Kaylee Jay

Kaylee Jay

kayleejayy14 ||floating with the stars falling in love w something in the universe, she stumbled upon planet earth|| music is love music is life. 🐆 Ashland, OR

just lemme be naked without covering my boobs , just lemme BE ! I have an entire album ready pretty much almost. THIS IS MY CHANCE I’m gonna need lots of support people reposting to their pages, shouting me out in their stories?! I will always support everybody the best I can and however I can, whether they support me or not 🥰 this is my chance to make it and be able to support even more of the world! Make a difference through music, feeling, thought, and action I’m thinking my release date will be around September 23 I’ll be releasing songs every two weeks building to this either way to start interactions let’s get commenting?! Who would support me in my music and spreading my sound, and what might you need from me to make that happen in the way that feels best possible ?! Any tips or thoughts or ideas you have for me too. Would you guys like to vote for my covers sometimes when I have options in my stories?! Set a vote date and be sure to check sometime that day to see which cover you like best with a little sneak peek clip behind it? Just trying to brain storm here 🙏🏽⚡️⚡️💓💞🧚🏼‍♀️ been cooking up lots of magic


🥺since y’all wanna get all my pics deleted (being my favorites) I’ve tried posting in the last month 🥺🥺🥺that is just a cute emoji I’m not actually sad about it.😴 Life is beautiful. Beyond grateful for every single aspect of every single moment slept all day after a long weekend of not sleeping at all Cleaned my entire house thetopochicochica did my dishes for me 🤩🤩🤩⚡️🙏🏽😸 gonna eat some good food and take some time to envision my life, moments to unfold, success to be had, biggest possibilities imaginable. After all the moving and throwing energy around I think tonight my energy calls to put a clear target in front of all my arrows. 👁🧚🏽‍♂️


Ending up spending my entire day in the airport angels please help me 😭😭😭 my patience is literally non existent .


Swipe if u want a full view 🤪 my message for today : The only thing we can do and be proud of doing all day every single day, is choose the light.


Xo xo lonely girl


Moments of Joy after scaling a mountain, thinking I was just going on a little hike! HA! I’ve always wanted to hike to the top of Pilot Rock and the fear rushing through me filled me up with THAT much more gratitude when I made it to the top pink skies and blue mountains and trees absolutely everywhere We did that PilotRock MtShasta ColsteneValley RockClimbing love&friendship


Home sweet home 🥰🥰🥰🥰 🧚🏼‍♀️🌷💚 seaofgreen


I just CANT STOP with this festival gear I work work work so much I haven’t been going to festivals for two summers (this one included I’m just not able :(). Getting to dress up and pretend is honestly SO FULFILLING. cuteness overload with this hood from dreamfluffs , these STUNNING pasties by moonwarddreams and these absolutely incredible bottoms (some of my favs of the color schemes and have I mentioned how PERFECTLY they fit so comfortable I could prance around all day in them FOR SURE) from wildloveclothing 🥰❣️🧚🏼‍♀️⚡️🦋 Photo by another all around amazing artist the.bouncing.bunny ps. iphone portraitmode is the SHIT. Literally this was a pic taken using portrait mode and an iPhone filter lol


Thinking of starting a vlog with random snippets of my hilarious ass self here’s one snippet from a 35 min video of many I have found to be worthy 😹 picasso picassopainting vlog metime stoner


All smiles all the time when I’m in festival mode planning on throwing a mini, one night festival this July Food trucks, Live painting, fire spinning and live music, some dope band me headlining with a trippy DJ to end the night ??? Who would come? Setting in motion plans to build the stage and singing all day 😈😋🥳🤩


Just tryin to catch some Zzz’s or at least a week of vacation time lol, 🤪😅🌱


Happy Pride Month I have a dream that some day everyone will feel accepted and proud and happy to be who they are. I have a dream the world will not judge or resent others for making choices differently than their own, for their own personal happiness. I celebrate YOU! In your personal identity, whatever that may be, your love interests and sexual orientation or lack thereof I am proud to be me, and this month we need to take the time to be proud that people who are LGBTQ are being given the chance to finally be themselves and be proud of that. Raising awareness for the Hate these people still have to experience, the fear for their lives some people face coming out in certain areas or around certain people, just being themselves is something people have to hide or be afraid of. The fight is still not over I pledge to always be an ally for anyone who needs a friend, needs someone to stand alongside them, or march through the streets. This is our world! We get to make it what we want. I dream of a world where everyone feels accepted. Happy Pride Month ❣️🌈🌈🥰 to celebrate I am wearing a GORGEOUS rainbow crown made by the amazing mysticmyne.jewelry , INCREDIBLE raindbow / reflective pasties by the ever so talented moonwarddreams , this insanely MAGICAL sequin top made by my beautiful friend the.bouncing.bunny and to tie it all perfectly together, my lovely bright blue bottoms by the incredible wildloveclothing 🌈❣️✨🧚🏼‍♀️ it’s comfy, it’s cute, it’s colorful Anyone need any amazing summer gear, festival clothing, concert looks or even just SHIT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! That’s what this all is 🥰🥰 feelin like a pride princess. pridemonth festivalfashion energy love


