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Never stop chasing your crazy dream. justdoit


“It is great to see the trend of women coming to the marathon, taking on the challenge and really growing with it.” - paula_radcliffe ⠀ Tomorrow, 60,000 runners will line up in Paris. That’s 60,000 runners who’ve committed weekends, early mornings, late nights, some sanity, and a few toenails to run 26.2 miles. Yeah, they’ve given up a lot. But it’s nothing compared to what they’ve gained. ⠀ Follow nikerunning to support voltwomen. justdoit


This is what it looks like to be a two-time figure skating Olympic medalist. jmedvedevaj justdoit


“The most important thing for me is to do everything from the heart.” ⠀ Evgenia Medvedeva’s crazy dream isn’t to win a world championship. She’s done that, twice. It isn’t to make it to the Olympics. She’s brought home two medals. It isn’t even to break a world record. Because she’s already shattered one. ⠀ Evgenia’s crazy dream isn’t an accolade or accomplishment. It isn't written in a record book. It’s written on her heart. justdoit


Sam Kerr Four Time Golden Boot Winner Perth Australia Introducing Birthplace of Dreams. Stream the series premiere featuring samanthakerr20 on IGTV now. justdoit


“World’s greatest selfie? I’d like to think so.” — samanthakerr20 ⠀ First, find a crazy dream. Then, find the others whose dreams are just as crazy. justdoit


“At the end of the day, it’s all about opportunity. My goal is to knock down the door.” ayesuppose ⠀ Ayesha McGowan’s crazy dream isn’t just for her. It’s for an entire generation of black women who come after her. justdoit


“Any dream is possible. If you just want this crazy dream to happen, you just have to put the work in." ⠀ You know what some people consider a crazy dream? A body positive world. One that's full of confidence. A world that’s dripping in self-love. ⠀ But that’s the "crazy” world that Montgomery’s Honeybeez are fighting for. justdoit


“You have to strive to not be how people expect you to be.” ⠀ See what a crazy dream did for a small school in Memphis. justdoit


“I just tell myself don’t quit. This is what you were born into this world for, it’s for boxing.” ⠀ A crazy dream can do a lot of things. It can challenge you. Push you. Keep you from quitting. ⠀ Or, in 14-year-old Chantel Navarro’s case, it can carry forward a family tradition. ⠀ Meet the latest in a long line of Navarro boxers on IGTV. justdoit


Show them what crazy dreams can do. justdoit ⠀ 🔈: Sound on


It’s only a crazy dream until it’s a reality. justdoit ⠀ The International Boxing Association rewrote the rules, allowing women everywhere to box in hijabs. A huge win for zeina.boxer and for women across the world.


One crazy dream turns into another. And another. And another. And another. And another. justdoit


“To dream big requires courage.” - iremyamany ⠀ Imagine loving your sport so much that you go a decade without winning a tournament and still don’t quit. Then, one day, you win. And then you win again. And again. And again. That’s how Turkish Taekwondo fighter Irem Yaman finally earned the nickname Goldhunter. During one of her training days, she shared how those years of sacrifice and loss weren’t always easy. But they were worth it. See Irem’s full story on nike IGTV justdoit


“It’s in women’s nature to be strong.” - yasemin.adar ⠀ Before Turkish wrestling champion Yasemin Adar became the best, people had more to say about her looks and her lifestyle than her talent on the mat. But she kept practicing. Kept working. Kept winning. At the National Wrestling Club in Istanbul, she shared what she wants for the future of her sport, and showed what true power looks like. See Yasemin’s full story on nike IGTV justdoit


“We live in a time where everything should be possible, but you have to fight for change.” - zeina.boxer ⠀ German boxer Zeina Nassar didn’t start out looking to change the rules, but when she saw that women like her weren’t allowed to wear hijabs while competing, she made it her mission to do exactly that. Now, she’s fighting to change the rules internationally, so all women can experience the power of sport. See Zeina’s full story on nike IGTV justdoit


“I don’t wanna be just some other boxer with a good story. I want to be known as a great boxer.” - somaliboxer ⠀ A lot can be said about British boxing champion Ramla Ali’s past, but it doesn’t define her. In an old local’s gym in East London, she shared what challenged her yesterday, what inspires her today, and what she’s fighting for tomorrow. ⠀ See Ramla’s full story on nike IGTV justdoit


"It’s my walk to the ring alone and it’s my fight to fight alone.” ⠀ 14 years ago, Ghanian-born boxingbuatsi came to the UK with a crazy dream. This Saturday, it’s on him to keep fighting for it. justdoit


“My dad sacrificed his dream, so I could live mine.” kyrieirving justdoit ⠀ 🔈 on.


Don’t just dream of a place on the podium. Dream of a place in history. justdoit


Don't chase records. Chase history. justdoit


"People once told me that I couldn’t be a wrestler because I’m a woman.” World Championship finalist yasemin.adar keeps doing what she was told she couldn’t. justdoit


Just a small-town kid with big-city dreams. justdoit


You don't need two legs to dream. justdoit See alwaystri's story on our IGTV.


Dreams don’t have an expiration date. justdoit


Never stop chasing your crazy dreams. justdoit


“My father used to tell me that the real dreamer is the one who dreams about the impossible.” justdoit


Yesterday, 2:01:39 seemed crazy. Today, it’s the marathon world record. justdoit


Don't just be the fastest marathon runner in the world. Be the fastest in history. justdoit kipchogeeliud ⠀ Follow nikerunning to watch Eliud and other runners take on their crazy dreams.