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Party Music Central DMac City, WuTang Headquarters, Wally Wonderland, Top Rock Avenue, Early 2000's thing.


This is me DJing in high school. This footage is from 2011. This is how we used to do. I'm both DJing and dancing; living my best life. Were having an alumni dance tomorrow in memory of these days We will miss you 22nd & Arch. You have given us so much. Unto tomorrow. ThrowBackThursday TBT  NeverForget BaltimoreClub JerseyClub PhillyClub


Peace & love y'all! For those who have tagged or been tagged in a recent outreach post for Black business, I'm reaching out to give the word! We're hosting a  BuyBlackByBlack summit to evaluate and elevate the state of the Black dollar on June 1st from 10am-3pm at the Beckett Life Center (1410 N 16th St.). We're working with Black businesses to create better business systems, working with community to help them support Black businesses more efficiently. If interested, visit (and follow) the BlackMallSt ig page & click the eventbrite link in the bio to register. It's completely free, not including breakfast and lunch. Stay tuned for more details to come! (All taggers and taggies below) ChildCareBoss1  TheReadingCornerCafe  BelhommeBeardButter  TrapScents  J.Sweets_Skincare  GoodBeardDaytm  Melange_ByBritt  Abiyah_Naturals  The_Resume_Writer  MLuxeBrand  StoneTheFamilyCannoco  PredominantelyChic  AmalgamPhilly  SunBeamShawty  LavvaGirl_  IAmFr33Sol  D_RokTheMenace  TheHoodBruja  Ashmosphere_  Nehemiah_TV  Thunderbird_44  NNYLAK  MyB_Clothing  _SomebodyGottaDoIt  Chante2Times  Afro_Collectibles  TheTrueHart  I.Phil.Free  HouseOf_KRS  TheRealKrystani  Rashannre  NoExcuseMovement  GesuGradSupport  JustLovelyelle  Ooh_Lala_Salads  BossedUp  Adbellamy  BellaMyBlackOfficial  LifeFromTheFunctionalLane  Talks_And_Theories  TheFrostBiteCollection  IAmWoman.Life  IAmWomanLifeArt  TheIllGuild  BoodieDownSpring  JandBPressLLC  OrganicSoul_Catery  Soulful_Buttons  GoodGroundSeed  IAmInTisar  Esadiva  PreciousMerch  Blackground_Ink_Printing  MohawkTheEducator  TireTechSusa  HolmanProperties  TopDawgGroomers  BlackAndMobile  OrchardSmoothieAndCafe  AncientHealingTeas  MarshAndMane  _NelleiNell


Tag a Black business, entrepreneur, creative, or hustler. Then, follow BlackMallSt and mark your calendars for June 1st, 10am - 3pm. This is a Buy Black, By Black Summit where we ask the question "Is it possible to buy Black for all of your needs in 2019?" and create a foundation to do so. This is not philosophy session. This is a activities driven workshop. Come ready to work.  BuyBlackByBlack


Is it possible though? I mean, there are definitely some industries Black folks have not entered yet, but we can enter those industries! This conference isn't a link up to philosophize solutions, it's an actual workshop to actualize a plan. So, look into ShopKatika, and the rest of those orgs mentioned to start some of working today. Let's finish the rest on June 1st. BuyBlackByBlack


BlackMallSt Mission, buy Black. Vision, by Black.


When your bro collages your random "in your bag" moments for your birthday 😆🎂 Thanks for the love y'all


Genuine celebration. Glad for the group. Let's continue growth. BuyBlackByBlack


March is Matriarch Month. Black Mall St. on South St.


I didn't plan on going into March with the smoovement, but I just met ZainahsCloset and got to experience the ZainahDoll, so in light of BlackOnBlack during WomensHistoryMonth, I'ma need you to peep how both Black women are being represented as excellent, and how Islam is shown in the only light it should be. Y'all, this is fire. She not only hand makes the clothing for each doll, she is a designer by trade as well.


