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Your boy is part of a podcast! Part 1 & 2 of Episode 1 are out now (2 parts for the price of 1 😯) • "Showing Face" kicks things off softly by talking about all things R. Kelly, MJ, metoo and the dilemma of separating the art from the artist 😁 • Watch it by clicking the link on the bios of either lissi_doll or jordan_gifford_2mc , its FREE so might as well ❤ • Share your thoughts once you've given it a watch, would love to get y'all involved in the discussion 🗨 chaishay film filmmaking artist podcast discussion discourse filmindustry musicindustry music video controversial art artist rkelly mj


What do you do when you've got a whole cinema hall to yourself and your favourite Bollywood Blockbuster Banger comes on 🤔 break out into synchronised song and dance of course! 😍🕺 Swipe ➡️ to see the whole thing 🙏 • You may catch bits of the screen behind and see how well I match up 😅🤙 • Quick kalank review: Definitely enjoyed it and appreciated it a lot more after the second viewing, theres a lot packed into (what feels like) a long runtime but I feel this film requires a lot more attention than your usual masala entertainers, which this is not 😁 This feels more like a classical old Urdu novel turned into a film, it's got that kind of vibe to it and I really enjoyed seeing something like that again after a while 👌 yes the movie resorted to "telling" instead of "showing" at times, dialogue sound quality was all over the place, there was that Bull Scene 🙈 (BS for short), and I know some classical dancers aren't happy with Madhuri's performance on Tabah Ho Gaye, but with a gorgeous set design, stunning and era appropriate costumes (Sanju's Shawls 😍), outstanding music and a hefty storyline, I found myself really liking Kalank FirstClass • Let me know what you thought of the film below 👇 chaishay bollywood film filmmaking dance dancer entertainment fun vibes goodvibes cinema cinemahall screening choreography review filmreview


Asymptotic behaviour is a mathematical term used to describe functions that grow ever infinitesemly close to a desired value but never quite get thereThis is not asymptotic behaviour 😎 • There's a motivational metaphor in there somewhere, find it and use it to achieve whatever the hells been on your goals list lately because just like this picture, We 👏 Don't 👏 Do 👏 Asymptotic 👏 Behaviour 🤙📣📈 chaishay motivation feelgood quotes goodvibesonly maths skills positivevibes pumped filmmaking director filmmaker emergingartist upandcoming artistic abstract aesthetic artistsoninstagram justdoit


You know the struggle is real when you don't have a clapper board to call out scene numbers 🎬 so you come up with your own naming method instead 😂✌ • Our film Sleep is OUT NOW, I had a fantastic time co-directing this for moment Invitational Film Festival with some of the best filmmakers I know! Link is in the bio, or search Chai.Shay. on YouTube ❤ • It's 3 minutes in total so if you watch it now, you'll have experienced a fantastic short film and feel like no time has passedmagic 🔮 but for real, this is a film inspired by my own experiences and I'm really excited to share it with you all 🙏 • Have you watched it? What did you think? Let me know below 😁👇🔥 chaishay moment momentinvitational sleep film bts bloopers lightscameraaction funnymemes funnyvideos video new outnow director upandcoming promo artist goodvibes emergingbrits youtuber


I'm making a film! moment have their Invitational Film Festival opened up to the world so naturally this got me super excited 😍 . We need to make a 3 minute film, entirely shot on a phone, submit it and hope for the best 🤞 . Luckily I have some of the best film makers and actors to work with and make this film happen, thank you official_nyfa 🙌 I have a concept in mind and I can not wait to show it to you guys 🔥 . The film will be LIVE this Sunday (17th) on my YouTube channel, link in bio, be sure to subscribe and share the hype, your love and support is the fuel for these kinds of projects 🙏 chaishay moment momentlens momentinvitational phone film filmmaking filmmaker teaser sleep thriller new fresh trending video trailer movie short shortfilm director team share youtube shotonmoment


Others: *doing valentine-y things* Me: Drops film 😎 Check out the poster for a recent 1 minute film I did for raindancefilmfestival titled "SOMEONE LOVED" • Within 3 hours, we've raked in over 150 views, had our film shared by official_nyfa amongst others (♥️) AND were in the top 10 TRENDING films with the hashtag 1minuteheartache • Watch the film NOW on my co-director's account bellagale8, massive thanks to all the incredibly talented and amazing humans I've had the pleasure of working with, this was very fun to make 🙏 • Cast: hannah_blam theduffwalker jchesshire Stills: mxarielle Directors: bellagale8 & yours truly • Also 100th POST! Been waiting it out for a while so I can post something special, 100 posts, 100s more to come, a lot learnt, a lot bettered, onwards and upwards! 💪 • chaishay film filmmaking poster posterdesign movie british emergingbrits director london shortfilm trending love valentines heartache artist art


Here is me sat looking like a "Bahawalpuri Boss" according to asmakhawaja 😂😎👌 and if you swipe ➡️ you'll find my reaction when I "found myself" 😌🕺 • Excited to begin the Emerging Brits programme with official_nyfa with fellow swanky ADs thatgalsjourney and bellagale8 💪 it all kicks off in April 😍 • Incredibly humbled to see someone in a traditional Pakistani dress getting such love and coverage, hoping to keep that representation going all the way 🙌❤🇵🇰 chaishay nyfa emergingbrits upandcoming artist filmmaking filmmaker director assisstantdirector positivevibes feelinggood suave fashion traditional pakistani posterboy meme


This is my brother Basar 😎🤙 Basar was home over on holidays and is now flying back for work 😢 Basar shall be missed ❤ • b_smallz take care broski, keep on hustling 💪 and hopefully this time it won't be 6 months till I see you again 😂 • Ps: that jawline tho 😍 chaishay bro travel holiday goodbye airport portrait


