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Sheep cry because of boohoo 😰 A bloody “sheep” took a stand against the company outside of its U.S. headquarters on MelrosePlace. After learning how gentle lambs and sheep are systematically mutilated, violently sheared, and have their throats slit in the wool industry, Boohoo agreed to ban wool across all brands including nastygal, prettylittlething, and boohoomanofficial, but later reneged on its commitment 😡💔 Tap the link in our profile to tell boohoo to DROP WOOL: Animals AnimalRights Melrose WeHo boohoo NastyGal WoolIsCruel VeganFashion WearVegan CrueltyFree CrueltyFreeFashion Veganism PETA


Speciesism is the misguided belief that one species is more important than another, and this toxic way of thinking is the reason that hundreds of billions of animals have been abused and killed for food, clothing, experiments, and more 😡 Don’t be a speciesist! Tap the link in our profile to learn how you can stand up against speciesism: UnlearnSpeciesism Animals AnimalRights Speciesism Speciesist Twitter Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg VeganLife VegLife ReasonsToGoVegan CrueltyFree Veganism PETA


PETA supporters took to the streets of Seattle to urge alaskaair to drop its sponsorship of the deadly Iditarod dog race ✊🐾 Three activists were chained to plastic barrels, which is how most dogs in the Iditarod are forced to live their entire lives! A recent PETA exposé revealed that Iditarod champions’ dogs were kept constantly chained to dilapidated boxes or barrels in the bitter cold and denied veterinary care for painful injuries, and exhausted, dehydrated dogs were forced to run hundreds of miles 😭 Tap the link in our profile to learn more and take action: Animals AnimalRights AlaskaAirlines Iditarod TheIditarod Dogs DogsOfIG DogsOfInstagram AdoptDontShop Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg CrueltyFree Veganism PETA


EVERY SINGLE EGG YOU EAT CAUSES IMMENSE SUFFERING FOR HENS 😩 The egg industry is a waking nightmare for chickens. Most hens are stuffed into cramped warehouses, have the tips of their beaks cut off without pain relief, and are bred to lay so many eggs that their bodies give out after a year or so of intense egg laying and they’re slaughtered. Hundreds of millions of male chicks are also killed the day they’re born—often by being ground up alive—because they’re not useful to the egg industry 😢 Animals AnimalRights Eggs CageFree Chickens ChickensofInstagram ChickensOfIG Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg CrueltyFree Veganism PETA


Could you keep wearing wool if you knew that male lambs are castrated without any pain relief? Or that sheep are systematically beaten, stomped on, and killed in the wool industry? Face the facts: wool belongs to sheep, NOT YOU 🚫 Regram from never_forever_21: You can see the fear on this lamb’s face 😔 Can you imagine what they’re going through? Animals AnimalRights WoolIsCruel Never21 Sheep Lambs WearVegan Vegan GoVegan CrueltyFree CrueltyFreeFashion VeganFashion Veganism PETA


Did you know that a dolphin DIED while performing at SeaWorld?! Sharky was fatally injured while performing an aerial trick at seaworldorlando 😞 He died after colliding in mid-air with another dolphin. Four years later, at seaworldtexas, two dolphins performing a jumping trick crashed, ejecting one from the tank onto the concrete walkway below. They laid there bleeding and helpless, as guests looked on 😢 SeaWorld is a TERRIBLE place for dolphins. If you respect dolphins, make a pledge this DolphinDay to NEVER attend SeaWorld 🐬💙 Animals AnimalRights Dolphin Dolphins NationalDolphinDay BoycottSeaWorld BlackFish SeaWorldKills SeaWorldSucks Vegan GoVegan Veg GoVeg VeganLife CrueltyFree Veganism PETA


Did you know that 95% of all new drugs that pass tests on animals FAIL in human trials? Monkeys & other animals are tortured in labs for dead-end experiments, and PETA WILL end this torment. Tap the link in our profile to urge Congress to tell nihgov to fund modern and humane research: AskNIHWhy


New PETA eyewitness investigation exposes the abuse tourists are paying for in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. Camels are beaten with sticks and wounded horses are whipped over & over. Never ride an animal on vacation!


Did you know that blickartmaterials sells paintbrushes made from badgers who are often illegally captured in the wild and eventually violently killed?! A PETA exposé of China’s badger-brush industry reveals badgers living in hellish conditions in which they were confined to tiny wire cages. Many were suffering from severe, untreated injuries, and one badger’s leg had even been bitten off by another badger in a nearby cage 😭 Tap the link in our profile to urge BlickMaterials to drop badger-hair brushes IMMEDIATELY: