Jacob Yoffee

Jacob Yoffee

jacobyoffee Composer/Music Producer


✨Artist Spotlight✨ freemeek ! Jacob Yoffee and Roahn Hylton are the composers of the highly anticipated Amazon docuseries airing on August 9th, chronicling the transformation of Meek Mill, from chart-topping rapper to galvanizing face of criminal justice reform. The duo has been working together on many projects for record labels, film, TV & advertising, e.g. the hip-hop & jazz soundtrack for Lebron James’ ‘Best Shot'. Individually they’ve been working in their respective fields: While Hylton produces major hip-hop and RnB hits like Nicki Minaj’s ’Super Bass’ or Ariana Grande’s ‘Honeymoon Avenue’, ASCAP Screen Music Award winner Yoffee recently created the music for 'Ingress: The Animation' on Netflix and is currently the Resident Composer for the American Studio Orchestra, scoring season 3 of the Disney 1 series ‘Andi Mack’ and the upcoming, Nintendo Game ‘Tetris Royale'. composers filmmusic score filmscore filmcomposer music videogames meekmill andimack nickiminaj jacobyoffee roahnhylton tvscore hiphop amazon freemeekmill


enjoying some chill time


Will never get used to these. Wow


Swipe to see how he REALLY felt about wearing a hat


Big thanks to yoffeer for watching the baby so we could have a night out. I laughed so hard I seriously almost lost my dinner. cranjismcbasketball


We tried putting baby headphones on to help him sleep thru the flight. You can see that he loved it. Also I’m not sure the makers of these headphones have ever seen the size of a baby’s head.


My faves


That’s not how you drink soda Ze’ev


How many of my Kubasaki friends remember this drink??? Jerri knows I love this and found it in the Strip District in Pittsburgh. YES it’s called Pocari Sweat and it’s amazing.


So glad my father is in LA now and will be here to help me raise our son. Happy Father’s Day dad, love you


Great adventures often start with tears. It’s hard to leave your home for a new place but we know you guys will grow in new & exciting ways. We love you so much and will see you in Florida soon


he’ll get the faces down soon


Ze’ev in Pittsburgh, he finally met all 9 cousins!


Don DePaolis tribute concert!


Kenny Garrett! My niece’s first jazz concert, she’s been playing the alto for a few years now and had never heard a professional alto player live. Thanks lindsayf6777 for letting me take her to the show! kennygarrett jazz pittsburghjazzlive


First flight!


Some downtown behind the scenes shots


He’s pretty much hated the car seat from day one but maybe it’s FINALLY having the desired effect


After 57 episodes we are mixing the Season 3 finale of Andi Mack today at Warner. It’s been one of the most amazing experiences of my life working on this show and I will really miss working with the team. terry_minsky and marloubob created an incredible world and, ultimately, a groundbreaking series with an amazing cast. I’m so happy & grateful to have been a part of it! Thanks to everyone on the music team chrisparker246 & cyrus_paul, jpenland, jordanpassman, jstonesoup and and a big thanks to everyone at Disney for the opportunity! andimack grateful disneyseries filmmusic filmscore composerlife


I think both my wife’s phone and my phone are filled with nothing but photos of Ze’ev. So here’s another one


So I turned on Dumb & Dumber this weekend for a few minutes and Ze’ev was MESMERIZED. Hmmm good or bad???


Had a blast hanging with jpenland at the ascapscreenmusicawards. Thanks to yoffeer for watching the baby so we could have a night out! It was awesome to see Pinar get her award and hear Giacchino’s speech. Inspiring night Thanks to ascap for putting together such an amazing evening!


Happy first mother’s day to jpenland amazingmother I don’t think you’ve slept more than 30 minutes straight since Ze’ev was born—-always wanting to make sure he is safe & sound