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Niamh Wilson

niamhthewilson Actor, dancer, movie nerd, music lover, school goer, snoot booper, muffin topper, creative thinker, obnoxious in public settings

Really into the, uh, art. Yeah. (Butts. I’m into the butts)


Memories of one of the best days with some of my baby boys. Paco and Denny. Oh sweet sweet Denny.


Some appreciation for the one I love nicole_avz


giantlittleones premiere, final day of being 21 AND it’s women’s day. So many reasons to be excited


Coming to a theatre near nobody. THEM by lanedorsey for his exhibit ‘Movie Posers’


Sunny day at the Getty, after a twenty minute power nap/recharge in the sun, as quick contemporary floor combo


MURICA “Welcome to Sarah Palin’s the Desert, where you can buy a gun on EVERY corner of the road”


Went to Santa Monica yesterday, had a great time with my daughter


A time when it wasn’t raining in LA


On this episode of discovering California: I have a dick ton of pictures of rocks and cacti on my phone now


Hoooooooo boy, it’s happening y’all. Giant Little Ones is having its cinematic release. In theatres March 15. NYC premiere March 1, LA Premiere March 8th! It’s all coming together. lovewithoutlabels euclid_431 giantlittleones


a night out on the town. All before my car battery died.


Learned a new trick




Sssuuuuuhhhh familiuuuuuhhh


These frames were so 2018 🙄


Grateful for fluffy vegan pancakes shared with people I love


Just looking across the table at my girlfriend nicole_avz


Happy birthday to this frickin rock star 🌟 mbrandolino I adore you


Like I said, this is a fitness account now everybody get USED to it (kidding not kidding). Anyway here’s a video of me doing fitness. (This move took me a long time to learn how to do and my form is messy AF) fully inspired by katiecrewe my ninja warrior idol


Here’s the thing about Valley shows: since the beginning of their band’s journey, the friend group that’s formed around them has always found connection in their concerts. New friends that have been picked up along the way, and old friends who have maybe slipped off the map all reconnect through their music. We all congregate once in a while to watch them play and dance with each other. One of the greatest things is that we all listen to their tunes not just because they’re some of our best friends, but genuinely because they’re fucking AMAZING musicians. Last night was their LP “Maybe-Side A” release show and it was super emotional for all of us who are close to the band that were in the audience. It’s an incredibly proud moment to watch people you love become successful and the growth they go through to get to that point. From seeing them play in school gyms to performing in front of a full house, all screaming their lyrics, I almost can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to have them as my friends. Bravo thisisvalley last night brought a tear to many of our eyes


Well HERE is a serious throwback. Working on Skating to New York in 2013, a very baby faced Niamh in the middle of winter between takes. Photos by our incredible director Charles Minsky. This shoot was an adventure and test in our tolerance for the cold. Also this was the shoot I met katvonpire on and she continues to do my makeup to this day. Such a wonderful experience


Ok so, get this, Veronica Sawyer and a noodle walk into a bar. That’s it. That’s all that happened. Happy Halloween


Doing my best Spideyman impression. Also this is a Fitstagram now sorry everybody. Workout inspired by natacha.oceane


A very out of practice yoga girl tries to regain strength and sanity poweryogacanada


Missin happier times. Missing my friends.




Wholesome! :)