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What do the Library of Congress, the Word of the Year, and the Museum of Modern Art all have in common? Spoiler alert: it's emojis! 🎉🙌 On this World Emoji Day, we’re celebrating our little friends' big history 👀 worldemojiday emojis emojiart


It’s been 50 years since the Stonewall uprising sparked the modern LGBTQIA+ rights movement and ushered in a new wave of activists. These inspiring leaders remind us that whether we’re helping others find their community, or providing resources to make everyone feel empowered, we can do more together to create the world we want to live in. Pride


This year, more small towns than ever are hosting their first pride events. To communities marching in their first parade, know that there are people near and far (digitally) marching with you. 🌈


In celebration of Pride, illustrator dgraybarnett and paper engineer paperform created a piece that showcases our collective heart for the LGBTQ+ community. This month, our More Together Creator Series once again combines the unique crafts of two artists to create an original art piece. Look for more fun and surprising collaborations as the year continues. MoreTogether


To dads old & new, , and at heart- thank you for sharing your love, advice, and so many, um, funny (?) jokes. Have the best Father’s Day ever! dad fathersday parenting


This Father's Day, you're not the only one with 🔥🔥🔥 dad moves. Find other groovy dads in Facebook Groups and 🕺🏽together. dad fathersday parenting


🔊on cause you’re not the only one who feels like a jungle gym. We hope you have an epic Father’s Day! dad fathersday parenting


You’re not the only one trying to wear them out. Find other dads in Facebook Groups and figure out ways to tucker them out together. dad fathersday parenting


Dads, tell us your favorite, funniest, and most heartfelt teaching moments. When it comes to parenting, you’re not the only one making it up as you go along.


Tell us your craziest, funniest, sweetest, weirdest dad moments. Because when it comes to parenting, you’re not the only one making it up as you go along.


Beautiful things can happen when you come together. Here is the first installment of the More Together Creator Series. Illustrator ellenporteus and photographer g.g.mcg put their heads and painted hands together to create an original art piece. Look for more fun and surprising collaborations as the year continues. MoreTogether


Happy Mother's Day! We want you to know whether it's your first or your 50th, you're not the only one taking on the hardest job in the world—and somehow making it look easy. We love you, Mom. mothersday


This Mother’s Day, we want you to know you’re not the only one who always feels like it’s poo-thirty. Find your Facebook Group and get 💩 done together. mothersday


You're not the only one trying to turn playtime into a workout. Find your fit fam of moms in Facebook Groups to work it out together. MothersDay


This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the ups and downs of being a mom. What are some of your experiences with motherhood that other moms can relate to? mothersday parenthood


We’re on a quest to find more that brings us together, and music is a powerful uniter 🎶 🎸 That’s why we brought two of the greats together at the Beale Street Music Festival to surprise music lovers in Memphis! Thanks marc_cohn and mileycyrus for showing us the power of MoreTogether.


We’d love to hear about your funniest mom moments. Some of them could even end up in our Mother’s Day Improv special this Friday! Join us on May 10th at 1 PM, EST on Facebook Live for an ucbtny Improv show. When it comes to parenting, you’re not the only one making it up as you go along. moms parenting mothersday


El Paso Square Dancing is a Facebook Group who know how to tear up a Friday night!


The Facebook Group, Rockabilly Mafia Dolls are a national sisterhood who not only wow us with their outfits, they also impress with their commitment to community. Here they are before they take-off to deliver food to the homeless.


We joined Ballet Folklorico, a Facebook Group of dancers ( and old), before a performance in El Paso. This Group comes together for beautifully choreographed folk dances and it’s really something to see.


The Tulsa Threat Facebook Group is an all-women’s football team, who are constantly told they are not tough enough to play. Together, they are proving the haters wrong.


We traveled through the Southwest to meet Facebook Groups who come together around their shared passions.


Though they hail from fifteen different countries, thanks to the brotherhood of cricket, the Strikers feel right at home in Oklahoma. Their mission? To make their beloved sport more accessible to the masses. cricket oklahomacity


A Valentine for your Galentine, because gals should stick together. Card by community member heynelliele galentinesday


Today we’re celebrating a few big and small firsts in life. Matt P, from burgerjointhtx is throwing it back to his first business. “My first food truck was called Koagie Hots. Kogi stands for Korean hoagie — it was a recipe from my roots, my grandma. She was my mentor. Growing up, I’d watch her cook for the whole family. It inspired me to do what I’m doing today.” TBT


We’re talking about all the big and tiny Firsts in life. Whitney remembers, “The first time I got to hold my daughterI thought, 'oh, she’s a peach' and then I thought, 'oh my, she looks just like my father-in-law.' It was so overwhelming and joyful. I saw everyone I loved in her face.” What do you remember about meeting your for the first time? firsts firstchild firstborn


Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Take a tour of the National Civil Rights Museum with Director Noelle T. in our Story. mlk


This week’s compliment card is for that friend who makes Mondays seem like no big deal. Make their day and send it their way. Art by: muokkaa