Chelsea DeNofa

Chelsea DeNofa

chelseadenofa Watch all my videos and get your team gear in the link below! 👇🏼

Vaughn and I both had cars that were absolutely ripping and capable of landing us both on the podium. Unfortunately, things didn’t go our way and it’s onto FDSTL. formuladrift


A look at what's going on above and below during my runs on Friday at fdsea. formuladrift


It’s cool when you get to 90 degrees on the wall and your wheels don’t even spin because they’re perpendicular to ground. 📷: emotiveimage fdsea formuladrift


If we could only combine our two runs! My first 93 had and awesome bank ride, and my second had an awesome in field. Well either way we just need to stitch it together for tomorrow and win! I’m looking forward to ripping with all of my homies in my bracket and the possibility of Vaughn and I being in the final battle together. fdsea formuladrift


Gotta keep the camera on a swivel to see the whole track after each transition here at fdsea. formuladrift


If you’re at FDSEA go check out the bcracingna booth. My daily is on display!


Had some hard runs in practice yesterday, maybe too hard on some, but learned a lot about the car and made some changes for qualifying later today! fdsea formuladrift


Lost a bumper on my first practice run yesterday at fdsea. Still got it after the long break between formulad events!


Took our mustangrtr team to theschoolofdrift for some instruction and ripper laps before fdsea! They did awesome and were linking turns in just a couple hours. Great to hype them up on something they work so hard for.


Two more days and I'll be back to shredding the nittotires off the Spec 5-D! Any second half of the season predictions? fdsea


Need to clean my wheels. BUT wiseconcepts refinished PB&J nicely!


Taking tire changing challengers. I'll run the coatsgarage and you can run whatever.


Couldn't turn this into an Irwindale semi-final, but always fun going hard with vaughngittinjr in practice! formuladrift


Ohhhhhh Kei Kei Kei!


One week from today the race rig will be rolling up to fdsea for the start of the second half of the formuladrift season!


Probably my wildest battles of the season, so far! piotrwiecek at Orlando versus Piotr at New Jersey? formuladrift


Sat down with formulad for their new driver’s series to talk about drifting and a little about myself. Came out killer and impressed their editor was able to cut my talking down to just a few minutes! formuladrift


Moving right along with the new shop! Excited to be knocking it out quickly now that we’re able to start it! Haha


Happy 4th of July!


Two laps on the nittotire nt55g2 tires, any guesses how many miles you'd need to do with your street car for this amount of wear? nittotires


Last chance to learn how to really shred, improve your style, and refine your skills with myself and travisreeder on the low. theschoolofdrift will be raising the cost and the structure of classes July 4th. If you’d like to lock in our current pricing, you must book your 2019 date before midnight on the 4th. thanks peeps!


This is the truth. Man it’s cool to see human growth. When’s the last time you almost died doing something extreme? For me it was probably the last time I was at ebisucircuit going Mach 40 on Nishi long with princessrayy_