Jasmine Sandlas

Jasmine Sandlas

jasminesandlas Business enquiry: +917678084709 Snapchat #gulabiqueen 👌🏼

Chicago. Leicester. Vancouver 🥳. Catch me in your city.


Currently winning at real life. Be back to the reel life soon. My first live show is in Milton. Then Chicago. Then Leicester. Then Oslo. Then wherever I visualise 🙏🏽


Chicago ! Catch me Live on July 21st 🥳


Live in Leicester on July 25th 👌


Vancouver ! I’ll be seeing you on July 28th. 🥳


Cash me outside. How bout dat? UK 🇬🇧 I’m coming to see you soon.


Where is Jasmine ? She isn’t active on social media. What’s goin on? reallife


Chunni Black is coming soon. Then many more beautiful songs that I won’t announce the names and dates of because I feel foolish when they’re delayed. 🥳


Introducing my first artist iamranbirgrewal with chunniblack. Once I drop 20 more songs, I will spend majority of my time nurturing beautiful artists by giving them my platform to express themselves. So, get your demos and personalities ready for Unalome Productions 👌🏼


Got my hair cut. Feeling fresh n so clean clean.


Mitro agayi oye 🥳


This video is so beautiful. Music unites us all as one culture. 🙏🏽 Cant wait to drop like 20 songs this year and spread punjabi music like a virus.


Lips are too big Dikhsha. But I love the ideas you have for my merchandise. dawnofpunjab apparel launching soon ✌🏼


I don’t speak Telugu but I learned it for this song. I want to sing a song in Haryanvi, Gujarati, bhojpuri etc. It’s gonna be an epic year for Indian Music 🥳


My fitness coach official_vaishnavi_boora and her best fried Roop. What a beautiful conversation I had with two incredible women. 💕


Mithi mithi was so massive, I can’t believe it. I feel thankful 🙏🏽


Who else need motivation to go to the gym ? I’d rather just make music, chill with people I love and sleep like a baby. Gym is not my priority but it needs to be. 😭


This was me before I moved to Punjab. I should move to Bombay again 🥳


Please no bullshit comments on this post. It’s one of the best moments of my life. Although my mom is a bit off key, the feeling is all that matters. I took her to the studio for the first time and she sung aa laut ke aja for my father 👌 I am about to get a call from her asking me to remove this video 😂


dj_hark is a hater when it comes to my Arabian Oud. But, he makes beautiful music so I will deal with his negativity 🤓


I want to write beautiful songs. Shoot music videos that do justice to the magic. Sing my songs for you when you drop everything to come see me perform live. And the rest is history. I mean herstory 👌🏼


Live in Delhi tonight 🥳


I bow down to my fans. I owe you this glory. Thank you 🙏🏽


Chunni black finally drops next week 🥳


In my heart, I feel like I’m 5 years old. I cut my hair to remind me of who I was when I was 5. See you in Winnipeg tonight.


Atlanta ! Thank you for all the love and respect. You made me feel so precious ☺️


Piar Kaur 🙏🏽 The world will remember your name for eternity. I will make sure of it.