TRIBE Worldwide Apparel Co.

TRIBE Worldwide Apparel Co.

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As an internet based business, a question we hear often "Is your company BLACK-OWNED?" ••• Meet our CEO and lead designer, Chief Ron aka redzdaruler. Born in Philadelphia, PA, he was heavily influenced by the very prevalent black social movements of the 90s. The inspiration for his work comes from his desire to see positive Black cultural representations in every day fashion and media. He still prints most of the clothing himself while his family runs the every day operations. Tribe Worldwide Apparel Co. is a Black FAMILY Owned and Operated company. 💯 Est 2015 ••• RideWitTheTribe TalkBlackToMe BlackOwnedBusiness HellaBlackHellaProud stayblack BuyBlack africasOriginals ProtectBlackQueensByAnyMeans AntiCultureVultureClub


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