It’s All Wheek to Me

It’s All Wheek to Me

itsallwheektome ✨Oreo and Peanut, two American guinea girls ✨Half beauty, half beast ✨Sharing our home with 2 🐶, 2 👦🏻, and 2 💑 ✨Bell peppers are life 🌶 📍NC 🇺🇸

Peanut usually has three chins but today she has a long beautiful swan neck. daretodream Pawtners tagged. 🐾


We solemnly swear that we are up to no good. 🤞 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


I am hypnotizing youuuuuu fetch the parsley feed your piggies snacks Pawtners tagged. 🐾


The dog bed is the California king bed of piggies. mondaymood Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Rain, rain, go away. Until then we’ll eat some hay Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Just eating apple slices and lounging in front of our Warhol pillow as one does. 👸🏻 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


On Wednesdays we wear pigs. piggybackride Pawtners tagged. 🐾


🎵and the rocket’s red glaaaare, the bombs bursting in air 🎵 Happy Independence Day to our fellow American piggies Pawtners tagged. 🐾


We heard today is National Disobedience Day so we chewed off the corners of a lovely new book. Raise your hand if you’ve also been a naughty piggie! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Pawtners tagged. 🐾


It’s another scorcher today, so window gazing it is! The girls miss going outside lately, but I don’t want to risk overheating them in these high temps. 😓 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Case of the Mondays. 😉 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


It’s Saturday, friends! Should we sit down and do nothing or lay down and do nothing? 🤔😴 movementisoptional Pawtners tagged. 🐾


When your friends ask you how your diet is going. 🙈 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


No lawn mower? No problem Pawtners tagged. 🐾


“A bell pepper a day keeps the doctor away.” — Peanut We’re on week 2 of a virus going through the household and we need all the help we can get! sendprayers sendwine Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Make wheeks, not war. tbt boymomlife Pawtners tagged. 🐾


SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND *in a non-threatening way, of course* Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Album cover Pawtners tagged. 🐾


We’re raising a glass today to all the wonderful PigDads out there! We see you picking fur off your suits, growling at the cost of guineadad liners, and competing with unruly rodents for your wife’s attention. We SEE you and we LOVE you. Happy Father’s Day, my love! 💓💓💓 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Oh hayyyyyyy, guys. Happy Saturday! seewhatididthere Pawtners tagged. 🐾


School’s out for summer! Oreo thinks she’s going to hide under this toy chest until August while these two loud boys take over the playroom. 🤪🎉 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Not a guinea pig post, but crowdsourcing for ideas. This nestling bird fell out of a tree at our home yesterday. He has a scrape on his leg and cannot fly yet. We’ve moved the nest to a lower location, but he keeps hopping out. Cardinal parents are nearby and watching him. I assume they’re feeding him, but not positive. Any suggestions on what to do? I want to help him, but am worried that too much human involvement will do more harm than good. babybird cardinal nestling wildbirdrescue wildbirdrehab


Hello, good morning, yes, we are wondering if it is perhaps time for breakfast yet Pawtners tagged. 🐾


Curling up with a spooky book this Saturday. What’s everyone else reading? 📚 Pawtners tagged. 🐾


How to grow a potted pig: 1. Plant chocolate nugget. 2. Add water and sun. 3. Feed parsley Pawtners tagged. 🐾