Islay House

Islay House

islayhouse #IslayHouse is one of Scotland's grandest and most historic country house hotels, located on the Queen of the Hebrides, Islay: the Whisky Isle 👌

There are many ways to travel around Islay during your visit. You can bring your own car, hire a car or catch the bus. Alternatively you could book a taxi! We are very lucky to have several excellent taxi firms able to assist you with transfers to and from the airport or ferry terminal, as well as taking you for full day tours visiting the many delights Islay has to offer. For further information and recommendations please email info Thank you to islaytaxis for this great image! taxis islaytaxis isleofislay islayhouse islayhousemoments guestsloveus visitislay visitscotland travel exploreislayandjura scotlandexplore exploreargyll wildaboutargyll hoteltransfers


What’s your favourite dram?? We have a large selection of local whisky available in our Peat Cutter bar, which is open daily to residents and non residents. Our whisky glasses are also available to purchase. They make great gifts and are a lovely way to remember your stay 😊. whiskyglasses giftidea islayhousewhiskyglasses islayhouse islayhousemoments guestsloveus slainte dramglass isleofislay exploreislayandjura laphroaig bowmoredistillery laphroaigdistillery scotlandexplore visitislay visitislayhouse