AntonioBrown has been accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Southern District of Florida. In the lawsuit, Britney Taylor who was Brown's former trainer accuses the star receiver of sexually assaulting her on three different occasions in 2017 ❌ 2018 πŸ‘€ MackTightThoughts? πŸ€” NFL 🏈 NewEnglandPatriots Patriots - MackTightRadio πŸ“» MackTightRadioReloaded πŸ”« MackTightRadioDailyNews πŸ‘€ MackTightEntertainment πŸ‘‘ MackTightPromotions πŸ‘‘ MackTightTV πŸ“Ί MackTightDrip πŸ’§ MackTightSauce πŸ’§ ThaTakeOva πŸ‘Š

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