I'm not tryna sound like them niggas that have one thing to talk about (I'm much more versatile than that) but these BlackHistoryMonth Shenanigans shouldn't go unnoticed On Jan 24th, Florida Republican Secretary of State Mike Ertel resigns after Halloween blackface photos emerge. On Feb 4th, images of Republican state Rep. Anthony Sabatini in Blackface emerge. On Feb 5th, Elizabeth Warren informally apologizes for falsifying her race as Native American. On Feb 6th, Gucci releases an $890 Blackface sweater. On Feb 7th, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam apologizes for his Blackface and KKK image emergence from his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. On Feb 12, Katy Perry's "Rue Face" and "Ora Face" shoes get pulled off the shelves (rue means regret, btw). On Feb 14th, Alabama Newspaper editorial titled “Klan Needs to Ride Again” was published, authored by Goodloe Sutton. On Feb 19th, Fashion brand Burberry apologizes for hoodie with noose around the neck. On Feb 21st, Virginia's first lady Pam Northam handing cotton to Black during a tour of the governor's mansion asking them to "Imagine being enslaved." On Feb 21st, Maryland House of Delegates Censures Mary Ann Lisanti referred to a community as a "Nigger district." On Feb 28th San Diego Marine Corps members share a video of them in Blackface saying "Good morning sir!" with response "Hello monkey." KKK Headquarters because, that's those whole America


BlackOnBlack this month, this year, and this lifetime because I’m not interested in making the world more comfortable that it already is with me. I’m not interested in helping the world forget the trauma imposed upon me, nor am I interested in forgetting my transformation within it. I’m not interested in domesticating my demeanor for the world’s love or acceptance. I am love, and have built everything within this world but a place where it accepts me. This world hasn’t earned my love; my restraint; my patience and poise; my elegance and intelligence, but feels entitled to every part of it, every moment of everyday. Somehow the world receives it. Somehow to this world I’ve been too ugly to love, but not too ugly to lust. I’ve been impossible to bear, but most suitable to bear everyone’s but my own. Too worthless to matter but worth fighting for, only as a slave. Too animal to be called man, but more man than the animals that would cage me. I’ve been bled, bred, branded and handed a name that now sits as a curse on the mouths of those who authored it. Now, all of a sudden the world gets to share my dialect when reading, writing, and speaking for myself was death wish. Now, all of a sudden the world gets party to my music after my instruments were taken from me because they gave my lost tongue a language to dance to. Now, all of a sudden the world gets to sex my people while not recognizing them as people. Now, all of a sudden the world gets to live in the villages that were once the slums they forced us into. Now, all of a sudden there are houses for everyone, but no homes for us. So why would we not choose to be exclusive when we are excluded? Why would we choose to be inclusive when we have never been included? NiggasOnly


BlackOnBlack: Never Ignore God's Greatest Assets Quoted from Sister Arlene of acaf1. T'was the purpose of this endeavor. The African Cultural Art Forum, or ACAF, has been on 223 S 52nd St for decades, established in 1969 by two brothers who become the first street vendors in Philadelphia. Sweet, soft, warm, humble, gentle, and patient these brothers are, and they set the precedent of BlackExcellence which we seek to live. BuyTheBlock means buy the block. I look to a future where we've bought the block; 40 acres worth, but until that day comes, this is the work.


BlackOnBlack: BuyTheBlock I can't imagine what it felt like when South St. was Black. Black, prestigious, and boujee. That's a history far removed from common knowledge, but is particularly important to know, comprehend, and understand because there was a time niggas ran South St. not ran through South St. The culture is still alive I guess. The inheritance is not. Anyway, of the many Black owned spots on the block, TheVisionVenue, aka The Pop Up Shop keeps an essential element of legacy alive. For merchants and event curators, this is where you pull up, post up. Why is this important? Niggas are hustlers. We hustle. This is like a mall of merchants. Conceptually, it's fire. Why is that important? Well, how else do we pay homage to ourselves? Two birds have landed on one branch here - Black owned business helping Black owned businesses; Black people moving back into what was once a Black neighborhood. Buy the Block.


BlackOnBlack: GoodHoodFood Real island vibes. All diets welcome. Located: 219 S. 52nd St. (52nd St & Chancellor St.) Hours: Average around 11am-9pm Phone: (215)472-7380 Quantity: HEAVY Quality: MAJOR


BlackOnBlackBuyTheBlock  GoodHoodFood The idea is that we think about community differently. That we see enough value to invest in our homes and those surrounding. Agriculture is health and wealth. The state of our real estate could use some agriculture. Our economy should reflect our ecology. There are a few green spaces in the city you should know about. Some have been supported by municipalities, some by hard working hood niggas, but each play their role in the ecosystem of building us up. Here at Life Do Grow, the  UrbanCreators challenge us to either think about what we can do to build local economy and ecology, or reach out and ask an expert how you can help them. We all have gifts to give. Find where hands can provide the most help, and help move a movement.


