آهنگ‌های مورد علاقه خود از بیو وارد کانال ما شوید) • hojatashrafzade hojatashrafzade live.music20 music ahang pop rap newmusic hojatashrafzadeh livemusic hojat_ashrafzadeh video love telegram rubika iran حجت_اشرفزاده از_یادها_رفته موزیک آهنگ موسیقی پاپ رپ ویدیو عشق تلگرام روبیکا عاشقانه ایران


Ezekiel Elliott ->

MVP of the Night goes to Steph Curry. He lead Warriors to 5TH STRAIGHT FINALS


Lets talk about handcuffing Ezekiel Elliot, one of the top 4 players off the board in any draft. The Cowboys drafted two new RBs this year in Tony Pollard (4th round) and Mike Weber (7th round). In his final year at Memphis, Pollard was able to string together 1,010 yards of offense and 9 TDs as the change of pace back behind Darrell Henderson. : Dallas has rostered a talented offensive line for years now. Regardless of current events, Elliot's contract will be coming soon, it's time to look ahead. : lacesoutbobby lacesoutfantasyfootball nfl nflrookies cowboy fantasyfootball fantasyfootballadvice dallascowboys ezekielelliott handcuffed tonypollard


Reuben Foster ->

UPDATE: Redskins’ team officials fear that LB Reuben Foster suffered possible artery damage when tearing his ACL, per JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington. Foster, 25, underwent an MRI earlier today and there is concern that he suffered additional damage to his left knee. Foster’s knee condition is described as “major” and “significant”, which is why he is scheduled to visit specialists to determine the full extent of his injury. If Foster does indeed have artery damage, it could jeopardize his future playing career. Stay tuned for more. nfl nflnews nfllive nflupdates nflnow nflnetwork espn espnnews sports sport active fitness football exercise game motivation news fantasyfootball fantasysports trending nike underarmour update reubenfoster redskins injury


INJURY UPDATE 🚨: NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay reports the Redskins "also have some worries" that Reuben Foster (knee) suffered possible artery damage when tearing his ACL on Monday. • The injury Foster suffered today at practice is already considered very serious and Ian Rapoport reported that there is some “additional damage” on top of the torn ACL. Former Bears TE Zach Miller also suffered from artery damage in his brutal knee injury back in 2017, which almost caused the need for amputation. Foster’s artery situation doesn’t sound as severe as Miller’s, but it could really complicate his recovery process. Stay tuned.


Former 49ers LB ReubenFoster suffers torn ACL this morning.


Former 49ers LB ReubenFoster suffers torn ACL this morning.


College Board ->

[In a Minute] 主題:SAT Subject Test - Math LV2 Practice 週二特別企劃 - SAT2 math 篇!(若需解答,請私訊專頁管理員) ☑️ SAT Subject Test - Math LV2 ☑️ Precalculus ap apphysics apcalculus apchemistry apstatistics ib ibmath ibphysics ibchemistry precalculus act sat satsubjecttests collegeboard studyabroad premiumtutor tutor TAS DIS KCIS IBSH AAIA TES FHJH 復興 WGHS 薇閣 —————————— 每週一、四更新 In a Minute 系列 每週二更新公式集 每週五更新 FRQ 解析 歡迎大家鎖定自己有興趣的主題,多做練習 🤓 更多服務內容歡迎至 Foxwell College Admissions Consultant / English Tutor Foxwell福思學術英文工作室/國際教育顧問,提供SAT、ACT、TOEFL、IELTS、學術寫作、口說、大學申請Essay編寫指導等課程


Just pass me the mic 🎙


PIQ: Plug-In Info from Question is a great strategy that can be used on both the ACT and SAT math sections. Swipe right to see the video of a sample PIQ question! Swipe ⬅️ to 🎥 sajtestprep


Tfue ->

Dilansir dari Hollywood Reporter, penyebabnya adalah kontrak yang tak mengindahkan keinginan dari sang atlit untuk mengejar kebebasan dalam menekuni profesinya, terutama masalah duit.⠀ .⠀ Salah satu alasan Tfue bersama dengan pengacaranya adalah pembagian keuntungan yang tak proporsional bahkan terkesan menindas. Tfue mencantumkan tuduhan bahwa FaZe Clan menerapkan sistim bagi hasil 80/20 untuk FaZe Clan dan Tfue dimana sang atlit mendapat jatah terkecil.⠀ .⠀ Selain itu, Tfue juga mengungkap kalau FaZe mengambil keuntungan dari YouTube dan Twitch miliknya. Ditambah dengan dugaan kalau FaZe tidak menjaga dengan baik keselamatan dan kesehatan pemainnya. Hal ini terucap dari sang pengacara kalau Tfue pernah di suruh meminum minuman beralkohol padahal masih di bawah umur.⠀ ⠀ Artikel Lainnya:⠀ Website :⠀ Fanpage : Esports Indonesia⠀ Youtube : Esports ID⠀ ⠀ EsportsIS tfue fortnite fazeclan fortnite turnertenney


