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Making an edit tonight after church and my appointment IM SO LATE TO MY THERAPIST APPOINTMENT! CRAP!


wip edit When you get a Christian and a hardcore anti-government conserve into editing their bound to make this stuff.


Edit in progress


I hope you like this cameliacry I wish I got it done sooner. But anyway, I really appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me. Hell, you’re the only person who knows me IRL on here. So I bet that kinda says something about how important you are to me. (Btw fuck you, because I forgot how cute my beans are together and now I ship it.) - - - - - Ib: cameliacry Ac: audios.editingg (Losing My Love - Verzache) (Muffled & Whoosh) Dt: cameliacry - - - - TAGS: clementineandviolet clementineedit Clementine violet plottwistedit clem clemedit violetedit violetineedit violetine edits edit twd twdgame twdedit twdgedit thewalkingdead thewalkingdeadgame thewalkingdeadgameedit lee twdlee love otp ship


Credit: rixckedit I don’t do post shoutouts but this is a is very important rixckedit is the best editor I’ve ever seen. Their edits are so good, always on point, perfect quality and the best content I personally have ever seen. rixckedit works really hard on their edits and if even one person could just follow them and watch them it’ll mean the world to me and I bet rixckedit too. So please guys give them the respect, love and attention they deserve. I mean it. Follow: rixckedit ricksanchez rick rickandmorty rickandmortyedit rickandmortyedits edits edit myedit badassedit badass morty mortysmith ricksanchezedit rickedit adultswim audios audio upbeat fast pain shoutoutpost shoutout rixckedit