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A peek under my table today and my latest plot twist! ✨ I have somewhat secretively been studying reiki this year. I wanted to keep it to myself until I really knew how I felt about it. Or until I could sort of put it into words. ✨ Well today I had my Level 3 Reiki Clinic and my first official clients! Thank you for being my guinea pigs jonhoche and balberto717 🥰🥰 ✨ My meditation practice with zivameditation has really opened the door for all sorts of wonderful and weird spiritual practices. I am learning to lean into this spiritual path, follow my curiosity, and trust the journey. ✨ Reiki has brought me so much happiness and I am so grateful to joannacresporeiki for bringing it to me in such fun and enlightening way ✨🤲🏼✨ reiki reikihealing reikipractitioner spiritualhealing crystalhealing


I absolutely love this flyer for “Talk to Me” designed by holasaralouise 🤩 Repost By talktometheplay — Check out this gorgeous flyer 😍😍😍 designed and created by the incredible Sara Leone! Sara is currently studying at NYU Steinhardt to receive her MA in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities. We are so honored and thrilled that she is lending her design talents to our project. Thank you holasaralouise talktometheplay newplay theater theatre aphasia play aphasiaawareness talkaboutaphasia saraleone design savethedate


So proud of jonhoche for reaching 100 shows as the Voice of Kong in kingkongbway 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 From stepping into the role at the last minute to performing with bronchitis this past week I am always so inspired by his dedication and drive, and his ability to face any challenge with a positive mindset and an open heart. Love this gorilla, love this guy 😘🦍 kingkongbroadway jonhoche


One year ago today! Repost talktometheplay ・・・ One year ago today, we had the honor of bringing “Talk to Me” to Kean University and these amazing people came together to make it happen 💖 Still so grateful to have collaborated with these stars for one wonderful day. Thank you KeanUniversity for hosting us! A year later, after two successful staged readings, we’re now gearing up for a full production in June 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (link in bio of you want to get involved 🤗) talktometheplay newplay theater theatre actorlife actor playwright femaleplaywrights aphasia keanuniversity stagedreading play playwriting


Adding another WonderWoman to our team! I am so excited to work with Kayla Fiscina 🙌🏼 its1ronic Repost talktometheplay ・・・ Please give a warm welcome to the Assistant Stage Manager of our upcoming production of "Talk to Me," Kayla Fiscina 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Kayla is currently an administrative intern with the Civilians Investigative Theatre in Brooklyn. Kayla is also a senior at Kean University, where she is pursuing a BFA in Theatre Performance and is currently cast in A Midsummer Night's Dream and stage managing dEAD dOG pARK. Kayla has also worked on productions such as Blood Wedding, ‘night, Mother, An Alternate Approach: The Yellow Wall-Paper, Orlando, among others. Kayla truly does it all- acting, directing, stage management, props construction, and more. We are so lucky to have such a talented and passionate collaborator on our team to help bring "Talk to Me" to the New York stage 💖 talktometheplay newplay newworks theatre theater aphasia aphasiaawareness play womenintheatre kaylafiscina director stagemanager actor


Yes 🙌🏼 My womancrushwednesday is marykategrimes 🤩 Repost talktometheplay ・・・ Introducing our Stage Manager extraordinaire, MaryKate Grimes 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼 MaryKate is no stranger to "Talk to Me," having already worked as stage manager for our staged reading at Kean University in January 2018. She is a graduate of Kean University, where she studied Theatre Design/Technology. She has most recently worked on productions with New Jersey Ballet Company, Premiere Stages, Kean University, and Groove National Dance Competition. We are so thrilled to have her on our team for the New York City premiere of "Talk to Me." Welcome, MaryKate talktometheplay newplay newworks theatre theater aphasia aphasiaawareness play womenintheatre marykategrimes


Life hack for aging: Zoom Out 👀 (January 2007 — January 2018)


I am SO excited I get to collaborate with this amazing and talented human 🤩 Repost from talktometheplay ・・・ We are thrilled to announce our director for the upcoming production of “Talk to Me” — Jillian Carucci 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Jillian is a NY/NJ-based theatre director with experience working off-Broadway and regionally at theatres such as Atlantic Theater Acting School, The Hangar Theatre, and Keen Company. She is a recipient of the 2017 Drama League Directing Fellowship, and founder of The Industry Studio and Tunnel Theatre. Jillian is known for directing new works in New York City and she is dedicated to the development process of new plays, musicals, and concerts. Directing credits include Source of Light (WWTNS? at HERE Arts Center), The Danube (The Hangar Theatre: Wedge), Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse (The Hangar Theatre: KiddStuff), and Identity (Tony-Award winner Alice Ripley’s solo show). Off-Broadway Assistant Directing credits include Hot Mess (The Jerry Orbach Theatre), Lonely Planet (Keen Company), and Fable (NYMF). In addition to directing, Jillian is a dedicated and passionate theatre educator. She is currently is on faculty at CAP21/Molloy College and has taught at McCarter Theatre Center and Premiere Stages. If you’d like to learn more about her current and past projects, check out her website! We are extremely lucky and excited to have her on board for the June production and NYC premiere of “Talk to Me.” 💖 talktometheplay newplay newworks theater theater aphasia aphasiaawareness play director theatredirector femaledirector jilliancarucci


On January 1st 2018 we woke up on an air mattress surrounded by boxes. One year ago today, on January 2nd 2018, we finished our move into this apartment. We poured our hearts into finding it, and we have since poured our hearts into making it ours, one step at a time. This has been a year of nesting, decorating, saging, snuggling, solving, discovering, and figuring out what we want our lives to be and how we want our home to feel. I am so proud of our journey and I am so insanely grateful for the big steps we took last year to get us to this place where we wake up each morning and come home each night to this small sanctuary. I have learned how very precious my environment is for me to be able to create and share my work. Who knows what moves we’ll make in the future, but for now this is home and it is filled with love ❤️


HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥳 Wishing you all a year full of happiness, prosperity, laughter and love 💖 happynewyear 2019


Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the new year 🥳 I welcome and love any excuse to reflect, review, celebrate progress, set intentions, and daydream about the future. I do this all year long (probably too much!) but I have to say New Year’s Eve/Day are my favorite. Looking back, I am so grateful for the blessings and lessons of the past year. 2018 was filled with so many beautiful moments and I am excited for more in 2019 💖


This is a first for me! My play “Talk to Me” will have a full production — June 28th-30th 2019 at Theaterlab in NYC. I am so excited to share more of the details but first I have to figure them out 😆 Ok I do have SOME things figured out and I can’t wait to share! Thank you to the friends and family who have supported this project so far and in so many ways. What a journey! I am so grateful and excited and a lot of other feelings 😜 Repost talktometheplay ・・・ ✨ Save the Date! ✨ The contract is signed and the performance dates are set! “Talk to Me” will have a full production hosted by TLab Shares — June 28th-30th 2019 at Theaterlab on West 36th street in the heart of Manhattan. Booking the theater was the biggest hurdle and we couldn’t have done it without the generous contributions from Tessa Faye Mosier, Coleen Bock, Kristen Michelle, Jackie Landman, Mike McDonald, Debbie Bussiere, Justine Hudgins, Jon Hoche, Holly Logue, Michele Mossay, Pat & Ray Bock, Laura Chaneski, Deb Victoroff, Jake Meth, Manon Van der Wee, Rob Palermo, & Isaac Platizky. There’s still so much more work to be done and we could always use your help. If you would like to be a part of the exciting next steps, please consider making a donation or sharing our donation page. We are so grateful and excited for the next phase of this journey! (Link in bio —> ) ❤️ talktometheplay talkaboutaphasia newplay newworks playwright playwrightsofinstagram femaleplaywrights aphasia aphasiaawareness caregivers caregiversupport slp slplife speechpathology speechtherapy speechtherapist newyork newyorkcity newyorklife


Friday night thoughts on some Thursday night magic 😘🦍 kingkongbroadway


Ray told me to tell everyone to have a Happy Halloween 👻🎃 (and that he’s excited on the inside) 😺 doodleandray witchvibes


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this surprise gift is from healthyabbitite 🤣 Thank you I truly did not think I had any LOLs in me tonight but this changed the game 🤣🤣🤣