Oh my goshhhh. So I ALWAYS push myself when I workout, but today I was SHAKING. If you swipe ⬅️ you’ll see the workout I did today, and after I did all that I wanted to do just a little 10 minute jog. While on the treadmill my legs went wobbly & numb within the first 3 minutes 😂 So I decided to stop before I fell and hurt myself lol My mind wanted to keep going my body was done. But it was seriously such a good feeling! ❤️💪🏼 • • Blessed Goals GoalDigger SettingGoals CrushingIt Fitness Fit FitChicks ChicksWhoLift WeightLoss Journey Transformation Motivation WeightLossJourney WeightLossTransformation WeightLossMotivation WeightLossInspiration Inspiration Inspirational Health Profile ProfileBySanford FitFam FromFatToFit KillinIt SweatingForTheWedding Shaking

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