So most people know I absolutely LOVE watches. They are amazing, I read about them, I learn about them, and I admire them. They have become somewhat of a passion. I’ve even started collecting them. I currently own around 15 or 16. I love high-end watches (one of my favorites being an iced out gold Rolexyes I love diamonds) but I also have an appreciation for lower end ones that look good as well. watchgang has given me the opportunity to collect watches and not cheap 20 dollar watches either. They have given me some watches that cost a pretty penny. One day I’m gonna get that platinum membership and one day I’m gonna get that Rolex or if they ever wanna send me one! *hinthint* If you are looking to boost your collection or start one of your own ——check the link in the bio this will help you get started! confidence mensfashion men watchesofinstagram jcrew jcrewfactory style styleblogger investment investinyourself watches fashion facts facts💯 impress fossilwatch rolex shoes shoescare lessonlearned aguysguide fashionblogger fashion fashionable fashionkilla

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