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  • 246starfish 1 week ago


  • prettyeyestrisha 1 week ago

    She should hve trip up or that car wire around her neck cut up her face #justsaying

  • thickysweetsbajanqueen69 1 week ago

    Clearly she not sure yuh. Look confused as rh. I sorry she ain't walk into a live wire. See how fast that wall will tumble down. Goat cunt of the night! She still ain't going get no respect from Trump. 🙈 #damnshame #trumppuppet #youaintwhite #sitthefuckdown #maganot #cunt

  • jofox00 1 week ago

    When you're looking for attention because you do not get none who is she a nobody😭😭😭😂👎 #fucktrump