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El Paso Square Dancing is a Facebook Group who know how to tear up a Friday night!


The Facebook Group, Rockabilly Mafia Dolls are a national sisterhood who not only wow us with their outfits, they also impress with their commitment to community. Here they are before they take-off to deliver food to the homeless.


We joined Ballet Folklorico, a Facebook Group of dancers ( and old), before a performance in El Paso. This Group comes together for beautifully choreographed folk dances and it’s really something to see.


The Tulsa Threat Facebook Group is an all-women’s football team, who are constantly told they are not tough enough to play. Together, they are proving the haters wrong.


We traveled through the Southwest to meet Facebook Groups who come together around their shared passions.


Though they hail from fifteen different countries, thanks to the brotherhood of cricket, the Strikers feel right at home in Oklahoma. Their mission? To make their beloved sport more accessible to the masses. cricket oklahomacity


A Valentine for your Galentine, because gals should stick together. Card by community member heynelliele galentinesday


Today we’re celebrating a few big and small firsts in life. Matt P, from burgerjointhtx is throwing it back to his first business. “My first food truck was called Koagie Hots. Kogi stands for Korean hoagie — it was a recipe from my roots, my grandma. She was my mentor. Growing up, I’d watch her cook for the whole family. It inspired me to do what I’m doing today.” TBT


We’re talking about all the big and tiny Firsts in life. Whitney remembers, “The first time I got to hold my daughterI thought, 'oh, she’s a peach' and then I thought, 'oh my, she looks just like my father-in-law.' It was so overwhelming and joyful. I saw everyone I loved in her face.” What do you remember about meeting your for the first time? firsts firstchild firstborn


Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Take a tour of the National Civil Rights Museum with Director Noelle T. in our Story. mlk


This week’s compliment card is for that friend who makes Mondays seem like no big deal. Make their day and send it their way. Art by: muokkaa


‘Tis the season for being with those who make you smile. Spread a little cheer by surprising your loved ones with this card. Art by rineeshah


William and the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation believe people of all ages should know how to swim. We’re thankful for his dedication to his students. Who are the people you’re thankful for that taught you something new?


For that friend who is better than Sunday mornings. Send them a little love with this week’s compliment card. Art by jayroeder


Only the best of friends share fries. This week’s compliment card is for that friend who’s worth the last one. Card by: jayroeder


After Mark lost his massive DVD collection in a fire, people from all over sent him new ones. We’re thankful for the kindness of strangers. Who are the people you’re thankful for that have helped you?


Age wasn’t going to stop Dennis, so he started Senior Taekwondo to bring other enthusiasts like him together. We’re thankful for his can-do attitude. Who are the people you’re thankful for?


Rhonda’s passion for surfing inspired her to start Black Girls Surf. We’re thankful for the community she’s created. Who are the people you’re thankful for that bring people together?


Friends make the world a better place. So we worked with artists and community members to make compliment cards for the BFFs in your life. Spread a little love this Thanksgiving. Art by Becca Clason


Remember going to the mall to get your portrait taken? tbt


Today on Veterans Day, we want to extend our deepest gratitude and respect to all who have served and are currently serving in the military. Thank you. Pictured is U.S. Marine Sergeant Matthew Callahan, Combat Correspondent. See more of his work featuring service members in our Story.


Members of our community have taught us the best part about sharing your life with a pet is the unconditional love. Pictured are: Etta & Harry Mark & Tiki Gihee & Bumble Love & Wanda


Día de los Muertos is an opportunity to celebrate and reconnect with family and friends who have passed on. To honor her abuela, Aimee connected with creative_faceand_bodyartist to paint her face as a calavera. Aimee will also travel to Nayarit to be with family, cook her grandmother’s favorite foods, and sing her grandmother’s favorite songs. At night they will go to the ofrenda and tell Aimee’s abuela how much they miss her. DiadelosMuertos Calavera


We asked our Facebook community: what monster would you hang out with on Halloween and what would you do? Here are some of those monster friendships, illustrated by artist and community member, giuliapintus_illustrazioni “Stay in and watch soap operas with chupacabras.” -Eric J. “I would ride motorcycles with the Headless Horseman.” -Becca V. “I’d spend my Halloween playing fetch with the Wolfman.” -Terrance R.


Okay pet owners, if your pet could tell you their deepest thoughts, what would they say?


In case you needed more adorable pets in your feed We met with a few pets and their owners to share a primer on how to speak guinea pig, turtle, cat, dog, and parrot. If you spoke your pet's language, what would you say to them?


The P. Town Poppers can do the King Tut, the robot, and the electric boogaloo, which makes us wonder; if you joined a dance group, what kind of dancing would you do?


Capoeira combines music, dance and acrobatics. Which of these would be hardest for you to master?


What happens when a vice principal joins a roller derby group she found on Facebook? This is just a “greatest hits.” What’s a challenge you’d like to try one day?