MISSING SOMETHING 🤔 - Figured this picture of me looking over a bridge would be a perfect homage to the point I’m about to make. - I’ve had a lot of patients recently tell me “I haven’t been doing the exercise(s) you showed me so I’m still in pain”. This most likely isn’t the case. I always just choose a drill or two that I believe will help blunt symptoms and help encourage resiliency while your body heals the “issue”. - I want to offer up a counter thought and that is; instead of focusing on the things you AREN’T doing, why not focus on the things you ARE doing? There’s no magical one sized fits all approach to becoming pain-free so don’t stress yourself over it. - My suggestion, evaluate the things you are doing in your daily life that is painful and either 1. Stop/limit doing that for a while if possible OR 2. Find a different way to accomplish the task (for example, kneeling down on one knee to pick something up off the ground instead of bending over if that’s an irritating movement right now). - Blog post with this thought expanded coming Sunday, stay tuned! - Remember, you’re not fragile.

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