kiana madeira

kiana madeira

kianamadeira 🦋🕊✨✝️ to live will be an awfully big adventure.

Last week, Lovell won the 2018 Critic’s Pick Award for outstanding performance in a leading role. I sat in the audience last June and witnessed Lovell bring Levee to life on stage in August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and I was in awe. I laughed, I cried, and my heart was so full of joy as I watched every person be moved by your work on that stage. Your consistent light, energy and passion is contagious and I am so excited for what is next for you Your fearlessness and charisma is being recognized and I am so happy for you. You inspire me and you are good for myaaaaacting. Congratulations, my love. GOD IS SO GOOD lovelladamsgray 💜


Circa 1994 🦄


My current life is on the pages in this binder.


GIANT LITTLE ONES 🌈 NOW PLAYING IN VANCOUVER AND TORONTO THEATRES, AS WELL AS THEATRES IN THE US. We shot this film in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and the beauty that was captured on those summer days and nights is not only being viewed, but celebrated. That makes me so, so happy. To say this film is important is an understatement. It is powerful, positively influential, heart breaking and heart warming. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, I highly suggest you do. MY VANCOUVER AND TORONTO PEOPLE- now is your opportunity ✨ Let me know how it affects you and how it makes you feel. I pray that it continues to spark conversation and evokes feelings of belonging and LOVE. 💛💚💙❤️


who are you in the dark?


There is so much NEWNESS in my life right now that is exhilarating, elevating, terrifying and kinda hard to believe. But it’s true and it’s here. This month my calendar reads: “be fearless in your pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. My soul is being SET ON FIRE. Thank God. This is my first time being the lead character on a trilogy where I will be playing not one, but two beautiful and complex characters. Fear Street is a horror novel series written by R. L. Stine and the film trilogy will be an adaptation of the books. Little Kiana, this is for you ✨ DREAMBIG fearstreet goosebumps GIVETHANKS


featuring kanye’s graduation bear 👀


connected and not attached 🦋


“Existential. Space. GOD. It makes me feel magnified.” ✨ “The future is unknown. That’s a universal truth, I believe. Does the unknown make you feel isolated and fearful? Or does your mind travel through the darkness to reach imagination and exhilarating ambition?” ✨ What does this make you think of and how does it make you feel? I’m curious if the unknown is scary or is it exciting? Or both?


With you, I am at peace.🐢💚🌏


With God, EVERYTHING is possible.


Happy birthday to this KING right here. Lovell, you are a blessing and I am so happy that you are on this planet at the same time as me God has blessed you with 27 years and you have grown, elevated, loved, laughed, cried, and you have been living your dreams 🦋 THANK GOD Thank you for all that you do for me and everyone. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💜 Keep being YOU, and inspiring and living out LOUD like you always do and loving everyone and everything aggressively 😂❤️. It’s my favourite thing about you. Happy birthday my Pablo. Cheers our soda waters to you 🤓❤️


One thing that BellLetsTalk has shown me is that there are soooooo many people dealing with mental health issues/anxiety/depression. I acknowledge this platform for allowing us to open up about it and in turn, allow ourselves and others to see that we are not alone in our struggle. But something about this feels unfulfilling to me. WHY are we feeling this way? WHAT IS IT THAT IS CAUSING THIS OVERWHELMING FEELING OF ISOLATION AND INABILITY TO SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS AND CAN BE? Although I believe there are many contributing factors, I’m going to focus on what I believe to be the main one- SOCIAL FUCKING MEDIA. SOCIAL MEDIA. INSTAGRAM. FACEBOOK. TWITTER. SNAPCHAT. (I’m not yelling, I promise) But it angers me because we have a HASHTAG to connect to one another about mental health, on the same platforms that are causing it. Cellphones and laptops are foreign objects to human beings. Therefore, our bodies do not know how to react naturally when they are in our possession and that means we are NOT BREATHING PROPERLY. Pay attention to how shallow your breath is when you are on your phone. We often hold our breath. Our brains are lacking oxygen and although I’m not a scientist, I KNOW FIRST HAND THAT THIS LEADS TO ANXIETY. My fellow beautiful humans, we need to DISCONNECT IN ORDER TO CONNECT. I appreciate BellLetsTalk - I really do. But we cannot rely on this to help us. Scrolling through instagram reading about everyone’s experiences is a temporary relief and is contributing to the very thing that is causing these feelings of loneliness and depression. And I am very aware that I am doing the same damn thing right now but maybe we can see this and think differently about it. We need to have human connection, in person, flesh to flesh and face to face. Let’s disconnect to connect. Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and make an effort to share time together, in real life. Turn your phones off while you’re together. Make eye contact. Give deep, long hugs. THEN, WE WILL SEE THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.


