Chelsea DeNofa

Chelsea DeNofa

chelseadenofa Watch all my videos and get your team gear in the link below! 👇🏼

Back to my day job pulling your bcracingna orders today.


This Sunday after fdorl I'll be at bozardford in St. Augustine, FL from 11-2pm! Come see my (most likely bumper-less) Spec 5-D, the new Series 1 MustangRTR and watch me shred some nittotire.


Ready to send it this weekend at FDORL!


Smoke em!


Florida homies! I'll be at bozardford the Sunday after fdorl and you're invited. If you have a sick car, or club, come on out or if you have a friend that does tag em to let them know! mustangrtr fordmustang


Happy Birthday Love! It’s now your half of our birthday month, enjoy it. Everyone go blow up her IG with birthday songs and wishes. 26withhairfromthe80s


The excitement is real this year! Can you tell? formuladrift


She mean. Two more weeks and we're reunited for FDORL!


"Because I was inverted." Caption this.


Excited to see my long time homie patgoodin back in the game and in a serious machine. Sorry I had to knock you out in 32, it was a battle though! On the real, Orlando is about to be ridiculous.


New FD judging criteria can put you at a disadvantage for initiating on the door side by side in comparison to bumper to bumper in line entry. What are your thoughts? fdlb formuladrift formulad 🎥💥 bugnuker


B E S T _ O F _ W O R L D


I always want to win so bummed when we didn’t, BUT the 2019 Spec 5-D is insane and a car we can get us to the podium every round!


Sunday shreds in the MustangRTR Spec 2!


Had a really solid weekend with the team and all the updates made in the off-season. Not the result we wanted but we’re looking to FDOrlando.


The Spec 5-D is absolutely shredding! Had a great battle with my boy patgoodin in Top 32 and now move onto 16 this afternoon! fdlb formulad formuladrift


Practice yesterday at FDLB. Needed to be closer to the wall on this one, but gives you a good look at the 2019 livery from above. funhaver formulad formuladrift


New chassis setup is pretty smooth! Less is certainly more with the added power, better steering, and our new nittotire 555 g2. Scored a 95 on this qualifying run and sitting 9th for tomorrow. thecoolerisfine fdlb


Our only practice today is done and we're ready for qualifying to start at 1:15pm PDT streaming live on my Facebook page! formulad fdlb


Purp and palms. fdlb


Some more from media day. fdlb officially starts today with practice in the morning and qualifying this afternoon. formulad formuladrift


This Sunday come meet vaughngittinjr and me at galpinautosports! There will be burnouts, cars and fun-having! 11am - 2pm Sunday, April 7th at GAS 15600 Roscoe Blvd. Van Nuys, CA! To RSVP & Register Your Vehicle Contact Joanna Ayuso 818-922-3834 Jayuso


It was only media day and we were going HARD! No driving today, but back at it first thing tomorrow with practice. fdlb


Long Beach parking challenge. Tag me in your skilled or non skilled parallel parks this weekend. Have fun haha.