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Kate Walsh

katewalsh I’m just a gal named Kate | Founder of @BoyfriendPerfume ❤️ | Yer gonna see ALOTTA selfies, funnies, and 🐈s… | @UmbrellaAcad now on @Netflix ☂️

Thought I’d wish you all a happy NationalPuppyDay from me and dis lil’ bitch 🤣🐶🐾


Umm the team over at BoyfriendPerfume asked me to do some ASMR with some of ur fav BoyfriendPerfume products to celebrate NationalFragranceDay! I had no idea what it was, but I kinda think I’m like a pro now?! 💅💁 Now listen to the soothing sounds of me not knowing what the hell I’m doing 🤣


Oh hey, WOMEN! The celebration of WomensHistoryMonth continues with this week’s WCW: the fabulous, iconic Catherine Deneuve 💋 Born in 1943 in Paris to two actor parents, Catherine began her own acting career at age 13. She rose to prominence as one of the leading ladies of International Cinema, and has since gone on to star in over 100 films earning an Academy Award nomination, was the face of a Chanel campaign, and was even on coins & stamps as she became the model for Marianne—the symbolic embodiment of the French Republic. BelleDuJour TheUmbrellasOfChernbourg Indochine DancerInTheDark Je t’aime 😍


Pretty busy over here guys


A little advice goes a long way💕


Oooh ur girl here on a Monday to serve u executive boss lady realness 💼 Talk about a werk day 😉💼🖤


Ok someone intro me to this fluff please 😹 Is there not a tinder-like 🐈 app that finds the nearest cat to go chill with for a bit? Cause if not I’ve found my next venture & I shall call it KittyLitter 😻 YoureWelcome Entrepreneur Goals 😏🐾 Repost


Ummm is this not super dreamy or whattt 💙💗 If u haven’t followed BoyfriendPerfume or checked out the link in my bio then ur missing out on all these beauty-ful magical cotton candy vibes babe 😂 Use the code STPATTY for 17% off 🍀 BoyfriendPerfume


I’m offish back on the tube The YouTube that isand what a better way to kick things off than by answering some of ur burning questions about UmbrellaAcademy ☂ Make sure u head over to the link in my bio to watch & subscribe to my channel 🙌 More to come kitties 😘


Ok ladies it’s time to celebrate WomensHistoryMonth with this weeks WCW… except this week it’s history in the making! On March 29th, AnneMcClainOfficial and Astro_Christina will be apart of the first all-female team (after 213 past missions) to travel 240 miles above earth to complete a spacewalk on the International Space Station! SO cool 💪🚀🌌


OMG! 😹We’ve all tried to cut our bangs once or twice right?! If only we all looked this goodor at least felt this confident 💅🏻🐾 Repost


What a lovely story, such kind words! 😍 Thanks for sharing Jeni! Hope u love ur new BoyfriendPefume x You guys can get urs at the link in bio ✨ Regram AloeAndGlow: My mom discovered and fell in love with Boyfriend when it was sold during the brand’s initial launch. She would always put boyfriend on whenever she was perusing the aisles of Sephora {apparently I get my affinity for fragrances from my mom!}. When she finally decided to commit and buy a bottle of her own, Boyfriend was no longer being manufactured. Fast forward a few years and Boyfriend reaches out to me and asks if they could send me their perfume for Valentine’s day. Unaware that my mom knew and loved this brand, I accepted because I enjoy trying new fragrances and I love Kate Walsh. When the PR package arrived, my mom saw it was from Boyfriend and she excitedly asked if it was that same perfume. Boyfriend was exactly how she remembered itand I haven’t seen the bottle since then😂 I see why she loves it so much though. It is a cozy blend of musk and vanilla that makes the fragrance feel like boyfriend in a bottle💕


Thisthis is how it all begins people🤣🐈 Repost


Thanks to derekhough I’m goin’ into Friday like💃🏻🕺🏽I too was so inspired by this dance sequence when I 1st saw this filmread his experience below socool TGIF RepostPlus derekhough - - - - - - When I first saw this iconic dance performed by Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner, like so many, it instantly became a favorite. The musicality, athleticism and just swag they had was so exciting to watch. I’ve always wanted to learn this piece to challenge myself and pay homage to the greats. Collaborating with my friend nortorok who brought the animation to life just made this project even more special. Truly remarkable how much creative patience goes into that process. Grab your tickets at DerekHough.com 👆🏼🎫to see me perform this piece LIVE! in your city. Can’t wait to see you there 59 cities April 5th-June 15th . caleyandkelsey jedwerbe nortorok


Sorrywhat was that? I can't hear you over the volume of my HAIR 😹💇💅 TBT


In honor of National WomensHistoryMonth, each week I’m gonna be sharing a wonderful woman from history that changed the game in their own right! 💪 This week, I want to celebrate Elizabeth Arden, born Florence Nightingale Graham in 1878. At the age of 30, she moved to NYC to pursue her dream of building cosmetics that benefited the skin rather than masking it and became the first person to bring eye makeup to women in America, pioneering the makeover. My fav quote from her is “To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman.” 💋💅💘 WCW


All 🌈🌈 in NYC now. 💕


Oh my gawddd 😭 Watch until the end What did we ever do to deserve these sweet things 🐶🐾 Repost Bustle


It’s a little over the top at this point. pablo


Looking back (wellover my back) at a lil’ fashion moment at the CDGA! 🖤 Happy Monday babes 💋


Oooh look at these pretty BoyfriendPerfume things I’m dangling in front of u 🔮 Imagine how good the warm vanilla and amber smells, and how good the sunflower seed oil and mango butter feels. Head to the link in my bio, u know u wanna try itttt 😹💗 PeerPressure


How freaking awesome are the visual effects / prosthetics work that Linda.Preston_, RyReed, Zane & Kyle did for The Handler! SO much fun 😍 UmbrellaAcademy ☂and that’s my magical stunt gal Julian Dyan 😍