If you’re going to San Francisco 🌸


CORONER TONIGHT AT 9PM ET ON cbc 🦋 This was our first time on set together and it was a dream. I’m so happy for the entire cast and crew of this show. It is captivating, the performances are compelling and it is so authentically TORONTO and that makes me so happy. This is what we need. I mean, I shot a scene in a back alley in Parkdale, how dope is that? EPISODE 3 TONIGHT Stream the first 3 on CBC GEM online or watch it live tonight at 9PM ET ✨ coronercbc


When I lose sight of me, the world no longer shines. When I can’t look within and reach my center, happiness is impossible to find. This weight that I choose to carry is tearing me up. Dimming my light and shutting me down. Why can I love others from afar, yet the further I travel from myself, the more I despise each and every thing? Insecurity is an epidemic. And the worst part is it’s fake. Just like it’s cousin, fear, it will take what you love and make you a puppet. I want to love others AND myself. In fact, the more I love out, the more I will love in. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I love the way you know yourself and the way you self-correct. I just wish that you realized you are perfect and that’s it. Your size is so, so beautiful. The space you take up illuminates life. Why do you wish to shrink it? It’s not you who believes these misconceptions. It’s society that makes them real. You are so much wiser than to fall into the traps of how to feel. Starting now, I’m getting back. Getting back to feeling FREE. That’s all I ever wanted and God is blessing me to be. I will not get in my own way, but encourage myself forward. Take deep breaths and inhale LOVE. Walking with light, courage and GOD. Sometimes it’s really just that simple. Smile and it will carry you through.


FORGIVENESS. Four days into 2019 and I am embracing and embarking on the journey of forgiveness. Something has been brought to my attention: we rarely, if ever, focus on forgiving ourselves. So much emphasis is placed on forgiving others, which is beautiful, but how about us? I’ve been sitting in silence, meditating and focusing on forgiving myself. At first I didn’t even know what that meant and I didn’t think I had anything to forgive myself for. But then I acknowledged that there has been years of expectation, pressure and judgement that I have put on myself. That’s just a part of the human experience. We need self forgiveness in order to balance this. It is transformative and we deserve it. Just sit, close your eyes, and breathe. Simply focus on the word “forgiveness” to begin. Be patient with yourself 💜 The little kid in us who wants to laugh and hope and dream deserves it and even if we’re not conscious of it, society and the pressures of the world can harden us! And that’s okay ☺️ but let’s take the ✨time✨to heal. HAPPY 2019 Y’ALL THANK GOD


GRATEFUL TO BE HOME 🧚🏽‍♀️✨🎄 for so many reasons- one being so and I can take cute photos of each other 🙊 Christmas was beautiful. To me, it’s the day that God truly showed the world how much he loves us. I hope that everyone’s day was full of love. Sometimes love comes in unfamiliar forms, but it is constantly wrapping us in it’s warm and comfy arms. Just stop and take a deep breath, I think you’ll be able to feel it ❤️


My truth is guided by winged creatures who encourage me to look above. With my head down, I’ll miss them. With my spirit deep set and unable to breathe, I’ll miss them. With my mind consumed by past ways of thinking, wired misconceptions and fate that is sinking, I’ll miss them. Angels, butterflies, eagles and crows. Winged creatures point me the way I’m meant to go. When I lose my two eyes and open my third, I’m reminded of peace. I am light. Like a bird.


I feel unstoppable in my lucky socks. Big fact.


Even if your hands are shaking and your faith is broken. Even as your eyes are closing, do it with a heart wide open. 🎧 Say- John Mayer. This song comes on shuffle when I need it the most, always ☀️


A view meant for me. The sign a kid has dreamed of. Sailing through wonder. ✨ I will always feel grateful for any opportunity to come to Hollywood to pursue my dreams of being an actor and an artist. It is so easy to become numb to things that once seemed beautifully unattainable. I will keep my eyes and perspective and fresh. No matter how many times I find myself auditioning, booking roles, being on set, flying to LA, portraying new characters, I will remain HUMBLE and GRATEFUL. Remember the kid who dreamed of this every night 🐛🦋




Please don’t lose hold of me out there.


With every breath, you expand.


I choose gratitude 🦋


if it’s about anything that I can fix, then I’ll see you on the other side if it really exists.


The birds are not flying across my mind. They are hovering. Relaxed with what is. NowhereToBe


What a beautiful way to spend our girls’ night 🥰 briannahilde & q.uintessa & I put together 60 period packs and donated them to the Rose Haven Day Center for Women and ( rosehaven_pdx) 🌹 Thank you, femproject for inspiring us to do this. There are so many ways to give and taking the time to put love and energy into volunteer work feels so right 💕 Check out initiatives in your city- you’d be surprised how many there are! UNITY and COMMUNITY are so, so important in our world 🦋 I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity- comment if you have any volunteering suggestions 🙊


Dear Kiana, you are living and you are whole and you are complete. Dear everyone reading this, you are living and you are whole and you are complete. Let’s embrace our time on Earth as humans and acknowledge our existence right now. Guys we are magical and we feel and we speak and we LOVE. How amazing is that?