Michael Jermaine Doughty

Michael Jermaine Doughty

morethanmiked I was named after Michael Jackson and his brother. #bymiked

I'd figured I shoot my shot. Please tag BET and BETair. THANK YOU!


LEGENDS NEVER DIE! I remember where I was exactly when I heard MJ died. I was at GameStop, smh. Some dude randomly walked in and gave everyone the news. It didn't hit me until I watched his life's story on TV that night. I cried. I cried like I died. But man, it's been ten years, and it feels like he's still here because his legacy is that strong. And I appreciate everyone who supported by buying a shirt. This is my favorite. I can never top this. www.bymiked.com. link in bio


Juneteenth - I recently watched WhenTheySeeUs and it touched me deeply. They say we're free, but freedom should always come with peace. The streets still aren't safe, and it's not properly protected. We've been freed from one form of slavery, but we still face oppression. If we're free, let's see change. Let's see peace. bymiked


These are the TV dads that raised me. Thank y'all for all the life lessons. And yeah, that's me in the red. Lol


Happy Father's Day - "Princes Before Kings" bymiked - I never knew my father, so I always looked up to the guys would be great role models. It's crazy how much you can learn just by watching. It makes me think who's learning from me. Stay on your guard. www.bymiked.com willsmith chadwickboseman _eddiemurphy_


MAN, SUPPORT IS EVERYTHING! Thank y'all for all the love! Love always win! I got to meet some incredible people as well! You guys are amazing! phillyartcollectivegallery


This Friday! Come through to theemojiartshow art show at 3239 Amber street Philadelphia, PA 19134. Faaaam. We’re 5 Days Away from the coolest show in PHILLY. Get tickets at www.theemojiartshow.com _ 20+ Emerging Local Artists Live Art Live Body Painting Performances DJ Sets Bar Emoji Desserts 21+ EVENT 8pm – 12am _ You are not alone in this. theemojiartshow theemojiartshowPhilly artshow phillyartshow phillyartists mentalhealth mentalheathawareness emotionalhealth emotionalhealthmatters musicmakesmehappy


spector_art X morethanmiked COLLABORATION We got a partnership with dsgntree and rushordertees! Check out their site for shirts! These designs are so crazy! Note: I had to repost this because they blocked my video due to the previous song I chose.


THIS IS DISNEY'S YEAR I'm going to see Aladdin today, so I hope it's just as good as the original. I made this pic featuring some of the culture's favorites as cartoon characters. What was your favorite cartoon that would be cool as a live movie? I want to see a better DBZ movie or a live Static Shock movie. That would be HOT


gameofthrones WHAT IN THE WORLD GAME OF THRONES HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT IN TELEVISION I just can't believe they let so many great ideas go to waste. I hate the fact I watched this show! It ruined my whole being. got gameofthrones ihategot


Happy Mother's Day bymiked - I posted this so late. But these are the moms who raised me. That's me in the middle growing up with each show. I should update this because I grew up on so many shows. mothersday happymothersday hmd


Oh Dog, Don't Be A Menace bymiked morethanmiked - Both movies are classics, but I've always enjoyed comedies more than gangster dramas, so I have to run with the parady version. Menace II Society was a classic, so I can never undermine its work. Next, I want to do Menace II Society and the Boyz In The Hood fighting lol. Who would win tho? 😂😂😂 I need to chill. But thank you marlonwayans therealdjsw1 larenztate tyrinturner for the classics. www.bymiked.com for merch.


BRO kdotblue! YOU KILLED THIS! 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Thanks for this Super DOPE!


My guy bleupablo hit me up for the Birth of A Nation piece. Thanks bro! Real ones always support. I started making canvases and they've been flying. I haven't even put it on my site yet. I'm about to set it up soon.


FREELOADERS! Tag your freeloading friend. We all got friends, but how many of them are freeloaders? Probably half because they want half. On the bright side, they'll keep us from eating all the calories. ➡️ Check out the full video on our YouTube page. Link in bio It's super hilarious! Make sure y'all subscribe too! freeloaders justinandmike


THANK YOU krave_magazine! I'M IN ISSUE 48! Super hype and beyond grateful! This is my first magazine feature, and it's many more to come! LET'S GO 📸 bcproductions215


20K! MAAAAAAAN, THANK Y'ALL FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT It's been a crazy journey! I had a lot of ups and downs. My work has been celebrated and it's been hated. It's all good tho because I'm focused. I want to inspire millions of people, so the journey continues! G4G


MAAAAAAAN, AVENGERS WAS SOOOOOOOOO CRAZY If you saw it, what did you think? Was it too long? It definitely felt like 3 hours to me, but the ending was worth the wait THOR AND CAPTAIN AMERICA KILLED IT! 🤯🤯🤯 ➡️ Video edit by my guy retroshoesnba avengers thanos michaeljordan endgame


Fool's Gold bymiked - Don't we spend our last just to look good? Just don't spend your last on me lol. Priorities first. www.bymiked.com


MAAAAAN, THANK YOU suchahappyplace! THE LOVE IS REAL I'm here in Brooklyn, and it's nothing but love!


BROOKLYN, I LOVE YOU I'll be back this Saturday, 4.20, for an incredible art event put together by tkomgdotnet. Come through! And it's FREE!


Ghetto Queens bymiked - Even though they aren't actual women, they reflect the real women who inspired us. They are our mothers and our sisters. They are legends. They are ghetto. They are queens. Special thanks to blameitonkway for sharing! I know I'm missing a few goats. Who should've been added? www.bymiked.com for prints


LL NIPSEY bymiked - I believe we all should pay homage to pioneers, so here's how I pay my respects. This is how we pick up the fallen.




AIR YEEZY bymiked - THIS SHIRT IS SO CRAZY 🔥🔥🔥 www.bymiked.com