Just landed in Joshua Tree 🌵🌴🌝 gonna get creative and connected with this land for the next 2 days Stopped at the Palm Springs wind farm, going to bed for the first time since two nights ago XOXO OUR AIR B N B IS PINK AND SO CUTE ❣️


rainbow fairy princess 🥰🥰 TO LOOK THIS CUTE hit up dreamfluffs for this amazing hood or others alike! the.bouncing.bunny for gorgeous sparkly body chains & jewelry 🤤😻 wildloveclothing wildloveclothing for the bottoms (SOOO COMFORTABLE N THEY FIT PERFECTLY) and moonwarddreams for some amaze pasties so I don’t have to censor SH with a blur 😼😼❤️


Mmmm whatanight. What a life! Magic and blessings constantly surround me cacao ceremony family love wearing a beautiful body chain by the amazing the.bouncing.bunny , my GORGEOUS hood by the lovely dreamfluffs , pasties for my boobies by the incredible moonwarddreams and my lovely glowy, silver and rainbow reflective shorts by the fantastic wildloveclothing 🙏🏽🥰💜⚡️ excited to share tons and tons of content from these incredible artists and this super fun shoot. My inner goddess woodland fairy came out full spectrum Eeee!


this might be my last post for a long time, idk what’s happening with me or my life at this point. I might just disappear. I Love everybody no matter what though.


One of my absolute favorite things in the world is seeing drawings or art creations other people made of me. I LOVE IT. I LOVE THIS. Been LOVING skunkwithbrush and his art for a WHILE now. Asked him if he does commissions and he said he’d just draw me for fun. 😭😭😻 I love it so much the trees are such a solid touch. art amazing appreciation


trying to work on my sleep teleportation so I can visit u in my dreams


Dripping in the essence of you (and water this is actually just water)


Manifesting greatness and working hard for it every day This is my LIFE Now I know my CBD’s🤩😼⚡️⚡️🌪🌪🌍It is a pleasure and a dream to be working with not only coworkers but family, in a tight knit community of sunshine and learning and growth even on the dark days. These are just a couple of my MAIN PEEPS making this dream happen with me. I couldn’t do it without them. Today I realized the work we did on these greenhouses completely surpassed any and all expectations we could’ve had by 3x It seems to be the number 333 is with us right now which is beautiful because that is the number of angels. We were told by somebody who’s job is to sort seeds for all different companies, that we have the best seeds he’s EVER seen In his life. Bucket and buckets full of dark deep brown thick juicy CBD seeds I gave these things nutrients from day one to the last. We cloned them, grew their roots, put them in pots then into the dirt I Watered them, sang to them, Touched them and thanked them for providing for us I told the growing plants how beautiful and abundant they were, and how many peoples lives they were going to change with all this CBD. Passing on their gene for generations as medicine. Offering them my energy, playing music and switching which bed it was on so every plant could feel it, dancing with them when I watered them and leaving them in rooms with sound healing frequencies specifically for plants, for hours playing loud right in the center of their layout and on top of this we did this season in the middle of the winter middle of the night snow runs and shoving stacks of snow off greenhouses all day long, having our amazing handymen build bed heaters to keep the beds warm, water heaters for circulating and heating the water in the winter, air flow and control for a lack of fresh not freezing air, loooots of light deficiency This was our first round EVER growing seeds and it will not be our last. As the main man says, this is our first run and should be the worst one we ever do Hearing we are already surpassing anything anyone else has done isn’t a bad feeling tho 😼😼🤩🙏🏽⚡️⚡️🌪 manifestation love family cbd


This the real me that y’all watch in my stories, thrives off music, dancing, human companionship, sunshine, marijuana, hemp, and love. 🔥🔥🔥 I won’t be killing it on the hemp field this year leading the bucking crew but I’ll be around. I would’ve never guessed when this video was taken how far I’d progress in this Hempire so quickly. Thank ya universe, momma earth, the stars. Xoxo bitchdontkillmyvibe projecthempire hemp kendrick love blacklivesmatter warsucks fucktrump


I’m overloaded with beautiful images from this shoot o my goodness adriensking and I are THE dynamic duo 🌻🌟⚡️⚡️⚡️💫💛🎵


I sent a care package to the in Africa with some of their favorite things in it— sunglasses of every possible color and shape I could find, tons of bubbles, and then some pretty books about the world with cool pictures, puzzles, and a looot of workbooks for learning with colorful pens and crayons. My mom just sent me this video the made for me 😭😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️ I wish I could be there making a difference in their lives but building up to it with the little things I can do right now keeps me going for the bigger and better changes I will make in these lives because of music. 🙏🏽⚡️🌻 so sweet


