This lusty lumberjack landed in my inbox from Berlin, and I immediately started obsessing over what kind of tools are in his shed. I imagine he wields a thick-handled axe, and I bet he thrusts a hammer like nobody‘s business. If he’s missing a basic hoe, I know exactly where to find one. GutenTagMe HDRfangram hotdudesreading


Oh my Gaudí This Spanish Smokeshow is exactly what I need to cure my Barc-ALONE-a blues. Just have to figure out how to get closer so I can ask if he’s down for wine and tapas. And for dessert, I’m gonna climb on tapas him and show him my OléFace HotDudesReading HDRfangram


They say Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and taking a look at this crisp & fresh cutie, I’d have to agree. Not one wrinkle on that button down & not a hair out of place. Despite the clean surroundings, the things I have in mind are anything but. He’ll be calling me his SingaWhore hotdudesreading


Sure, we're approaching the end of March and NYC’s brutally cold temps, but we’re also nearing the end of something I love so very much: beanie-chasing season. And since I only have less than two weeks left to indulge, I’m gunning straight for that hatted hottie. One way or another, this season is going out with a bang. GetBeaniethMeBaby hotdudesreading


Lots of you know LukePerry as Archie’s dad on Riverdale, but my lifelong crush started way back in the 90s watching Beverly Hills 90210 reruns. He was the first brooding bad boy to steal my pubescent heart, so it’s no shock this Dylan doppelganger caught my eye. Wherever you are, Mr. McKay, you’ll always be in our hearts. Love always, your number one 9021Ho hotdudesreading


I can't tell what this studious stud is attempting to commit to memory, but one thing's for sure: today I was jealous of a highlighter cap. Doesn't he know there are better ways to study? (and better things to do with your mouth?) If he let's me play teacher, Billy-Madison-style, I can guarantee at least some layers are coming off. AndThatMyBodyIsSimilarToChrisFarleys ThaaaatIssssCorrrrrect HotDudesReading HDRfangram


Just spotted this one from across the pond and I finally understand what the hell Fergie was talking about when she said she “wanna go down like London, London, London.” We know this British beaut is going to have the cutest accent, which is enough to have me singing gibberish too. But unlike Fergie Ferg, I won’t just be dancing like a ho. HumpMyLumps hotdudesreading HDRFangram


This hat-wearing hottie caught my eye with his inappropriate manspreading, but then I looked up and re-assessed my first impression. His book choice from the Warhammer 40k series proves he’s got a creative mind and an eye for fantasy games. I still can't tell if he's one of the good guys, but I hope he’s a bad boy when it counts. PenetrateMyDungeon GagsAreGreat hotdudesreading


This perfect trifecta — boots, beanie, and a book — is the only thing getting me through this trek on the LIRR. Not to mention, this brooding beau snagged a coveted 4-seater which means it’s time for me to scoot on over, play a little footsie, and get ready for a winter weekend getaway in the Hamptons. Next stop, ShagHarbor. hotdudesreading


The polarvortex is really making my imagination work overtime to figure out what's underneath all the oversized coats. Its like a farewell to arms, chests, legs and everything else from the neck down this week. Thankfully, I can still see this handsome Hemingway fan's moneymaker, and my spidey sense tells me when the jacket comes off, the sun won't be the only thing rising MyBellTollsForYou hotdudesreading


Wonder if this Georgetown gentleman’s name is Mueller because I’m ready for a good probe. I may not have anything to hide but that doesn’t mean I won’t let him search every nook and cranny. And lucky for him, he won’t face much red tape because unlike the government, I’m wideeee open. WhenTheyGoLowItMakesMeSayOhhOhhOhh hotdudesreading


Paris Fashion Week was fun and all, but who needs the fancy runway shows and stuffy after-parties when I’ve got a front row seat to this private collection. Maybe if I get the heat in my apartment high enough, I can convince him it’s literally SS19 so I can see what he’s got hiding under that jacket. SoHauteRightNow hotdudesreading


Nothing like a bone chilling day to make my mind drift to sunnier parts and I’m bringing this cozy cutie along for the ride. I’m picturing trading in our coats for skimpier attire, boots for flip flops, and beanies for straw hats. Add a couple beach chairs and some of my favorite cocktails and it’s almost like this dirty subway car is a tropical paradise. MaiTaiMeUp hotdudesreading hdrfangram


While everyone’s talking about this WorldRecordEgg I’m over here just thinking about how mine are drying up. Not that I’m in a rush to have but I’m ready to put in the pre-work if you know what I mean. Wonder if this bundled up cutie would be down to make like another famous egg and HumptyDumpty hotdudesreading hdrfangram


aaaaand just like that my New Year's resolutions have been flushed down the drain. Who can blame me for being distracted when I've got ski lodge smokeshows like this to ogle at? Maybe this Rocky Mountain man can get me back on the straight and narrow. Or better yet, maybe he can get me on my back where the trail is all downhill from here. ExcuseMeMiss You'reSittingOnMyPole HotDudesReading