24 days in to the new year and I've finally decided to post something, and I mean how couldn't I 😍 • Presenting the Filmmakers of Emerging Brits 2019 💖😎🔥 • Love how suave we all look together and can't wait to be working with this fantastic cohort 🙌 Big up to NYFA for pulling off an amazing Press Launch, really excited for whats in store for the year ahead chaishay film filmmaker filmmaking london soho gang squad goals suave badass emergingartist emergingbrits upandcoming


And that's a WRAP! 🎬shooting for this beautiful short "Serene" finished today 🎥 • Once again another talented af team I had an absolute joy working with, despite the fact this was the first time I was working with most of them 🙌 • Everyone's great spirit, attitude, skill (and a bit of my time stressing 🙈) made sure that not only we got everything we wanted, but that everyone on set had a fantastic time with each other 🤗 Can't wait for the release! 💖 chaishay filmmaking filmphotography stills shot shooting thatsawrap wrap onset filming location film filmmaker shortfilm serene talent lighting camera assistantdirector weekend vibes goodvibes team


Spent the weekend filming with the fantastic team of Slip Up! This was immediately after the Press Launch so I was definitely working nonstop but working with people as talented and wonderful as these meant I was in my happy place for sure 😊 • Learnt alot from this weekend and had a smashing time getting to know more up and coming film makers 🎬 • This was the first time I've visited Cambridge without going to the town centre, King's or having time to say hi to peeps, just purely worked on film, which is a nice new thing to associate with Cambridge I think 😌❤️ chaishay assistantdirector film filmphotography filmmaker filmmaking goals onset filming location cambridge love comingsoon happy happyplace


Spending the day at a private members club in Soho having your pictures taken for an editorial with some of the best filmmakers, actors and all round amazing peopleso yeah, just your average Saturday morning 😅 • Kudos to official_nyfa for kicking off emergingbrits in such spectacular fashion, really pumped for the year ahead 😍💪 • Shoutout to soneraangel for bringing out the inner model in me for this pic 💁‍♂️ chaishay soho filmmaker director assistantdirector grouchoclub saturday shawl pakistani fashion shalwarkameez trend trending classy upandcoming photoshoot photography model editorial


Back at it again with an absolute tuuuune 😍🙌 Swipe 👉 to see how I messed up too 😂 Although I like to think I managed to bring it back well for the chorus 🕺🏻I'm sure there's a deeper life lesson here about not giving up on what you love despite the obstacles, because what really matters is that you have a great time and keep your mind at peace 😌🙏or you just liked it for the entertainment 😅🤷🏻‍♂️ • But for real I'm really glad that these dance classes are such a chill space where you can mess up and not feel horrible, and that definitely is down to all the amazing dancers and the atmosphere created by the awesome choreographer leena_lplp • Will be practicing this routine for sure on my ones to make it better, but for now, dance has done it's thing and I'm feeling recharged 🔋 • Song: Ishq Kameena chaishay video dance studio routine choreography choreographer bollywood bollywooddance fusiondance lights gonewrong bloopers ishqkameena srk aishwaryarai lifelessons motivation inspiration positivevibes vibes goals


It's Official! Your boy's a National Youth Film Academy's Emerging Brit 😍 Very incredibly happy and excited for what the year ahead holds 😌🙏 • Massive congratulations to everyone that got on, really looking forward to making a beautiful short film in the next, on top of The Academic 😍 • Did I go overboard and make unboxing video of the welcome pack as part of announcing my acceptance? You know I did 😏 Link in Bio 💌 chaishay filmmaking nyfa happy goals filmmaker unboxing youtube youtuber video vibes vlog vlogsquad shortfilm fancy gold funny positivevibes


My little NYFA family ❤️ It's been an absolute pleasure working with these incredibly talented and all round beautiful humans and making a short film in 10 days that I'm super proud of :'D • Really looking forward to continue working with these lot on future projects, and if you think the moisture content isn't quite enough in this post, then check out the series finale in my NYFA Vlog Serieslink in bio 💌 chaishay vlogsquad vlog youtube youtuber vlogger nyfa film filmmaker filmmaking screening family goals squad inspiration motivation positivevibes happy


How's my new look eyy 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 • So Mental Health Awareness Week is coming to a close and we very recently had World Mental Health Day, and I thought I'd chip in my 2 cents too 😁 • I've learnt the hard way over the past couple years that you have to put your mental health above literally all and everyone else, yes even loved ones 😅 simply because if your upstairs ain't happy, then you won't be keeping your loved ones happy either 😌 • Now that isn't to say one should feel bad, rather I believe you should see it as a motivator to be proactive about taking the necessary steps to get better 💪 it's a bit like the flu, in that we feel no shame in taking a day off work, stay in bed and asking loved ones to make us soup, all in order to get better 🤷🏻‍♂️the sooner we acknowledge the flu, the quicker we heal 😌 • It's really awesome seeing a shift in the way we think and talk about mental health, and I hope this positive attitude towards it only grows ❤️ Its only until this year that I've mustered the courage to start to open up about my experiences, so trust me when I say I understand the struggle, but also then have faith that it can, does and will get better, and it starts with a dialogue 🗣So if anyone of you wants to talk, please make sure you do ❤️ • We are wonderfully complex, beautiful and incredible creatures, lets not ruin the amazing potential we have within ourselves ❤️ chaishay mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness worldmentalhealthday positivevibes positivity feelgood goodvibes mindfulness meditation nature space graphicdesign photoart art