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This year's superbloom is more intense thanks to the rain. Consider taking a daytrip to the Central Coast for some great viewing spots like the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Jesusita Trail, and Grass Mountain. Just remember- leave no trace, watch your step, and don't pick the flowers 💐 (Photos courtesy of santabarbarabotanicgarden) • • • • superbloom wildflowers santabarbara nowildflowerswereharmed


KCRW staff had a visit from PUPPIES today! radiochio pretty much sums it up.


PiDay calls for pie tips from the pie queen 👑 Bakers, take notes and enter the KCRWPie contest! Check today's story for a BONUS tip & link to sign up. (psstearly bird registration ends today) 🥧 • • • • • kcrw kcrwpiecontest pie happypiday


Strippers in California are now entitled to more worker protections — like unemployment insurance, workers’ comp, and the right to unionize. Dancers at Jumbo’s Clown Room are taking advantage of their new employment status along with other dancers in an organizing group called Soldiers of Pole. Check out today’s story for details.


Get your morning started with bennysingsmusic ✨ Performing songs from his new album "City Pop" live on mbekcrw!


Enriqueta Martí was connected to several disappearances in Barcelona during the early 20th Century. According to legend, she would steal and sell unguents made from human ingredients to aristocrats. But was she really a monster or was it all a myth? Listen to her story in a new episode of UnFictional [link in bio]


Thanks, LArain 🌈


When 12-year-old Lauren fell for Darryl in the ‘90s, he was a skater boy who loved Nirvana and drawing. They were pen pals for years. But when she finds him online decades later it seems like he's become an entirely different person. [story in bio] Do you remember your childhood crush? 👀


The people of Tromsø, Norway experience two months of darkness, or "Polar Night", in the winter. Despite the lack of sun people are happier than you might expect. New episode of NocturnePodcast available now. Link in bio🌙


It’s the brand new season of UnFictional and we’re going behind the scenes of a KISS show – complete with the pouring smoke and guitars on fire. That’s where you’ll find John Elder Robison, a man who undergoes an experimental brain treatment. • • • • ⚡Links in today's story⚡


Listen to America change…one person at a time. For 6 people, Trump era politics have changed everyday life. Follow them in real time through the tumultuous two years since he became president on Two Years, Diaries of a Divided Nation. Go to today’s story to listen and meet a few of them kcrw leftrightandcenter lrckcrw americanpolitics