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  • daly_delights_ 1 week ago

    Oh yeah! Exciting! 🙌🏻

  • timbercovecottage 1 week ago

    Oh that’s awesome. I hope you have some fun planned. 🙌

  • kbukovan 1 week ago

    @daly_delights_ I hope the weather holds out. It’s supposed to rain. ☹️

  • kbukovan 1 week ago

    @timbercovecottage Thank you. We do...hoping for warm weather and sunshine.

  • madeinchunky 1 week ago

    Absolutely beautiful x

  • kllamasart 1 week ago

    What are you planning? We are heading to NC but I have to get through all 3 of my daughter’s March bdays first! It’s giggles and sleepovers galore over here!

  • inthemomentrestorations 1 week ago

    Woohoo!!! I am waiting for ours in April...can’t wait!!

  • redesign_my_life 6 days ago

    Such a nice view. We have one more week! Hope it is a warm one.

  • housemagpie 6 days ago

    Whoop. Let’s hope we get more sunshine 😍

  • erikarobertsstudio 6 days ago

    Love this sun filled room!

  • sweetcards817 6 days ago

    Cute teal fruit basket

  • myhouseof8 6 days ago

    Such a pretty view

  • a_house_is_built 6 days ago

    Have a great break!!😃

  • comestayawhile_ 5 days ago

    What a gorgeous space! So bright!

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @comestayawhile_ Thank you! We DO get great natural light in here.

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @a_house_is_built Thank you!!! Hope so!

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @myhouseof8 Thank you!

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @erikarobertsstudio Thank you! The morning light is so pretty.

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @housemagpie Yes....but I’m afraid it’s not going to be the weather I’m hoping for.

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @redesign_my_life Thank you!! Hope this week is short for you, but long for me. 😍

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @inthemomentrestorations At least the weather will be warmer for you next month.

  • kbukovan 5 days ago

    @kllamasart We’re In Orlando for a few days...nothing too exciting. Enjoy your fun-filled March!!

  • princetonparklife 5 days ago

    Hope you have a fabulous one!

  • a.cozy.blessed.nest 4 days ago

    Love this view! So pretty! ❤️