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Parmish Verma

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Cheers to all my Fans who kept me Going in my Bad Days and for whom I still work my ass off in My Good Ones !


Bhagat Singh Amar Hai, Sukhdev Amar Hai, Rajguru Amar Hai


Chacha so Happy to Share this Beautiful News, We are blessed with another Daughter in our Family. Huge Congrats to brararsh and ambar.brar and Bhabi. Waheguru Mehar Kareyo


Paindi aa Phir DhaKk Champion.


All that I’ll ever be I’ll owe it to my Fans.


thank you so much for Loving JaVeJa. I’m truly truly blessed to have the Best FanBase and Support System around. I love you Guys so much I had fun filming it and making it. I’m glad I was able to pass that Vibe


Romantic vi na hun reha Bhora ve what’s your favourite part of JaVeJa


JaVeJa tomorrow out at 5:00 Pm. Time Note Karlo, Sharing is Must 💝🎉💖 tag your team


Releasing JaVeJa on 13th or 14th March, 3-4 Din Rehge, Like if you’re Excited 💖🎉💥


Ik Munda Ik Kudi ton, Kiween na Dil Haarda DilDiyanGallan May 2019 💖💝💕


Happy International Women’s Day, To Our Creators, Our Mothers Daughters Sisters and a Wife, More Power to you 🙏🏻


Firstly I hope you like the Song’s first glimpse, if you did then Be a Part of it By Doing the JaVeJa Dance Move and send us your Video at JaVeJathesong and some will get featured 💖💖 Make a Duet on Tiktok and Tag parmishverma with the Hashtag JaveJa


I’ve filed papers to adopt this monkey, Congrats Insta Family, She’s ours forever 💝👶🏼💖🐵 ambar.brar


JaVeJa Coming this March ! Shada Got Married and Shada is in Trouble ! UnromanticSong 💝😂 Music by Jstatic Bro and Written By GSidhu ! Super Excited


Kal Nu Poster Nawe Gane Da Who’s Excited ?


Ik Munda Ik Kudi ton Kiween na Dil Haarda DilDiyanGallan Teaser Kiween Lagea ?


Click the Link in Bio for Full Teaser of DilDiyanGallan and Please Do Comment on YouTube tell us how you feel 1.5 Saal Di Mehnat ton Baad Presenting A ParmishVerma Feature Film Written and Directed by ParmishVerma and Uday Pratap Singh Sandhu


Very Happy to Share the announcement of Our next Movie JindeMeriye along with Sonam Bajwa. Releasing on Diwali this Year 25th October 2019. Directed by PankajBatra Bhaji. Produced by PankajBatraFilms and OmjeeGroup


It’s been crazy few days working day and night finishing up on Singham’s Second Schedule with SonamBajwa who’s an amazing artist to work with. Really Excited for the movie and the Music that we’ve worked very Hard for also DilDiyanGallan’s Teaser will be out on Tuesdayand There’s 1 more Big Surprise that I’ll be sharing with you Guys. Very Soon !


WAIT till the END for the DROP ! They don’t know how to Talk but they Know how to Dance. I won 💖


Ki report aa phir Habit di ? Trending Number 3


Charhi Akh Utton Kharhi Rehandi Muchh Yaar Di, Habit is Trending on YouTube without any Online Promotions Thank You for Watching those who haven’t watched Link in Bio, Kiween Lagea Gana ?