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SDCC is full of surprises. TomCruise stopped by to drop the first look at TopGun Maverick. Click the link in bio for the full trailer 🛫


Talk about a TBT. Edward Furlong will return to Terminator as John Connor after 27 years. See the SDCC 'Dark Fate' trailer - click link in bio.


GossipGirl is coming back to TV screens so get those nicknames ready. Are you a Lonely Boy, Little J or maybe just a Queen B? More details in the bio - XOXO


See why SethRogen is not allowing the GoodBoysMovie cast to see their new trailer. Full video link in bio.


He won’t be portraying "The King" Elvis Presley, but HarryStyles may end up with a crown after all. The popstar-turned-actor is in talks to play Disney’s Prince Eric in TheLittleMermaid. Click the link in bio for all the details. Photo: gettyentertainment


TaikaWaititi signed on with Marvel to direct and write Thor 4. Here’s hoping for more Korg. Click the link in bio for all the details. Photo: samidrasin


Ava DuVernay’s WhenTheySeeUs earns the highest number of Emmys nominations for Netflix this year. Click the link in bio for the full breakdown. Photo: diegouchitel


Game of Thrones helps HBO set new Emmys nominations record. Click the link in bio for the full GOT breakdown.


Zack Snyder's zombie thriller, Army of the Dead, has more recruits joining DaveBautista. Click the link in bio for details on the Netflix movie. ⁠


Meet the new king of rock and roll. AustinButler will play ElvisPresley in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic. Get the inside scoop on the casting news that has us all shook up – click the link in bio. Photo: austinhargrave


Here's to the fools who dream. LaLaLand director DamienChazelle is eyeing EmmaStone for a starring role in his upcoming 1920s Hollywood tale 'Babylon.' Click the link in bio for more details. Photo: ramonarosales


50 years later and PeterFonda still won't reveal what the line "we blew it" meant in EasyRider. The star of the groundbreaking biker movie looks back at the wild ride – click the link bio.


RichardMadden explains the physical and mental toll filming Bodyguard had on him. East coasters, watch the full drama actor roundtable right now on sundancetv.


Grab your whip and fedora it's time to celebrate HarrisonFord's 77th birthday! 🎉


What is she, cut glass? WestSideStory fans, your first look at Ariana DeBose as Anita is here. Click the link in bio for more on the upcoming Steven Spielberg remake. Photo: 20thcenturyfox


Time to get retro. DaveBautista stars in the '80s-style action comedy Stuber – in theaters now. Planning to see it this weekend? Check out our review at the link in bio. Photo: austinhargrave


Fans have spent the past week debating those SpiderManFarFromHome post-credits scenes and beyond. Now the screenwriters are prepared to face the tough questions head-on in the latest episode of HeatVisionBreakdown.


A year ago Emma Corrin was folding underwear at a London startup. Now she is starring in the Batman prequel Pennyworth and portraying a PrincessDiana in Netflix’s TheCrown. Learn all about the 23-year-old breakout, click the link in bio. Photo: mrmikerosenthal


Singer RKelly has been arrested in Chicago on federal sex crime charges. For details, click the link in bio. Photo: gettyentertainment


Did the critics feel the love for TheLionKing remake? Read our review roundup - click the link in bio. Photo: lionking