His Dark Materials ->

Atentos amantes de las series, tenemos el primer adelanto de HisDarkMaterials la nueva serie de hbolatam que adapta la saga de "La Materia Oscura" de PhilipPulman reconocida también como "La Brújula Dorada". ⏱️🐾 El cast de la serie lo encabeza la actriz DafneKeen acompañada de JamesMcAvoy, LinManuelMiranda, RuthWilson, PeterClarke RutaGedmintas JamesCosmo y AnneMarieDuff. 🤓📚 La primera temporada de la serie estará compuesta por ocho capítulos, es dirigida por Tom Hopper y producida por HBO y BBC One. ✒️❄️ Su estreno estaría programado para finales de este año. ¿Motivados a verla? Series2019 Tráiler Fantasía HisDarkMaterialsSeries BookAdaptation


EITAAAAAA! A HBO divulgou o trailer da sua mais nova série Fronteiras do Universo (His Dark Materials) O primeiro livro da trilogia foi levado aos cinemas em 2004 com o filme A Bússola de Ouro. Quem lembra? . A série terá oito episódios e mesmo sem ter estreado, a segunda temporada já foi confirmada A primeira temporada deve ser lançada na HBO ainda em 2019, mas n temos uma confirmação Link para o trailer completo nos stories. (📸vídeo: divulgação/HBO) . O que acharam? hbo hisdarkmaterials series geek nerd


Vocês lembram do filme A Bússola de Ouro? Então, a trilogia de livros que deu origem aquele filme ganhará uma série estrelada por Dafne Keen (Logan) e James McAvoy (Glass). Assista o trailer lá no site, link na bio. HisDarkMaterials ABússolaDeOuro DafneKeen JamesMcAvoy


"I have to read the book before I watch that"- Me, everytime I see a book being adapted for television or movies. Nearly everytime I don't end up finishing before watching🙈. Giving this series the good old college try, but I'm not going to make myself feel too bad if I don't get through it before I watch the upcoming show. Wish me luck Which do you prefer to do, read the series or book then watch the tv or movie, or the opposite? I'll be honest, I prefer to watch the movie or show first and then read it, it saves you from the "it wasn't as good as the book" issue. In fact, sometimes watching it on screen makes it easier for me to get through it if I'm struggling badbookstagrammer bookstagrammer bookstagram hisdarkmaterials hbo philippullman lyra veiledatheism betterthantheshow


Mini graphic novel haul! Shoutout to one of my friends for giving me two of these. We’re both moving house and she’s getting rid of booksand my dumb ass is taking more on! Why not?! Lmao. Also, big shoutout to graphic novels in general for making me feel like I’m reading productively bc I fly through them and I’m too busy and too stressed to read the amount of novels I typically would (and want to read!). Speaking of being stressed + busy, I FINALLY made my post about the His Dark Materials trilogy that I recently read. It doesn’t go into spoilers so I naturally had to avoid a lot but I somehow managed to make it long anyways idek, it’s a talent! Anyways, it’s up if you wanna read it. I’m still suffering from a really bad migraine but hopefully it’s coherent ❤️😆📚 bookish bookstagram booksofinstagram igbooks graphicnovels philippullman hisdarkmaterials thegoldencompass bookblogger bookstagramfeature


Rob Pelinka ->

What a day for LakerNation 🏀 Earvin MagicJohnson comes out on FirstTake ESPN confessing his reasons for his departure from the purple and gold First, the ‘talking behind his back’ from RobPelinka, called it ‘betrayal’ Second, the lack of power he had with final decisions of basketball operations. Lakers also presented their new head coach, FrankVogel, today LosAngeles LA LosAngelesLakers PurpleAndGold NBA Basketball StaplesCenter JCSports JCDeportes PeezySports SportsWiseGuy ElMomentoDeportivo


Westworld ->

if you dont properly bury all the hatchets your heart will explored like a mine field Westworld lessons