Pearl Drums Official Page

Pearl Drums Official Page

pearl_drums Pearl Drums is the largest distributor of #drums & #percussion in the world. Tag us for a chance to be featured on our feed.

Which of these 13" Pearl snares would you add to your collection? 13x6.5 Reference Series in a Granite Sparkle finish 13x6.5 Reference Pure Snare Drum in a Scarlet Sparkle Burst finish 13x6.5 Joey Jordison Signature Snare Drum 13x5 Omar Hakim Signature Snare Drum in a Natural Mahogany finish 13x5 Modern Utility Snare Drum in a Satin Black finish 13x5 Modern Utility Snare Drum in a Matte Natural finish 13x3 Maple Piccolo Snare Drum in a Liquid Amber finish 13x3 Brass Piccolo Snare Drum 13x3 Steel Piccolo Snare Drum pearl_drums pearldrums drums drummer snaredrum


Which of these 14x8 Pearl snares would you add to your collection? 14x8 Modern Utility Snare Drum in Satin Black 14x8 Session Studio Select in Antique Crimson Burst 14x8 Hybrid Exotic Kapur Fiberglass Snare 14x8 Free Floating African Mahogany in Satin Red Mahogany 14x8 Free Floating Seamless Aluminum. pearl_drums pearldrums snaredrum 14x8 drums drummer


Sam Loeffler of Chevelle behind his Music City Custom kit Choose from 36 beautiful covered finishes, and either Reference, Reference Pure, and Masters Maple Reserve shell specifications to experience what our top endorsees have enjoyed for years. 📷 lojosloan pearl_drums pearldrums drums drummer musiccitycustom


The 70x22 Big Blue Drum is the centerpiece of a new pre-game tradition for the UK Wildcats. *** A Pearl/Adams ABDO7022 custom bass drum is cradled within a "Sport Cart" for easy transport. Use the Contact Us button within our bio link or website for details on how your school can create their own version. pearldrums pearl_drums ukwildcats ukathletics bassdrum bigbluedrum Repost ukathletics


An update from ToddSucherman ・・・ I made a clandestine trip into Nashville last week to build something very special that will be revealed soon!  Thanks to everyone at Pearl, PMI, John Farquharson (who worked extremely hard over 2 years with me), Paulie Carrizzo and Jim Handley for their expertise and hard work building the new rig. I can’t wait to show what we’ve done. Huge thanks as well to Audix, Drum, Kentville Drums, Artisan Customs, Ronn Dunnett, Sabian, Remo who all came through with items in perfect time for the build! (And sorry to my Nashville friends who I didn’t call….we worked around the clock so there was not a minute to spare!) pearl_drums comingsoon newdrums pearldrums drums drummer


Pearl welcomes Brandon Combs with Leon Bridges to the roster! As a kid, watching the Dennis Chambers “In The Pocket” vhs for hours literally inspired me to play drums. And now to be where I’m at in my career, officially joining same Pearl roster that I saw Dennis representing as a kid, is a dream come true! With Leon Bridges, I have decided to go with the Masters Maple/Gum shells. The first time I heard these drums I was blown away by the sound I was getting and I had to have them on the road with me. Plus they are gorgeous to look at! Pearl’s consistent high quality in craftsmanship and attention to their artists’ needs is what flat out makes them the best reason to play drums! :) “ 📷 cedrickphoto pearl_drums pearldrums drums drummer


Repost from sunhouseinc * * 🚨Fresh Track Alert 🚨⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Listen to the latest from the Breakfast in Bed vol. 1 collab series with Pearl Artist theoxgram ft. marloncraft.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ This is “Work Thru”⁣⁣⁣ All samples built from scratch and music composed + performed live using Sensory Percussion without backing tracks. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣🥁🕹💻⚡️⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Swipe👈🏽for a behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the Sensory Percussion setup for this performance. pearl_drums pearldrums drums drummer theox


Travis Orbin with a Reference/Master Series hybrid. ・・・ Repost travisorbin “Another Euro tour has concluded, this one being entirely too succinct. When I saw this shot I guffawed; who the hell oiled me up before hitting the stage? Do I really look like that? Preposterous. What a freakin’ nerd. Joking aside, this is a pretty stellar shot accredited to quintenquistcom.” ——————— For now it’s back home to start on records for cartoontheorymusic, dyedingrey, and my next full-length, ‘Silly String: Redux’. Onward! pearl_drums pearl_drums pearlreference drums drummer


Time is winding down to enter the 2019 Hit Like A Girl Contest. The entry period for the international contest for female drummers, percussionists and beat makers closes at midnight this Thursday, April 11. Don't miss the chance to be seen by millions, judged by top professionals and win $1000's in drum gear and scholarships. Enter at ⠀ believe iamthedrummer hitlikeagirlcontest hitlikeagirlcontest2019 hlag femaledrummers drumlife percussion hitlikeagirl drumcontest hlagjapan hlagmexico hlagfrance hlagchina


The PCTK1810 Compact Traveler includes a 10" snare & 18" bass drum with black hardware and frame / Drum Key Tunable / Accepts standard drumheads / Folds compact - Less than 5" thick / Foam Grip for Easy Carry. Shown with an PCTK1014 Add On Pack with 10" and 14" toms including mounting hardware and bag.⠀ ⠀ compacttraveler pearldrums pearl_drums drums drummer giglife practice


Repost from Pearl Artist Amanda Muse musegrooves Months and months of hard work come to fruition today, as I announce the launch of my newly published snare drum etude book, 'Rhythmic Muse' 🥁. You can purchase a hard copy, or an eBook for instant download! Both versions come with a video package of me playing through each piece. Grab your copy: Cover photo 📸: Lacie Jones pearl_drums pearldrums pearlmarching drumline dci wgi amandamuse practice instructional