Niamh Wilson

Niamh Wilson

niamhthewilson Actor, dancer, movie nerd, music lover, school goer, snoot booper, muffin topper, creative thinker, obnoxious in public settings

I got em for my mama. I got em for my mama


☀️ ☀️ ☀️


This is a photo that a really super pretty lady ( mlle.rachel )took of me while we were out on a date to eat tacos sitting directly in the sun while I was sweating balls but it was all ok because we were hanging out


Sometimes I think posting photos of myself is stupid and vapid and will make people think less of me and then I remember I’m a grown ass human being and I can post photos of myself where I think I look cute because I can do whatever the frick I want with my own social media 🤷🏼‍♀️


I just bought the most beautiful loaf of bread and I’ll be damned if it ain’t going on my main feed. Yes mlle.rachel Rachel and I couldn’t resist to pick pieces off it as we walked home. Waiting till we can open our own bakery


Here’s a dumb selfie so Insta keeps me in the algorithm


Me and my favourite hypoallergenic boi


Saw some art, and trees, and a play, and odd theme park entryways, and ate quite a few Tim Tams and drank a lot of coffee. Did not see a koala :( did have lots of fun! :)


Photographic evidence of the one of best experiences I’ve had all year. Had the pleasure of speaking with the grads at Victoria College of Art on Friday. Thank you guys! Your energy and passion really put the jets on in my heart


(Seriously though holy shit this woman is so dope)


Just a lil audition choreo in my childhood dance studio. All the warm feelies 🥰❤️🥰❤️


These are my parents. They got engaged two weeks after meeting each other on a blind date bowling. I remind myself of this every time I think I’m moving too fast with a guy. They turned out pretty alright




Swipe right to see how my life is doing! Love you calhuszar 📸


Nik: hey could we take a photo? She loves you so much. John: uh yeah! Could we just do it without the flash that’d be gre- *flash goes off* *Nik beams like it’s her wedding day* (this concert was legendary and made me a happy girl. Thanks johncraigie )


I miss Joshua Tree s’goddamn much


Yeah that’s a nip coachella


My sweet sweet birthday baby. She’s a special one. lauraryann


I coloured my own hair yesterday and you’re damn right I’m proud of it


Really into the, uh, art. Yeah. (Butts. I’m into the butts)


Memories of one of the best days with some of my baby boys. Paco and Denny. Oh sweet sweet Denny.


Some appreciation for the one I love nicole_avz


giantlittleones premiere, final day of being 21 AND it’s women’s day. So many reasons to be excited


Coming to a theatre near nobody. THEM by lanedorsey for his exhibit ‘Movie Posers’


Sunny day at the Getty, after a twenty minute power nap/recharge in the sun, as quick contemporary floor combo


MURICA “Welcome to Sarah Palin’s the Desert, where you can buy a gun on EVERY corner of the road”


Went to Santa Monica yesterday, had a great time with my daughter