Kristijan Fogarasi

Kristijan Fogarasi

krisfogarasi Husband to my Best Friend, Brittany. Father to baby Luna Bela. Saved and Transformed by God's grace. #Fogarasiclan #LittleLunaBela

I am sure you can guess that we enjoyed seeing her play in the water. Her joy blesses me. littlelunabela


I have been involved with otemurrieta for many years in one way or another but 2012 summer camp was a most impactful experience in my life. I came into this camp half-heartedly, not willing to let go of my sport dreams nor my “values in the world” which I falsely believed I had. I was a childish, immature kid seeking to be recognized by the world. I was walking on a path of utter lostness. But God had a different plan. Not only did He snatch me out of the world but He so graciously transformed me, that I have desired nothing but a Narrow Path towards Him. I am not writing this post to praise a program, I am writing this post to praise My Lord who used people that were apart of that program to rebuke me, teach me, and help me realize that my life apart from God was dead. There were many people that impacted my walk with the Lord, but I want to recognize lucasapatton who willingly dealt with me week by week by speaking God’s Truth in my life even when I did not want to hear it. I would talk about the world but Lucas would contradict me with the truth of our Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness. I also want to recognize aaronsabio for teaching me ins and outs of leadership in ministry and being a friend at times where I felt I had no one. And of course, I cannot end this post without mentioning that 2012 summer camp was also a camp in which I met my wife. So thanks for helping me out with that otemurrieta. And thank you for your consistent, 10-year faithfulness to the Lord. ote otemurrieta grace


I would be lying to you if I said that this week was easy. In fact, it was a difficult, sleepless, and a tiring week. This past Wednesday at 3:30am, as I held/rocked Luna in my arms while she was screaming due to her teething pain, and prayed to the Lord for help, He comforted me. Even if I tried I could not use right words to describe that comfort. All I could know at that moment is that I would rather be comforted by His gracious love in time of sleeplessness and weakness, than trust my own comfort in time of rest and ease. Oh the depth of God’s grace and mercy that in times of difficulty, we still are able to receive His comfort, hear His voice and endure in His unfailing, eternal victory. Contrary to the way I started this post, this week has been one of the most comforting weeks I have ever lived. Praise be to Our God. amen grace mercy GodAboveAll littlelunabela fogarasiclan vsco vscocam


There is truly much to be thankful for, but the amount of thankfulness I have for my beautiful, precious wife is indescribable. I am thankful for God’s grace that has grown us closer to one another. I am thankful for God’s grace represented through her love and support for me. I am thankful that while working so much, she works just as much at raising our daughter. I am thankful for our get-aways which are immensely refreshing and always needed. I am thankful for her ability to cook anything to absolute perfection. I am thankful for what a best friend I have in her. I am thankful that you brittanyfogarasi are my wife. I cannot imagine this life without you. I love you with all my heart. ❤️ fogarasiclan bwitisbae


Happy Birthday Bela. I am forever grateful that you are my only sibling and with that, grateful for every memory we have together, the good and the bad, but more so good lol. I am blessed to see your growth in the Lord and I continue to pray you grow even more so closer to the Lord our God. I love you. birthdaygirl littlesister collegeslayer 20 vsco vscocam vscocam


•• 1 YEAR OLD •• Immensely thankful to the Lord for a miraculous life of our daughter. Today we celebrated Luna’s first year of life. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us such a supporting and encouraging family who has helped us in so many different situations when it comes to raising our beautiful, little princess. Luna now consistently not only walks but runs more than I do. She is able to say words both in English and Serbian. She is amused by Trolls, Sesame Street and Serbian Songs. She absolutely loves balloons aside from her toys. She can practically do anything including dancing with Brittany and I. We love you Luna. You have the best family, but most importantly you have our Father in Heaven who will never fail you nor stop loving you. littlelunabela fogarasiclan firstbirthday birthdaygirl mylittleprincess cakesmasher


We celebrate 2 years of marriage today. 2 years of constant growing. 2 years of humble learning. 2 years of unforgettable memories. 2 years of various adventures. 2 years in which I wouldn’t change one single moment even if I could, because God used them all to bring us to such loving unity. I love you more and more each and every day my beautiful best friend. Happy Anniversary brittanyfogarasi.


My beautiful and gorgeous bride turned 23 today. My six days of being older are officially over. Thankful for another year of life the Lord has blessed you with and allowed me to spend it with you. I have seen tremendous growth in this past year. You are the greatest mom Luna could have asked for, supportive and encouraging wife, and you still and will always remain my best friend. My heart is lifted up by you. May the Lord continue to grow you, stretch you, teach you through this next year. I love you with all my heart! P.S. You are so HOT! wife birthdaygirl happybirthday vsco vscocam vscofilter fogarasiclan bwitisbae


“The living God is with us, whose power never fails, whose arm never grows weary, whose wisdom is infinite and whose power is unchanging. Therefore today, tomorrow and the next month, as long as life is continued, He will be our Helper and Friend. Still more, even as He is through all time, so will He be through all eternity.” - George Müller Blessed by this testimony. vsco vscocam bookstagram socality devo wisdom bookworm


Most selfless man. A man so brave, that he would be willing to move and work in country where it’s whole culture is unknown, language not understood - all for the sake of providing for my mom, my sister and I. He prayed, God opened the door. He obeyed and God delivered. I have the best parents! Happy Father’s Day vilmosfogarasi. fathersday dad family bestparents bestgrandparents vsco vscocam socality


“Cursed is the man who trusts in man, and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord. He is like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see any good come. He shall dwell in the parched places of the wilderness, in an uninhabited salt land.” “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” - Jeremiah 17:5-8 TheBible GodsWord TheTruth DailyBread GloryToGod Grace vsco vscocam socality


On this day I acknowledge two beautiful, God-fearing, and wise women: My mom ( snowyfogarasi) and my wife ( brittanyfogarasi). Happy Mother’s Day. Mom, thank you for selflessly taking care of Bela and me throughout all of our lives. Brittany, thank you for adapting so well into this new role of a mother. It’s because of you that Luna is taken care of so well. I am proud of you every day! Thank you both for all that you do I love you! mothersday fogarasiclan bwitisbae vsco vscocam


There was a time in my life where I imagined how far I will go in life on my own. Now I cannot even slightly imagine what it means to live my life out without my two beautiful princesses. fogarasiclan bwitisbae vsco vscocam socality