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Today is the 'DAY 2' of 'Seven Days Walking'. You can now download and listen to the new album today. Link in bio 🎥 Tania Feghali ludovicoeinaudi sevendayswalking day2


Watch it with me tomorrow. 3 pm GMT coldwind



Day 10, Teatro Dal Verme, Milano 2018 with Federico Mecozzi and Redi Hasa ludovicoeinaudi tendays


Day 6, Teatro Dal Verme, Milano 2018 “I have to return something back to this city, Milan” ludovicoeinaudi tendays


Good news are coming soon and for the time being it's exciting to share the first gigs of a new tour that will start on March 2019. More shows will be added. Please visit (link in bio) for tickets and more info ludovicoeinaudi News Tour


We're adding the 10th show to the series of concerts in Milano on December. Tickets can be purchased at LudovicoEinaudi TeatroDalVerme Milan