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Immerse yourself in nature 🌲🧡⠀ Redwood National and State Parks, USA 🇺🇸 Photo by ryanresatkaNatureGeography


A beautiful timelapse from Death Valley. Such a surreal moment to capture. As the backlit rain poured down the mountains. Video/Photo by shainblumphotography NatureGeography


Would you sleep here? 😱😍 Imagine waking up in this treehouse that sits above a game reserve where wild animals like lions, giraffes, and rhinos roam around you freely! South Africa. | Video By travisburkephotography NatureGeography


Never have I ever seen something quite as magnificent as Jadayupara - A mythical eagle that just so happens to be the largest bird sculpture in the world! 🦅 Photo - caption by jonny.melon Via: nature.display naturegeography


Ashikaga flower park is full of beautiful wisteria trees, it feels like you’re through a fantasy world 🌸 Photo by theboy.wanders naturegeography


Tigers are so beautiful, I hope they never go extinct. Animals don’t come any more beautiful 🙏🏽 🐅 Video by animalplanet naturegeography


When you see a Superb Bird-of-Paradise (Lophorina Superba) displaying, it doesn't look like a bird at all. The change is so complete that females just see a jet-black disk with an electric-blue "smiley face" pattern. A close look at the transformation reveals how modified feathers on the head, back, and flank combine in an unexpected way to create a spectacular effect. | Video by ©Edwin Scholes naturegeography


A mother bear and her litter of cubs patrol the shoreline of the scenic Kuril Lake, as they welcome the arrival of spring in far-east Russia. 🇷🇺 | Video by andyparkinsonphoto NatureGeography


You are looking at the first ever image of a black hole, captured by the nsfgov ehtelescope Project. Within the dark spot is the black hole—a place so gravitationally dense nothing can escape from it, not even light. The orange halos surrounding the hole are hot gas emissions, swirling around it under the influence of the strong gravity near the event horizon—the point past which not even light can escape before falling into the void. To capture this image, a network of telescopes around the globe coordinated efforts to observe the black hole that sits at the center of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the nearby Virgo galaxy cluster, 55 million light-years from Earth. This effort to create an “Earth-sized” telescope resulted in five petabytes of data (“the equivalent of billions of cat videos” according to EHT researchers) which researchers refined to create this historic first image. The National Science Foundation played a pivotal role in this discovery by funding individual investigators, interdisciplinary scientific teams and radio astronomy research facilities since the inception of EHT. Over the last two decades, NSF has directly funded more than $28 million in EHT research, the largest commitment of resources for the project RealBlackHole ehtblackhole


When you see your friend watching a horror movie🍿😂🐆 Tag someone that should see this!👇 Video by riku_0710 NatureGeography


If you could go anywhere, where would it be? We're giving away a trip to anywhere on earth! The winner will be announced tomorrow at 6pm EST. Link in bio to enter 🌎 Photo by lennart NatureGeography