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TheLionKing arrives in 100 days. Are you ready for the music? 🦁 7.19.19


To celebrate National Film Score Day yesterday, I did my first Spotify takeover that features my favorite scores of all time. Head over to their Film & TV Favorites Playlist to check it out — link is in my Story.


Today is the day! Our WorldOfHansZimmer album is out everywhere now. If you want to see the orchestra in person, tickets are still available for shows across Europe in March, April and November. Listen: link in my Story See the WoHZ show: link in my bio


PinarToprakComposer is far from an overnight success. She started at my company Remote Control Productions and really put in the work and the hours. She’s extremely talented and I’m thrilled to see her lead the charge in such a glorious way! Congratulations, my friend, on all of your marvels thus far! CaptainMarvel


Nants ingonyama bagithi baba. TheLionKing 7.19.19


If you haven’t made it to a WorldofHansZimmer concert yet, you can experience the magic of the world-class symphonic orchestra in our new WoHZ album! It features newly arranged concert suites of my scores from TheDaVinciCode, LionKing and more. Pre-order now from the link in bio before the March 15 release!


Pharrell, you always make this German happy. 😁 Throwback to a long, long time ago. TBT


The Boys Are Back In Town


Being the of emigrants myself, I grew up with the stories of immigrants, with the dread and turmoil of losing your home and the constant loneliness of being a stranger in a strange land. While “Icebox” felt extraordinarily personal to me, it was really the realization that it is such a universal sickness these days that we allow inhumanity to become industrialized. I’m proud to have helped on the score to bring this important story to the screen. IceboxHBO premieres this FRIDAY at 8PM on HBO. HBOFilm


Run, don’t walk, to get a copy of John Prendergast’s new book CongoStories. John is one of my true heroes and he’s dedicated his life to make Africa a better and fairer place. Head to CongoStories.org to learn more about the 📖.


“What's the operative word in music? It's ‘play.’ We play, let's be playful. Let's take playing really, really seriously.” Thank you, HollywoodReporter, for hosting an insightful composer roundtable with dear friends and collaborators. WidowsMovie


ujaminstruments, a music production company I’ve partnered with, is having a phenomenal Black Friday sale. They specialize in virtual instruments that help bridge your imagination directly into your computer. It ends on December 2!


🔈 sound on 🔈 My beloved WidowsMovie is now in theatres, and the soundtrack featuring my music is available for digital download! Get tickets: WidowsMovie.com / Listen now at the link in bio


WidowsMovie is out tomorrow. I truly loved working with Steve McQueen, Joe Walker ( huckabaloo) and the whole crew on it. This is one of the best things they’ve ever done.


Tomorrow I’ll be reuniting with the WidowsMovie team at AFIFEST. I cherish this film and am excited for you to see it. Opens this Friday.


👋 Toronto! Thrilled to be here for the WidowsMovie world premiere. TIFF18


For me it’s all about the adventure, and scoring a drive in the new Range Rover was just that. Listen to the full score at TheAtlantic.com/ScoringTheDrive. LandRoverUSA AtlanticRethink ScoringTheDrive


This is how The World of Hans Zimmer concert makes me feel. 😃 Coming off this week’s concert in Madrid, they’ve added two more shows in Spain for 2019. Head to the link in my bio for more information. TWoHZ


BelieverDoc premieres on HBO tonight. When I heard about the incredible work DanReynolds is doing to help promote change, love and acceptance within his church I had to be a part of it, and the song "Skipping Stones" was born. You can watch and listen at 8PM ET/PT.


For the FIFAWorldCup, LorneBalfe and I collaborated on a new theme song that reaches out to everyone who has a calling for the beautiful game. ⚽️ WorldCup


Make sure to listen to my brilliant, genius friend johnj_powell’s new record Hubris: Choral Works.


The World of Hans Zimmer is a symphonic celebration of my film compositions that features world class musicians like my conductor Gavin Greenaway and Lisa Gerrard. The show is coming to Madrid in July and then to Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands in November. Don’t miss out - link in my bio. TWoHZ


The World of Hans Zimmer, which is curated by yours truly, has upcoming shows in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. These are some photos from the magical concert in Berlin. For more information about TWoHZ and tickets, go to the link in my bio.