This year my New Year's resolution is to be more charitable and environmentally aware, and I’m going to start by leaving my coat here for someone less fortunate and ask to share with this beautiful babe. Then I’ll save some trees by reading along with him once I’m all nestled in. And lastly I’ll save some water by showering together after he walks me home. NoDryJanuaryHere hotdudesreading


And here I was thinking that there were only 25 days of Christmas, when in walked this gorgeously wrapped present on the 29th day. Beautifully packaged ✔️ Reusable ✔️✔️ Suitable for all ages ✔️✔️✔️ He really is the gift that keeps on giving! Oh, and while we’re on the topic, it’d be great if someone can let him know that it feels even better to give than it does to receive. UnlessYoureReceiving hotdudesreading


Christmas is rapidly approaching, and what do I see? This pretty Brazilian treat waiting over there for me. With a crisp white shirt & a big book in hand, He could be the most gorgeous specimen in all the land. I hope Santa knows I’ve been a good girl this year, Leaving him under the tree for me, ensuring not a single tear. He’ll whisk me away & sweep me off my feet, Forever minethis beautiful hunk of man meat. Hotdudesreading XXXmas


Just spotted this camel clad cutie on his way to a workout — I wonder which one? He could be the boxing type or a bootcamp’er or even a sensual yogi. Either way, I’ve got a new workout he should try. Spoiler alert: it involves me handling his kettle bells for a Dirty30 Or60 hotdudesreading


I told myself I’d get my Christmas shopping done early this year, but the thought of braving those obnoxious crowds all by myself has me feeling super Claus-trophobic. If only this fantasy-loving fox took a page from Legolas’ book and played Santa’s little helper with me, then I’d definitely get a leg up. WhenIThinkAboutYou ITouchMyElf hotdudesreading


Listen, lovely people, I was too irresponsible (and hungover) to do a Hot Dudes Reading calendar this year, so instead I’m offering some helpful tools to get you through 2019. I’m talking t-shirts (for those inevitable Walk of Shames), a tote bag (also for said WoS), and a dark mug (to hide the liquor you’ll want to drink to forget about your WoS). SALE ENDS TONIGHT! HelpMeImPoor hotdudesreading


Thanks, News Alerts, for once again making Monday that much more dreadful. Tsunami warnings in Alaska, I still don't know if I can eat romaine lettuce and now Nick Jonas is officially off the market?! Despite the world’s crazy events, all it takes is one look at this hot dude and I know we homo sapiens are going to be just fine. LettucePrayHesSingle TrynaRomaineCalm hotdudesreading


Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle when it comes to holiday shopping. We’ve got all you need. HDR MERCH: for when your legal department says it’s “against company policy” to put an actual Hot Dude Reading under the tree. Shirts, Totes, Mugs. Only available until December 3rd! Link in bio.


Oh my my my! I was just sitting here daydreaming about actual stuffing for once, and suddenly I’m realizing I have a lot more to be thankful for. Maybe I should invite this handsome devil over for a feast tomorrow - cuz the only thing that’s going leave me more satisfied than Thanksgiving dinner is seeing him lookin’ up from a different angle. AnyAngle EveryAngle hotdudesreading hdrfangram


We’re freezing our butts off in NYC right now, but things are looking mighty fine on the Westside (and I’m not talking about the weather). I just binged the whole season on Netflix, and I’m officially scheming to get my own personal meet-and-greet with this sexy songster. I’m eager to show him that he’s not the only one who can belt out the high notes. ShowLeoMyLeOface NetflixAndChill LinkInBio NOTsponsored hotdudesreading


The winter freeze arrived early this week and reminded me I need to buy a new down comforter. But this shorts-clad mountain man looks like he has some extra body heat to spare. Forget the blanket — I just need to get him home so he can warm me up the Australian way. GoDownUnderMyComforter hotdudesreading


Well, dress me up and call me “turkey” because this hefty hunk of a man is getting me in the mood for Thanksgiving. I know it’s still a week away, but I am so okay with starting the prep work a little early. We can turn up the heat and get the juices flowing by playing a little game of “50 Shades of Gravy.” LetsGetBasted AndPluckAllNight hotdudesreading


This ElectionDay special doesn’t need to do any campaigning to secure my vote because I’m a hard yes for whatever propositions he might have in mind. Hopefully one of them is stuffing the ballot box while I scream something about a HungChad. At least I think that’s his name HotDudesReading Vote SeriouslyThough


Either someone is playing a practical joke, or this bewitching babe has put a spell on me so I can’t look away. I don’t see a wand — though I bet he has a big one — but that scarf is giving me serious HarryPotter Gryffindor vibes. Either way, I am ready to hop on his broomstick and ride until this trick turns into a treat. SlytherinToMyChamberOfSecrets HappyHalloween hotdudesreading HDRfangram


“I see London, I see France, I see myself in your pants.” Oh damn did I just say that out loud? In public?? Whatever, wouldn’t be the first time. Hoping this luscious-lipped Londoner heard me because he’ll figure out this trip to Abbey Road station won’t be his last ride down the tube today HesGotATicketToRide HotDudesReading