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Everyone's going vegan, y'all! 💗 Look at kimkardashian’s response to how she keeps slim! 🌱


She is just trying to protect her babies 😩 This is exactly why roadside zoos and animal photo ops are harmful—it generates the false belief that it’s okay to approach and harass wild animals. When you see a wild animal, it is NOT A SELFIE OPPORTUNITY. Just leave animals alone! Tap the link in our profile to see the clip: Animals AnimalRights GreatSmokyMountains SmokyMountains Wildlife Bear Bears Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg ReasonsToGoVegan CrueltyFree Veganism PETA EndSpeciesism


You wouldn’t dream of slitting your dog’s throat, making burgers from their flesh, slapping them between two buns, and eating them for lunch—that’s downright barbaric! However, just like your best friend, cows are thinking, feeling individuals who want to live a life free from harm. If you care about animals, why would you kill and eat them? Don’t be a speciesist, look at EVERY ANIMAL as an individual—not like a prop, clothing garment, or meal as society has taught you! Animals deserve our compassion 🐮❤️🐶 EndSpeciesism Animals AnimalRights Vegan GoVegan Veg VeganLife VegLife AdoptDontSHop Dogs Cows CrueltyFree Veganism PETA


This week PETA supporters and a “bull” made a bold statement outside of a levis shareholder meeting in San Francisco ✊ Their message? ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS TO WEAR! Levi’s claims to be an ethical, eco-friendly company, but there’s nothing ethical or sustainable about making leather patches from the skin of dead animals 😢 Tap the link in our profile to urge Levis to use vegan leather instead: Animals AnimalRights SanFrancisco VeganLeather WearVegan Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg CrueltyFree Denim Fashion Veganism EndSpeciesism PETA


She's dead now. After spending her short, miserable life in a tiny wire cage with barely enough room to turn around, she was likely electrocuted before being skinned—or maybe even skinned while she was still alive 😩 Is knowing that not enough to keep you from buying or wearing fur ever again?! Then tap the link in our profile to learn 9 shocking facts about the fur industry: Animals AnimalRights FurIsDead FurFreeNYC FurBan BanFur WearVegan Vegan GoVegan Fox CrueltyFree Veganism EndSpeciesism PETA


HELP! The nihgov—the largest funder of animal experimentation worldwide—plans to torment sensitive marmosets in terrifying, unscientific experiments. Experimenters will implant genetically manipulated embryos into female marmosets in order to produce babies who are born with disease-like symptoms or impairments 💔 Using animals in experiments is cruel and has proved to be unreliable when applied to humans. Please urge NIH not to squander more tax dollars on failed animal experimentation and instead to redirect funds to modern, non-animal research methods ✊ Animals AnimalRights Marmoset Monkey Monkeys Wildlife NIH EndAnimalTesting StopAnimalTesting Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg CrueltyFree Veganism EndSpeciesism PETA


Your wool sweater is NOT worth their suffering 💔 Wear something vegan instead! Tap the link in our profile for our guide on how to WearVegan: Regram from never_forever_21: Would you still buy wool if you knew it was once bloodstained? Don’t make sheep suffer for your fashion — just wear something vegan! 🌱🎩👗 Animals AnimalRights Never21 Forever21 WoolIsCruel ReasonsToGoVegan VeganFashion Fashion Wool Sheep Lambs Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg CrueltyFree PETA


URGENT: Tropical storm Barry may be hitting New Orleans soon—are you prepared to care for your animals in the case of a natural disaster?! Anyone who evacuates & intentionally abandons their animals to drown or starve could be prosecuted. Spread the word by sharing this post to your story, then tap the link in our profile to learn more about preparing an animal emergency kit: Animals AnimalRights Hurricane NaturalDisaster NewOrleans Louisiana TropicalStormBarry HurricaneBarry AdoptDontShop Dogs Cats EndSpeciesism Vegan GoVegan CrueltyFree PETA


Their lives are going to be so much better now 💙 petaindia just sterilized over 500 cats in Mumbai—which means less struggle for limited resources, fewer deadly accidents, and so much more 💔 Tap the link in our profile to find out why it’s SO important to SpayAndNeuter: Animals AnimalRights


San Antonio spurs star lonniewalkeriv’s dog Zola left him in the car to run into the store for just a few minutes. Watching the temperature climb as he sweats and struggles is so hard to see. If an nba player can’t take that heat, how can your dog? Tap the link in our profile to learn more: Animals AnimalRights AdoptDontShop PETA


You won’t recognize these dogs from their before and after 💔 From being found in a pile of trash, to being forced to live outdoors on a chain for years—these dogs are finally living the lives they so deserve 🐶💙 Tap the link in our profile to learn more about their stories: Animals AnimalRights AdoptDontShop RescueDogs Dogs PETA


Does the cow 25 seconds in look ANYTHING like what the dairy industry shows you?! 😡 She’s not grazing on a grassy field, she’s being DRAGGED through the mud by her neck 💔 Butter isn’t just bad for your health—it comes from VIOLENCE towards millions of animals every year 😔