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See now THIS is what dreams are made of. lizziemcguire is returning to TV and the show will feature Lizzie in her 30s in NYC. Here’s to hoping she finally gets to keep her nose ring and is no longer an outfit repeater. linkinbio


*swipe right for a surprise* (via: photo.slut)


swipe right to see me sitting at my desk watching this BTS video of naomi’s calvinklein shoot:


bellathorne opens up about being molested in a moving poem. linkinbio to read. Thank you so much Bella for sharing this ❣️


“I have nothing to hide.” mileycyrus just addressed liamhemsworth cheating rumors and her personal growth. As a pop star who lived a double life once told me, “it’s the climb!” linkinbio for her full statement.




The AmazonRainforest is on fire, which produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen. linkinbio for what this means and why it’s so important. Below are ways you can act now. 1. Educate yourself! 2. Share information. Tag people, agencies, etc. 3. According to wwf_uk, “Food production is the leading cause of deforestation, as land is being cleared to rear livestock, and to grow feed for livestock. Less demand means less deforestation.” 4. Places you can donate to help: greenpeacebrasil, amazonwatch, coiabamazonia. Deforestation ClimateCrisis Amazonia (Video via: wwf_uk)


Five days until the VMAs! Swipe right to see dianaross gently cupping lilkim’s left tiddy:


Are EmmaWatson and Draco dating?? RON FOUND DEAD FROM A BROKEN HEART AND LOW SELF-ESTEEM. linkinbio for our investigation.


"This movement needs all types of people. From athletes to healers to poets and artists to scholars and lawyers, we need everyone to contribute to the struggle. The struggle is affecting all of us. Period." kaepernick7 yourrightscamp linkinbio Filmmaker: misterleroi Video Editor: symoneridgell


swipe right to see me looking at this perfect photo:


kimkardashian credited her career to previous employer, parishilton. Wow, the come up from organizing closets and carrying oversized Louis bags to owning clothing lines, contour kits and a whole ass 17 seasons of a TV show. linkinbio