Not only we start a 1-month Euro tour tomorrow with worldofhanszimmer but the album is out today too! 😱 And yes, it features yours truly on piano & keyboards (and *that* accordion moment!). Thank you to sandra.tomek and the whole team for making this CD a reality, and all my love to this amazing musical family & of course maestro hanszimmer 🎶 See you all on the road tomorrow! ✌🏽 hanszimmer worldofhanszimmer piano pianist femalemusician latina latinaboss latinmusicians release fresh filmmusic bandasonora pirates

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  • worldofhanszimmer 1 week ago


  • henry.beh 1 week ago


  • matilisanti 1 week ago

    When a tour in Argentina?

  • jwvink14 1 week ago

    I love the recordings! Hopefully the dvd/blu-ray will follow soon 😍. Can't wait seeing and hearing you again in Amsterdam next November😘

  • buttaflidawan 1 week ago

    Girl, you are smokin! Congratulations!!! ❤️❤️

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @buttaflidawan 😍thank you! So are you 💕 keep shining !!!

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @matilisanti I am PRAYING for this. Soy mitad Argentina. Toda la familia allá. Las ganas no me faltan!

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @jwvink14 yay!! 😍 Thank you!

  • manu.past 1 week ago

    Off course I got it @elianecorreamusic! I really suggest you to listen carefully the pianist! She’s amazing!!!! 🤣🤣

  • rckaudio 1 week ago


  • dietmar_banke 1 week ago

    Today in my letterbox!

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @manu.past thank you!!!

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @dietmar_banke 😍

  • matilisanti 1 week ago

    @elianecorreamusic sos lo más. Somos dos rezando por esto. Los vamos a estar esperando. Traigan el Tour al Teatro Colón!!

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @matilisanti gracias! Ojalá pronto 🤞🏼

  • duomelaopati 1 week ago

    Lokiiiii...te extrañamosssss...aché amiga...😎😍😘🤗

  • mohammed_almuhammadawi 1 week ago

    I love hanszimmer ❤️ When a tour in iran or doube

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @mohammed_almuhammadawi I would LOVE to go Middle East! I hope soon 😊

  • mohammed_almuhammadawi 1 week ago

    @elianecorreamusic Welcome to the middle east I only accept Hans's music I used the Interstellar's soundtrack for my short film And when I listen to the Inception's soundtrack , I enjoy and I want to be a director in the future, and Huns writes soundtrack for my movie

  • mohammed_almuhammadawi 1 week ago


  • elena.dnarb 1 week ago

    I‘ve buy it yesterday 😍 Good Luck this evening! I‘ve saw you last year in Mannheim! It was so amazing! 💕

  • elianecorreamusic 1 week ago

    @elena.dnarb thank you!! ❤️