[SWIPE▶️▶️▶️] Tag your workout buddy because it’s FULLBODYFRIDAY 🎉 We have a little bit of every thing going on here. This one is composed of 2 mini circuits, lasting 21 minutes long- each. The first circuit involves a little bit of weight/equipment- the second circuit is bodyweight (+pull up bar if you so choose) - As usual, these are made up of some movements I love and some movements I’m not so good at and need some practice in 😬 I will put modifications next to each movement, when needed 👍🏻Here’s how this goes: • • • ▶️MINI CIRCUIT 1: 21 MINUTES: As Many Rounds as you can get through within that time: (rest when needed throughout the 21 minutes) 1️⃣6 Reps Double Dumbbell Snatch 2️⃣8 Reps Barbell Hip Thrusters 3️⃣10 Toes To Bar (Modify with knee ups or vup ups) 4️⃣12 Wall Balls ▶️MINI CIRCUIT 2: 21 MINUTES: AMRAP: (Rest when needed) 5️⃣6 Chin Ups (Modify with assisted chin ups or switch to push ups) 6️⃣8 Inverted Burpees (Modify with regular burpees) 7️⃣10 Pistol Squats (5 each side) (Modify with air squats) 8️⃣12 Handstand Shoulder taps (12 each shoulder) (Modify with plank shoulder taps)

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