BlackOnBlack: GoodHoodFood If you've been on South St. you've walked pass Caribbean Delight. Now whether you've been inside or not is another thing. I eat here - veggie friendly with all the shits. This is my spot, heavy. I could say more about it, but naw. By now you should know what we get into. Location: 1124 South St. Phone: (215) 829-1030 Hours: 12pm - 9pm (on average) Days: Tuesday - Sunday (Black History fact right out front the store)


BlackOnBlack: BuyTheBlock Niggas read. Niggas write. Niggas learn. Niggas love. are the future. Black are our promise. I promise we will find resting ground on the mountain top. Raise the babies up to do so. Beacons of hope, HakimsBookStore.


BlackOnBlack: Octavius Valentine Catto Educator • Military Major • Civil Rights Activist • Athlete • Executive • Institution Leader  The long story short is that at a time where Blacks were being attacked in Philadelphia for expressing their right to vote by White Demarcates, Octavius Valentine Catto was one of many dedicated to upholding the truths granted to brothers and sisters by the law. Traveling from poll to poll on election day, he walked through Philadelphia directly encouraging, convincing, and advocating niggas to vote. That day, October 10th, 1871, he was shot three times by a White Democratic party extremist. Today was his birthday.  Happy Birthday Oc.


BlackOnBlack: BuyTheBlock It was on this day your life was taken. I cannot say I am old enough or wise enough to understand the depths of your journey. I do however understand yours is one of many that is to be continued to liberate niggas. Eloquent veracity. Elegant militance. You reached people in ways that I'll never fully know or understand. I am thankful and grateful for that. Here is where we celebrate you. We feed our brothers and sisters here. We create theaters to uphold the legends of ancestors here. We mobilize for justice and equity here. We galvanize to elevate and celebrate here. We let our play and be learners of the world here. We remember your name and your fight for freedom here. We know you are still alive here, and beyond here. May you live forever, and rest in peace.


BlackOnBlack: GoodHoodFood BuyTheBlock Atiya Ola has been the beacon of culinary health and wellness in Philadelphia long before I was made aware of her legacy and contributions to this city. After successfully overcoming challenging times securing a new home for food to be thy medicine, we found refuge on 310 S. 48th St. What many probably don't know about Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods cafe is that it is apart of the Dorrance H. Hamilton Center for Culinary Enterprises (CCE) to support food businesses in need of commercial kitchen space and technical assistance in the Philadelphia community. So to add context, the building she's apart of has 5,000 square feet of commercial grade cooking facilities, and is next door neighbors with the 48th Street Grille. The mission of Spirit First Foods is to assist the divine, sacred Earth families to return to spiritual, mental and physical health and well being. They recognize food as a symbol of the Creator's continuous love and nurturing support through our earthly experience. In High Law, food is an expression of God, the living energy that sustains us all. The mission of the CCE by way of the The Enterprise Center is to cultivate and invest in minority entrepreneurs to inspire working together for economic growth in communities by accelerating the capacity of minority enterprises to compete in any marketplace through business education, access to capital, management support, and connections.


BlackOnBlack: BuyTheBlock The Village is dedicated to collaboratively building a North Philadelphia community where every person and their family has the opportunity to be engaged in cultural activity that fosters creative thinking, builds critical skills, and expands their view of the future. They deliver programs and projects under two initiatives: Learning Through the Arts and Building Through the Arts. "Our legacy is anchored in artist-facilitated community building. More than 40 years ago, Arthur Hall erected the Black Humanitarian Center near the corner of 10th and Lehigh in North Central Philadelphia (now The Village’s main programming building). For Arthur Hall, creating space for people in the neighborhood to read, dance, sing and make music, was a crucial part of each resident learning and celebrating the community’s culture and heritage. Twenty years later, artist Lily Yeh continued growing spaces in the neighborhood, in the same spirit of communal care and compassion."