I’m very specific, picky, & loyal with people I choose to share energy with if even for a few moments. Y’all know. I’m almost uncontrollably honest, if I have 12 words in my head but I know I only need 3 to say what I need to say, I’ll probably say 25 extra just to make sure the point comes across. I love smoking weed and writing songs. Summer and sunshine fuel my existence, the stars are my family home, away from my home here on earth I am connected to people’s emotions and thoughts— in a, I literally hear your thoughts sometimes and it’s super awkward / scary / confusing / awesome / amazing / eye opening / real af. It helps me manoeuvre social situations in a really pleasant easy way (unless I’m super high on L which is another story 😭)I try to hold eye contact for as long as I possibly can, over and over because it used to make me soooo uncomfortable. I have dope, dark, thick armpit hair because for most of my life I was ashamed of it. I cried because I couldn’t shave it, because my friends brother made fun of it, I never lifted my arms even with shaved pits because of the dark hair follicules I love me. I love people and I love water, touching it, drinking it, listening to it, being with it. Nature feeds me and the moon gives me comfort that I’m never alone. I love my mom n my dad, I love my big brother Zach and my other big bro Nathan, I love my little brother Aren and my other lil bro Ethan, I love my lil sis Elie. I love my grandpa and my grandma, Rose and Miles, I love my uncle Mason and the rest of my extended family I love always too. I love my Australian family even though I haven’t gotten to meet them, I love my birth mom even though she’s not my mom, just my birth giver, I love her family who watched me when I was and I love every person I get to interact with every day, and every person I don’t. I love Sam, Mikey, Strawberry, Leanne, Peter, Riordan, Jenna and many others. I love the birds chirping and the deers wandering everywhere, the bumble bees buzzing and I looooove being alive and am very grateful to be me and to be loving all these parts of existence. 🌟🌻🎵just felt like writing some of my brain down.


🌸🌷💐🌞🌏🌍🌎🌈💫⚡️🍉🍓🥬🥦🌽🥕🥑 BLESSED to be BLESSED with this life on this planet. Celebrate our mother today— love her, cherish her, sing to her animals and into her wind, touch the trees and plants and share your energy, suck in her solidarity as you continue to grow because of her, every day, in this life. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


I’m reposting this cause it’s like one of my fav pics of me ever 😭😭❤️ tryin to get another shoot like this planned with the amazing the.bouncing.bunny 😻😻😻❤️


Life update for me: living in my very own place, almost completely unpacked and settled in, recording more music and setting goals for shows and song releases, loving my friends and my family to the MAX, grateful for life, my job, my beautiful boss and my beautiful coworkers, the sunshine, moon, and every part of being alive. THANK U UNIVERSE for keepin it real with me. I only hope I can continue to do the same and learn with every step I take. Xoxo


Sunshine & booty pics & LSD treeeeees🌏🌏💚🌲 SWIIIPE! (when ur best friend tells u to post some pics u just gotta go for it🍑) It was warm enough to lay in the sun and tan today. Two weeks ago it snowed a whole ass foot at my house 😹also I’m just super proud of my butt. In that second photo!??? Am I real? Sometimes (a lot lately) I feel super sad and cry Thank the universe for being alive and then cry even more. and then sometimes I take pics like this and don’t feel so bad like at least I’m doin good by myself u know. At least I’m doin what’s best for me. Doing what’s best for us doesn’t always mean feeling super happy all the time. Sometimes it means doing things that break our hearts but give our hearts greater opportunity to feel even more love and happiness than before. Shoutout to all the people who really do love me. Shoutout to anyone who’s admitted to a mistake they’ve made recently. Shoutout to anyone and everyone who apologizes after they’ve said mean things or hurt the people they love. I feel like I’m suffocating Drowning is not enough. Like a heavy high airplane is dangling my body off a bluff. I feel like I can’t breathe somehow, Like the map is suddenly in tongues, I can’t read a single letter, I’ve forgotten where you’re from. ||k.j.h||


Thissss was a dope shoot and a dope day. Being in this small town, I miss all you beautiful creative people in and around Portland. x_roots slayed this day ❤️ Upside to being out here, I now have all the vocal equipment I need to record super high quality music, I’ve found two amazingggg engineers who I’m going to be testing out soon, and I have a new vocal coach and have been singing all my songs for days. It’s been two years since I released my EP. Who wants message updates when I release my next stuff??? I have lots of magic coming and singing my songs to the plants in our greenhouses every day only solidified how much I love and want to share my music with you. CHEERS to working hard every day, makin money, and investing in my future. 🐆❤️💙