Jasmine Sandlas

Jasmine Sandlas

jasminesandlas Business enquiry: +917678084709 Snapchat #gulabiqueen 👌🏼 Subscribe to my YouTube channel for all upcoming videos. Bagavat droppin on Jan 16

In North America for the summer. It’s gonna be legendary. I can feel it in my heart. Going to New York tomorrow 🥳


Chunni Black is out next on my YouTube channel. A little delayed but still very magical. Stay tuned.


Check out this interview on the bbcasiannetwork YouTube channel. I think you will love me more after this and that would be fabulous 🥳


Asees tells you how the show in Michigan went last night. But more importantly, let’s be kind and nurturing to our little girls so they can become confident and empowered women. ✌🏼


Hun eda ki ilaaj hoyu 👌🏼 kirensandhu_designer ne suit hi edan de banaye, mein ki karan?


Kiddan fir teamsandlas ? Sare theek oh tusi ? Ki chal reha zindagi ch aj kal ?


Just woke up in Detroit. See you tonight at the show. So happy to finally be here.


Mom sent me this on whatsapp. But she doesn’t know that I am already happy.


Meri babli. She feeds me food and I am thankful to have her.


I’ll feel like this when I come to America. Stay tuned for dates and locations.


I don’t know how the Instagram girls do it. There is nothing sexy or glamorous about working out. My trainer official_vaishnavi_boora always making blackmail videos of me. Thanks 🙄


I am probably the only artist that gets to do “normal” things and I thank my fans for that. I wanna roam the streets of Punjab like a free bird without feeling like I’m someone you see on TV all the time. God bless you 🙏🏽


Up close and personal always. Nothin to fear. Nothin to hide. God bless 🙏🏽


Coming to America next week 💕


Like mom always said “health is wealth” and like dad always said “deserve and then desire” 🙏🏽 P.s. don’t be too hard on yourself for falling off track, just get back on it and the journey continues. We all have so much going on in our lives and so much that we’re dealing with. We should be kind to one another simply for that reason alone ☺️ That’s what jasmine always said.


Tiny is my nick name.


I’ve waited so long that I almost wanna leak album 3. Should I ? P.s. iconic photo though. thisizintense dj_hark


2014 flash back. Goals in every way. Mentally and spiritually mostly 🥳


Posting old photos because this body is under reconstruction. Always a work in progress ☺️ Only compete with ‘yourself’ and become the best version of ‘yourself’.


No new friends wibes. This photo is from 2011 when I was struggling to launch my second album (Gulabi) in India. Thank you for staying by my side 😘


I read your comments on my last post. Interesting to see everyone’s perspective. Let’s see what comments this photo gets. Should be even more intriguing 🙄 p.s. This was me 2 years ago.


Girls ! No matter how much you weigh, you’re every kilogram of delicious. Don’t let the society define what’s beautiful. Also go to the gym and eat well ☺️


My vision for punjabi suits has always been simple and minimalistic. She brings my suit fantasies to life💕 kirensandhu_designer


Dehradun ! You were beautiful. Thank you for having me.


Coming to North America this April, May and June. It’s gonna be magical performing for my side of the world. West Coast in the house baby 🍼


I spy Jasmine in the 6th grade. Find me ☺️


I released Musafira a few years ago. Have you heard it ? It’s my favourite song that I’ve written. Plus, I have the same haircut as the 5 year old Jasmine.


Gaddi kaali hai kaali par chitti chitti tu 👌🏼


I’m focusing on album 3 now. You’re gonna love it teamsandlas 💕


Today is a good day to be gulabiqueen 💕 I feel so accomplished and grateful.