Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings

freyaridings Singer Songwriter🌹#freyaridings My new song ‘You Mean The World To Me’ is out now!! 💖Listen here:

MUNICH you gave us the best end to a tour any band could dream of, stunning crowd. Still in shock and awe of your 15,000 beautiful faces we got to sing with on this tour. You really stepped it up and I can’t wait to share this album with you all ❤️🎉 Photos samhkay


BERLIN you were had incredible warmth and energy tonight ❤️🇩🇪 📸 samhkay 💇🏼‍♀️ emijl1 👗 rixo


FRANKFURT you were wild tonight 🐯 📸 samhkay 💇🏼‍♀️ emijl1 👗 rixo


We love playing Birmingham 🎉💕


Found another secret piano on tour last week in Bristol 💕 🎹


Hamburg! Behind the scenes of our first night on German tour 🇩🇪❤


HAMBURG you will always be a beautiful city to play and we loved singing with you tonight 🎤 🎉🇩🇪 📸 samhkay 💇🏼‍♀️ emijl1 & livingproofuk


Happy St Patricks Day 🍀 Had the best time on tour in Ireland. Have a little look at my pre-show ritual from Dublin! 😋 x


Thank you to every single person who has listened to ‘You Mean The World To Me’ or watched the video so far Your support continues to surprise me 💖 Swipe up on my story for the full video x


Never thought I’d get to feel like a rock star in my life. Love and thank my band for that John, Andrew and James 🤘🏻Can’t wait for more moments like this! Tomorrow we set off the next part of the tour in GERMANY 🇩🇪❤️ jontuitt andrewmayling jamescellodouglas 📸 joejordan15


MANCHESTER you’ve always felt like family! Thank you for being the first show of the tour to sell out. 2000 voices singing so beautifully 🐝❤️


I recently performed ‘You Mean The World To Me’ at the stunning barbicancentre 😍 You can watch the full performance exclusively on applemusic - link in my story x


Literally one of my wildest dreams to headline the Roundhouse. I felt 3000 of you singing with me in my bones! You really do mean the world to me ❤🎉


BRISTOL you will always be one of my favourite cities to play! Screaming and singing every word?! We love you. ⚡️ 📸 samhkay 💃🏼 emijl1


CAMBRIDGE last night you were a dream crowd ✨😘 📸 samhkay 💃🏼 emijl1 👗 ashish


For anyone who knows how much I adore this man’s music 🙈❤️ hozier


My genuine unfiltered joy after coming off stage last night. You guys are just everything 🎉❤️ 📸


ROUNDHOUSE last night 3000 of you made my wildest dream true 🎉🔥 📸 samhkay & isytownsend


Still can’t get over seeing things like this on tour ✨ 📸 samhkay


BIRMINGHAM we felt the fire in you tonight 🔥 📸 samhkay 👗 emijl1


Sometimes it just hits me, I’m so grateful and I love you all ❤️


LEEDS we really felt the love in that room tonight! You were a delight 💕 📸 samhkay


MANCHESTER 🐝 I’ve honestly never heard a sea of lights sing so beautifully ✨ 📸 samhkay


NEWCASTLE I really felt you sing with me in my bones 🎉 Tonight we play a sold out Manchester Albert Hall 🐝❤️


GLASGOW 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️ you have my heart 📸 emijl1