Sunday lunch date hotter than the furnace that cremated those y/shire puds 🔥

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  • stimtography 1 week ago

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  • sophiefinchxx 1 week ago

    I straight away thought christ!!! Those Yorkshire puddings before seeing your caption 😂 I’d of been devastated hahah

  • jode_v27 1 week ago

    @sophiefinchxx they were shockingly bad. The rest of the roast was 👍

  • _ricky_richard_ 1 week ago

    Nice ❤️

  • sophiefinchxx 1 week ago

    @jode_v27 the rest looks lovely so that good! Hahah xx

  • jode_v27 1 week ago

    @sophiefinchxx haha thankfully yes! Can we see you both soon!! X

  • sophiefinchxx 1 week ago

    @jode_v27 definetly! We don’t even live too far away from each other now!! We need to organise something!xx

  • jode_v27 6 days ago

    @sophiefinchxx yes definitely we'd love to see you guys soon! Let us know some dates that work for you both x