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Did you know?? There are 7 Tea growing regions in Sri Lanka & each region has it is unique tea character.The taste, flavour and aroma of teas from each elevation are influenced by the conditions particular to those regions. "Cecil Tea" comes from low grown teas, which are subjected to long periods of sunshine, dry and somewhat warm and moist conditions, exhibit a burgundy brown liquor and a malt, heavy note with black leaf appearance. The teas of the Ruhuna district are defined as “low-grown” as they are cultivated at an altitude not exceeding 600m comprising vast sub regions from coastal plains to Southern edge of Sinharaja Rain Forest. The soil, combined with the low elevation of the estates, causes the tea-bush to grow rapidly, producing a long, beautiful leaf. Full-flavoured black tea is a "Distinctively Unique" Ruhuna specialty. Ruhuna factories produce a wide variety of leaf styles and sizes, including prized “tips”. srilankatea ceylontea tealovers love care blacktea ceciltea teaforlife tea taste fooddrink doyouknow nonadulteratedteas nonadulterated weofferthebesttea🌱

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