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MAAAAAN, THANK YOU suchahappyplace! THE LOVE IS REAL I'm here in Brooklyn, and it's nothing but love!


BROOKLYN, I LOVE YOU I'll be back this Saturday, 4.20, for an incredible art event put together by tkomgdotnet. Come through! And it's FREE!


Ghetto Queens bymiked - Even though they aren't actual women, they reflect the real women who inspired us. They are our mothers and our sisters. They are legends. They are ghetto. They are queens. Special thanks to blameitonkway for sharing! I know I'm missing a few goats. Who should've been added? www.bymiked.com for prints


LL NIPSEY bymiked - I believe we all should pay homage to pioneers, so here's how I pay my respects. This is how we pick up the fallen.




AIR YEEZY bymiked - THIS SHIRT IS SO CRAZY 🔥🔥🔥 www.bymiked.com


I just had to post this. I want all the artists to see this. If you're going to make art for someone who passed, do it honorably. And I'm not throwing shots, so don't feel bad if you've already posted pics. It's actually good to pay homage. Just respect the fallen. RIP NIP - update: I originally was going to delete this but I feel like it's necessary.


Biggie Pattern bymiked - I'm working on a lot of projects, so I put this together to hold down the fort until I release some heavy work. Hope y'all enjoy it. www.bymiked.com for prints and shirts.


SPECIAL THANKS TO dsgntree and rushordertees for the collab! This is so hot Super excited! Make sure y'all check them out for some exclusive apparel with your favorite designs! ➡️ dsgntree.com/mike-doughty


Big Momma dunking on Mrs. Doubtfire bymiked - But honestly, Mrs. Doubtfire is more of a classic movie - can't deny that. I should do all the guys who turned into old women in movies, but what would they be doing in one major pic? Maybe cooking or burning the kitchen. 🤣🤣🤣 IDK, I'll figure it out. I could have Big Momma, Madea, Mrs. Doubtfire, Juwana Man, Ms. Tootsie, etc. That would be hilarious! Might be my next pic. Who else would be in it?


Night and Day 🌗 bymiked - Each group are opposites who are living the same life in some way. It's night and day. I know I could've done so many more. I wanted to do Quagmire (from Family Guy) and R Kelly so bad, but I don't think it would've been accurate. I wanted to do something different, so I decided to do an animation. It was pretty fun making it. And if you watched this to the end, yeah I know I play too much 🤣🤣🤣 momo


Who Shot Ya - BEEF COLLECTION bymiked - Even though this isn't a legit diss track, we can't forget there was a beef. I understand no on really won in their scenario, so this is just a conversational piece. It makes me want to compare the beefs from back then to the beefs today. I feel like the beefs today are like the NBA - super fake and soft. Most of the beefs are probably staged like James Harden fouls. I wanted to do a Meek and Drake pic, butlet me just say I'm riding with Philly no matter what. But you never know, that was probably staged too. So, who would you say had a beef that you know was real?


Hit Em Up - BEEF COLLECTION bymiked - I can't lie, I always preferred Pac over BIG, but I feel like BIG was a better rapper, and Pac was a better artist. But this is part of my BEEF COLLECTION. I told myself I would do all the people who had beefs with each other. I was thinking about doing Nicki and Cardi B, but who would be on the floor?


This is all the light and dark skin duos! I'm about to make another version of this soon. ➡️ Sign up for my Mailing List on my site at www.bymiked.com for updates. The next piece is going to be called Night and Day. It's going to be hilarious!


Name this game! bymiked - Y'all don't know how much I want therock, floydmayweather, and Johnny Depp (whatever his IG is) to see this! If you guess the name of the game, tag them in the comments. www.bymiked.com


BACK TO BROOKLYN! Friday, March 1! Come through!


Catch me this Sat, March 2, at Warehouse On Watts! Thanks wiseguyusa!


TAKE THE CHARGE bymiked - We all need to respect authority, but all authority can't be honored, especially when it comes to PoliceBrutality. It's almost like a sport, and it feels like the coaches, the refs, the fans, and teammates are against you. It's close to a no-win situation. You either take the charge or get slammed on. I think Kalief Browder is an example of this. coldworld And IG, y'all better not remove this one! g4g


Good burger bymiked - I def want to do more of these best friend combos. I'm thinking about doing Wayne's World or Ice Cube and Chris Tucker 🔥🔥🔥 iamkelmitchell kenanthompson


Go check out my guy trainworld101. He'll be in the new movie I Got The Hook Up 2! Star on the rise! His account just got hacked, so go follow!


BAD BOY STORY bymiked - If you pulled willsmith's string, what would he say? And what would martinlawrence say if you pushed his buttons? 🤣🤣🤣 - - Man, I had so much fun with this piece Can't stop laughing! Hope y'all enjoy this as much as I am.


Check out my bro kmayfieldmusic BLM video. I got a feature in the video. See if you can find my pic lol. I look like a rebel.


Feeling like Superman, but stay in the lowest lane. (I got bars too 😏). But seriously, my life is changing like crazy. I wish I could tell the things that's about to happen, but I feel like silence is better than running lips. I just need to thank each and every one of you guys. Y'all pushed my work to a new height. I'm grateful to the fullest extent. 📸: bcproductions215


SHOUT OUT TO dexsightseeingphotography for copping the LIKE MIKE shirt! He went to Australia with my shirt. It's going places I've never been. SUPER DOPE This is my all time favorite design too Shirts are available at www.bymiked.com.


"Black Shooter" bymiked - You can't forget about Black History without remembering the fallen. BLM RESTinPOWER