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kiana madeira

kianamadeira 🦋🕊✨✝️ to live will be an awfully big adventure. Moe Truax in @trinkets 🎬 Now on @netflix

Lovell and I have this theory that your birth mark indicates how you died in your past life.


Literally cannot stop playing this. Gets me hype every time 🔥


What’s important to you these days? For me it’s family, cultivating presence in my body, and focusing more on my heart, spending less time inside my head 🦋


I really warmed up to the camera by the end of this 🐒


I never know what to say when asked who my “favourites” are for things. Favourite actor, colour, singer, movie. But I have realized that Lovell covers a lot of those boxes for me. He is my favourite actor, meditation buddy, puzzle partner, person to watch do karaoke, just to name a few. Lovell is the kind of human who lives out loud and loves so hard, and anyone who knows him knows this. More recently, I’ve had the honour of watching him develop his internal fire, voice and spirit as well. It is INSPIRING. It is my FAVOURITE 🦋 ps this photo is not posed. This guy will literally stop and meditate anywhere he has the impulse to 😂💜


Back in Atlanta after a beautiful, relaxing and adventurous vacation in Malta. I went with the intention of learning something about myself and one thing I learned is that I find it challenging to give myself a break. A real break. So, I did my best to take everything moment by moment and allow myself to let go. I ate things that I normally wouldn’t, more than I usually do. I jumped off of a tall cliff into the water (like in the movies) even though it scared me so much I swam further than I ever could have imagined I am capable (thanks lovelladamsgray for always pushing me and not letting me stay in my comfort zone💜), I tried Cisk, the local beer I’d be lying if I said it’s easy for me to take a break from the routines that I create for myself; eating super healthy and working out all the time, etc. But I’ve learned that a practice of self love really comes in handy and is tested when you’re out of your comfort zone and unable to do the usual things. Or maybe you just don’t feel like living your usual life! Let yourself just be! Loving life, myself, others and God in all of the stages of every day and every feeling is what I want my new routine to be🦋


Quick update 🦋 We are living in Marsaxlokk, Malta with family and exploring the surrounding cities and islands and I’m in love. The natural beauty on this planet is breath taking and I’m so grateful to be able to see it and experience it. Also, having these two handsome men by my side ain’t too bad either 🌞🌎🌻


HI I’m taking over the trinkets Instagram page today 🙊 you can ask me all the questions and I’ll share some behind the scenes photos and fun stuff! Make sure to follow along 💜


MOE 🤖 Thank you to every single person who has watched, shared, showed love for trinkets 💜 WE ARE SO GRATEFUL What a dream come true ✨


TRINKETS IS NOW STREAMING ON netflix ✨ Feeling quite surreal, honestly. It’s crazy that people are going to see the weird little things we did together, and the love that grew amongst as we grew through this season. Filming this show didn’t really feel like filming at all; the whole team gave us a playground to express on and I’m grateful that it was captured. Trinkets- you are special and magical I LOVE every single human that was a part of this. I HOPE Y’ALL ENJOY 🙊💜


Turning the page of lingering expectation. Clear and unclouded, empty space awaits. The urge to fill it is bound to me and it’s heavy. To drop it is to expand and float away. Where will I end up? Once I embrace the space and shed the weight? I imagine purple and pink, stars and a single moon. Bodies unclothed and free of spiritual scars. Internal light that transcends our ability to dim it. In this space, I am empty and empty is beautiful.


Thank God for the journey, the earnings are just for the plus ☕️


Moe Truax 🤖


It’s the little things ✨Two week countdown starts now 🧚🏽‍♀️


JUNE. 14TH. ON NETFLIX. 💥 Trinkets


Canadian girl experiencing her first summer in HOTLANTA while shooting FearStreet and she’s not complaining 😏


We are homesick most for the places we have never known. TRINKETS 🦋 Coming soon to netflix ✨ Check my bio for the latest on it!


Y’all are gonna meet the team so damn soon 😩 follow trinkets for updates on a premiere date and all that shit 🔥


Did some press for Trinkets this week and it’s starting to feel so real 😻 coming so soon to netflix 🦋 (release date coming soon!)


ATLANTA. The history here is truly inspiring and surreal. My parents and I did a Martin Luther King Jr. tour and journeyed through the neighbourhood he grew up in, the school he attended, the church his grandfather built which was also the very first church he ever preached in. The streets he played in as a and even the local barbershop he and so many others frequented. Sweet Auburn Avenue. The beginning of something GREAT. Black culture and businesses thriving in those times. Today, Auburn Avenue is deteriorating. It isn’t a “priority” to restore original buildings that hold so much history in the Old Fourth Ward. To be honest, I drove by these streets prior to doing the tour and didn’t even know their significance. I pray to help uplift Auburn Avenue someday soon in any way that I can. Perhaps we can do it together? Let this be a documentation of a dream to see Auburn Avenue bursting with life and vibrance and love and joy. 🦋


Is there something stopping you from breathing deep into your body? Trying to save you from feeling the pain, the pleasure or the intense truth of what you hold inside of you? Break through that shit. BREATHE DEEP.


Last week, Lovell won the 2018 Critic’s Pick Award for outstanding performance in a leading role. I sat in the audience last June and witnessed Lovell bring Levee to life on stage in August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and I was in awe. I laughed, I cried, and my heart was so full of joy as I watched every person be moved by your work on that stage. Your consistent light, energy and passion is contagious and I am so excited for what is next for you Your fearlessness and charisma is being recognized and I am so happy for you. You inspire me and you are good for myaaaaacting. Congratulations, my love. GOD IS SO GOOD lovelladamsgray 💜


Circa 1994 🦄


My current life is on the pages in this binder.


GIANT LITTLE ONES 🌈 NOW PLAYING IN VANCOUVER AND TORONTO THEATRES, AS WELL AS THEATRES IN THE US. We shot this film in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and the beauty that was captured on those summer days and nights is not only being viewed, but celebrated. That makes me so, so happy. To say this film is important is an understatement. It is powerful, positively influential, heart breaking and heart warming. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, I highly suggest you do. MY VANCOUVER AND TORONTO PEOPLE- now is your opportunity ✨ Let me know how it affects you and how it makes you feel. I pray that it continues to spark conversation and evokes feelings of belonging and LOVE. 💛💚💙❤️


who are you in the dark?


There is so much NEWNESS in my life right now that is exhilarating, elevating, terrifying and kinda hard to believe. But it’s true and it’s here. This month my calendar reads: “be fearless in your pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. My soul is being SET ON FIRE. Thank God. This is my first time being the lead character on a trilogy where I will be playing not one, but two beautiful and complex characters. Fear Street is a horror novel series written by R. L. Stine and the film trilogy will be an adaptation of the books. Little Kiana, this is for you ✨ DREAMBIG fearstreet goosebumps GIVETHANKS


featuring kanye’s graduation bear 👀


connected and not attached 🦋


“Existential. Space. GOD. It makes me feel magnified.” ✨ “The future is unknown. That’s a universal truth, I believe. Does the unknown make you feel isolated and fearful? Or does your mind travel through the darkness to reach imagination and exhilarating ambition?” ✨ What does this make you think of and how does it make you feel? I’m curious if the unknown is scary or is it exciting? Or both?