hullisbeautiful Film and digital. Portraits, mostly. Hull to Los Angeles 🇬🇧🇺🇸. DM if you'd like to shoot.

I’ve been developing my own B&W film for several months and it’s been almost entirely successful. Had an uncharacteristic mishap trying to load a roll of 120 I shot with olivia.lyynn onto the developing reel and ended up mangling it a bit. Definitely the hardest part of the whole process. As a result, this image has some damage to the emulsion. I still like it, though 🎞 ilfordhp5 pentax67 shotwithfilm analoguevibes staybrokeshootfilm filmwave lamodel naturallight monochromephotography analogportrait onfilm


A few shots from a roll of film I shot in my Mamiya C33 TLR camera with journeygirl. Shooting with a TLR is a very different experience from SLRs, and one I recommend for photographers who haven’t tried it before. Plus, it’s a great way to get into medium format without breaking the bank (my C33 body cost me $80, and you can find decent Mamiya lenses for around $60). I’m still getting used to composing in a square format, and to the image being reversed on the ground glass, but I liked the way these pics turned out 🎞