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Our crocodile and snakeprint accessories are our best buddies this season! 🐊🐍 HM Sunglasses: 0777541001 Hoop earrings: 0809563001 Mini handbag: 0813406001


The perfect vacation style with rising actor and Instagram superstar taraemad. Read her guide to Montenegro at hm.com/magazine. HMMagazine Yellow dress: 0798942001


Rising actor taraemad travels light, but some garments are essential in her luggage. “This flowy dress is perfect for strolling the city of Kotor – as are the sandals.” Read her full Montenegro guide at hm.com/magazine. HMMagazine White dress: 0782078001 Knitted top: 0805521001 White denim: 0777027001 White sandals: 0710307003


“If you come to Montenegro, you need to visit the coast and its perfect beaches. The sea is dark blue and the water is clear.” Tag along actor and model taraemad to her second home country at hm.com/magazine. HMMagazine Orange skirt: 0782115001 Orange top: 0782106001


Effortless elegance for a weekend away with your two- or four-legged friends! 🐎 HM Patterned blouse: 0760982001 Trousers: 0787959001 Boots: 0783647001


Summer vibes! ☀️ iraraf HM HMxME regram Trousers: 0777018003 Kaftan: 0783264001


Modern classics we simply adore.❣️ HM Trousers: 0785931001 Patterned scarf: 0784205012 T-shirt with a stand-up collar: 0790096004 Belt: 0759469001


This summery outfit with a vintage flair is a favourite! millakuoksa HM HMxME regram Blouse: 0783832003


So effortless, so glorious. 🌺 HM Sandals with ties: 0734872001 Wide High Jeans: 0756787003 Patterned wrapover blouse: 0783834002


This outfit checks all the boxes! ✅ HM Jersey dress: 0681176024 Denim jacket: 0735600008 Gym bag: 0738813001 Trainers: 0622958015


Charm your way through summer with our chunky-soled snake-print sneakers! 🐍 HM Chunky-soled trainers: 0754357003


The perfect sunkissed skin (and how to fake it). Read the full beauty guide on hm.com/magazine. HMBeauty HMMagazine Earring: 0798329001 Bronzing: 0274160005 Highlighter: 0436483002


Beach, bronze and glow – GO! ☀️🐚 HMBeauty HMMagazine Earring: 0798329001 Bronzing: 0274160005 Highlighter: 0436483002 Necklace: 0763510001 Sunglasses: 0760486001 Nourishing primer oil: 0641052001


Who else is opting for colourful swimwear this summer? 👙☀️ HM Triangle bikini top: 0757264005 Padded bandeau bikini top: 0725631004 V-shaped bikini bottoms: 0783380002


If we would summarise this look? Fresh, fun and fab! HM Sports shorts: 0796393002 Cropped top: 0408875017


What can make a beach day better? A gorgeous bikini! 🌊 HM HMxME regram annushkagrey Bikini top: 0684340002


ACCESSORISE YOUR HAIR | Hair clips, bobby pins and barrettes are back! Shop the edit on HMMagazine Pearl hair clips: 0814015001


ACCESSORISE YOUR HAIR | Be chic and shield your hair with summer's best scarves! See how to wear the trending accessory in our stories or on HMMagazine Scarf: 0755723002 Scrunchie: 0713997013 Earring: 0786333001


ACCESSORISE YOUR HAIR | Put your hair front and centre with clips, pins, scarves and scrunchies! See how to wear the season's cutest hair accessories on HMMagazine Hairband: 0616049021


Pearl-tastic! ✨ HM Beaded handbag: 0798211001 Cropped blouse: 0791810001


When life gives you juicy citrus fruits — make pure fashion. 🍊🍋 HM Cropped balloon-sleeved blouse: 0791810001


A first date, a brunch or a night out? When would you wear this outfit? HM Mules: 0762130001 Pleated skirt: 0777031001 Viscose top with embroidery: 0783850002 Bucket bag: 0761417001


Selfie? No, WEFIE! 😻 HM Blazer: 0721270005 Tee: 0761310004 Jacket: 0760402003 Tee: 0783578002


Say it with a tee. ⚡️ HM Espadrilles: 0734896001 Sunglasses: 0511105004 Printed T-shirt: 0805510007 A-line skirt: 0807748001


Our new swimsuits are so gorgeous, you can wear them to a party! HM Swimsuit: 0797267001