Cranky Granny's Sweet Rolls

Cranky Granny's Sweet Rolls

crankygrannys •Freshly Baked •Freshly Made Toppings •REAL BUTTER •REAL LOVE ❤️ •Real Sweet •JUST FOR YOU🤗 It Doesn’t Get Better Than Granny’s 👵🏼👵🏽 3 Day Pre Order

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Wow 😲❗️❗️ You can have every one of these flavors plus more if you come 1 of 3 things OR ALL 3. 1️⃣. Place your order by texting 6094010090 and we’ll send you back an order form and Menu. 2️⃣. Come to gl_nicethings WaWa Welcome America Fest tomorrow from 5-9 at CIRE GREEN ROOFTOP 80 S. 30th street Philadelphia,PA. 3️⃣. Come To themelaninmarket July 13th (Saturday) from 12- to whenever at Millcreek Park in Willingboro,NJ crankygrannys


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Let’s Talk About It 🤔 It is so common for us as a people but especially as millennials , to wish we were already at that “Million Dollar, flashy diamonds, can afford whatever I want” status. Especially seeing so many businesses that with all of our hearts believe ours should be at that very same point. I myself have these thoughts all the time . I know with all my heart that I have an awesome product, I’ve put bright smiles on so many peoples faces even! WHY OH WHY AM I NOT A BILLION OR EVEN MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY YET⁉️⁉️⁉️ What Am I Doing Wrong ❗️❗️❗️❗️ But Then I have to sit back and really remember , my competition has been in business since the year of 1985 ( before I was even born) , they had plenty of time to get to the point that they are at . Keeping this in mind keeps me in a very humble headspace. It’s helps gives me more patience. “Your competition has been in business well over 30 years Sianni. Cranky Grannys is a great product but you have to slow down, your time is coming . You’re already living in your success , enjoy the journey , Enjoy the Process!”


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Question : Do I have Any Other Entrepreneurs or anyone in general who struggle with wanting to quit sometimes❓ Sometimes I just get this feeling that’s everything I’m doing is going to be for no reason. Like one day I won’t get that store front. No one will show up. Do people even really like my product? I’m not doing enough, I can do better. I JUST CANT DO IT ANYMORE❗️❗️ But then I have to smack myself back into reality and out of my feelings that , if I stop now , what will all of this have been for? I’m 20 years old , why am I being so hard on myself? If I quit , how will I be able to be a role model for my nieces and nephews and the many I speak to at different schools? I Have To Continue! I Have To Keep Going and Growing ! I HAVE TO MAKE CRANKY GRANNYS SWEET ROLLS A FRANCHISE. I CAN NEVER QUIT. The Struggle Is The Process Which Is The Success! Success Isn’t That Check with all the zeros , it’s the Process! COMMENT BELOW IF YOU CAN RELATE 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY DAD This Man HAS literally Been one of my greatest supports since day one. He knew I always had crazy dreams but always said that he knew that I can make it work! Thank you for making it possible for me to start Cranky Grannys Sweet Rolls In you and my moms house daddy, I LOVE YOU ❤️ happyfathersday mydad dad father


I am Sianni Dean , a 20 years old entrepreneur from New Jersey who created a business called Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls In dedication to my grandmothers . Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls is a Sweet Roll company that offers a variety of different topping flavors to go on top of your sweet roll . As of right now I am working in the direction of getting my first store front / food truck which will only be the first stepping stone to my a Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls Franchise 😊. : : entrepreneur youngentrepreneur cinnamonlover cinnamonrolls business business businessowner woman blackgirlmagic blackownedus blackconnections black.cor blackenterprise blackdollarnetwork blackgirlsrock blackqueenmovement blackqueen njblackbusinesses businessrulesforwomen business entrepreneur forbes black_nd_proud theellenshow theellenshow abc fox capponair