{sorry ignore the watermarks hope they’re not too annoying??? Let me know and I’ll repost). So I know this has prob been done before but I made up my own completely random and short story based around tays songs and it’s just for a laughhhh so ofc it’s not gonna be AMAZING but still Also tomorrow me and Katie are gonna spend some time updating / playing around with our joint account ( rainbowofswift) so keep an eye out for that. Goodnight angels lots of love 💘👼🏼💘👼🏼 - - taylorswift taylornation lover reputation rep RED red 1989 speaknow taylurking taylorlurking taylornation taylorswift single me thearcher shakeitoff brendonurie announcement redera reputationera repost positivity shakeitoff fakersgonnafake betterthanrevenge tumblr meme

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