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[Fuel consumption combined: 10.1 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 230 g/km] If you happen to lock eyes with the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé you'll quickly realize its difficult to look away! 😍 Photo: mbkundencenter MercedesAMG DrivingPerformance C63


[Fuel consumption combined: 7.3-7.2 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 167-164 g/km] The new Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC has something for everyone: bold styling, a modern interior featuring the MBUX infotainment system, and a new four-cylinder turbo engine with output of 225 kW (306 hp)! MercedesAMG DrivingPerformance CLA35


[Fuel consumption combined: 11.3 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 257 g/km] The 41’ AMG Carbon Edition of cigaretteracingteam is powered by four Mercury Racing 400R outboard engines with a total performance of 1177 kW (1,600 hp) and a top speed of 142 km/h. This is a perfect fit for the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupé which is powered by a hand-built AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine developing 424 kW (577 hp) and 800 Nm of peak torque. Our photographer ryan.koopmans did a great job in revealing their performance over land and sea and won round three of the BUILTTOEXCEED challenge. Don't miss to vote on next week's challenge. MercedesAMG AMG GT63 DrivingPerformance Power Passion Mercedes AMG:fire: CigaretteRacingTeam CigaretteRacing CigaretteBoat performanceboat Luxury CarsofInstagram InstaCar Lifestyle


[Fuel consumption combined: 7.3-7.2 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 167-164 g/km] An iconic design meets strength and intelligence. The all-new Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC Coupé is a younger and more lifestyle-oriented way of entering the world of Mercedes-AMG! NYIAS NYIAS2019 CLA35 DrivingPerformance MercedesAMG


[Fuel consumption combined: 7.4-7.3 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 169-167 g/km |] The new Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC Sedan, live from nyautoshow! It is the first choice for customers looking for the brand's hallmark sportiness. An extremely comfortable and spacious interior is one of its many strong points. NYIAS NYIAS2019 A35 DrivingPerformance MercedesAMG


[Fuel consumption combined: 7.3-7.2 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 167-164 g/km] Daily life in the fast lane is easier than ever with the performance-focused Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC. Its highly touted drive-train features: an efficient four-cylinder turbo engine that produces 225 kW (306 hp), an AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G dual-clutch transmission, and an AMG Performance 4MATIC variable all-wheel drive system. DrivingPerformance MercedesAMG DrivingPerformance CLA35


[Fuel consumption combined: 7.4-7.2 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 169-164 g/km] Introducing the latest Mercedes-AMG A-Class variants: the Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC Hatchback and Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC Sedan. MercedesAMG DrivingPerformance AClass A35


[Fuel consumption combined: 12.4 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined: 284 g/km] The highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is rolling off the production line at MercedesBenz Sindelfingen! Tag a friend you would like to take for a ride in this new beast. AMGGTFAMILY MercedesAMG GTR DrivingPerformance