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Peter McKinnon

petermckinnon ⬇️ Reacting to CRAZY PHOTOGRAPHY FAILS!

Soaring over incredible mountain lakes getting the best tour of my backyard one could ever experience! bradleyfriesen I’m ready for epic heli adventure round 2


New vid! Reacting to CRAZY PHOTOGRAPHY FAILS! Man, some of these are just 😳😳😳 Link in bio! You’re gonna like this one


One of my favourite adventures. I’m coming for you this year bradleyfriesen let’s go round 2 This is his daily commute people! C’mon


My job wouldn’t be the same without my bro seanholladay 👊🏻💪🏻☠️


Pretty stoked to get back out on the water soon! What’s the weather like where you are from? Was debating taking the ski out today with a buddy to find some ice but the water is 5 degrees. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Had a blast at NAB with all my friends! It’s always nice getting everyone together in one place! Good people & good times! Home now, ready to make some vids. So, with that being said, BRB! Also, thanks for the camo gloves thechrishau - fitting. Oh and thx for the pic. Bam!


Going in to Monday like 🚀


TODAY IS THE DAY! polarpro and I have been working on this for a year! Introducing the Peter McKinnon Edition Variable ND filter! GAH NO MORE VIGNETTING- No more cross polarization- nothing but smooth crispy cinematic holiness. SO SO SO proud of this product and I know you guys are going to LOVE IT! Link In bio to grab yours now. Just dropped a new vid explaining the details. Special thanks to thechrishau & lizziepeirce for crushing the product vid! HOT DAMN! What a day! shotwithpmvnd


Today, something unfolds of a magnitude I might never be able to fully comprehend. A photo of mine has just been minted on to Canadian currency. What?! The Royal Canadian Mint has just released a limited edition commemorative coin (pictured above) as part 1 of a special set of coins featuring my image of moraine lake along with my signature. A project in the works for about a year, my best friend and partner in crime seanholladay worked along side the mint to bring to life one of the greatest accomplishments of my career. We are over the moon to finally be able to share this with you! A moment in history. I have never been a more proud Canadian. If you’d like a coin of your own, the link is in the bio and I just dropped a very special video on the channel talking more about this career milestone. THANK YOU! (P.s. only 5,000 made and it’s 99.99999% pure silver! Epic sauce to the max!)


HOW TO MAKE COFFEE! Finally posted a lil vid on how to make pour over coffee LIKE MEEEEEEE. Go check it out! I think you’ll love it but I am biased. Link in bio!


This has to have been the best sunset view I’ve ever seen. What a great time. What do you prefer? Sunset or sunrise? Sunset just keeps going and going- sunrise just happens then BAM. Over. Haha 🤷🏻‍♂️


The Bucket Shot. When people ask what my favourite photo I’ve taken is, this is it. I debated posting it, but seeing as winter is coming to an end, it only seemed fitting. I also chose to leave this one horizontal because well, c’mon! If you haven’t seen the documentary short film we made following the capture of this photo- check it out on the channel! Next month, I’ve got some exciting news with regards to this particular destination. Mind blowing actually. 🤓🙏🏻🥳❄️ Love ya!


Posted a new video on how to start making better videos with a very small adjustment to what you’re probably already doing! Linked in bio! Checkkkkk it


Another cold one from Sweden! Yesterday’s video made it to 19 on trending! Hyped! Linked in the bio if you haven’t seen it 😎🤙🏻


Ready to have your mind blown? Today’s video. Link in bio. 🤯 (also, cool hut, eh? 🤙🏻❄️)


New video is LIVE! YAY! 🥳 Episode 3 of EDITING YOUR PHOTOS! I just love making this series! Go check it out! I think you’ll like it and maybe just maybe your photos were edited? Also: thechrishau just banging off 🔥shots of me TRYING to get 🔥 shots. Cheers homie. LINK IN BIOOOOO


Some pretty cool videos dropped today! Fellow Canadian and neighbour unboxtherapy & I breaking down some Canadian staples! Link is in the bio- think you’re gonna dig it! TEAM CANADA 🇨🇦


New vid is live! Make $3,000.00 THIS month with photography! It’s totally doable! Really digging this vid! Jam packed with good stuff. Thanks to thechrishau for dropping some valuable bizz knowledge from his own creative agency! LINK IN BIO!


Finally posted my office tour! Just about finished it up and know everyone has wanted to see it! Also, a few more surprises! Link in bio


Soaring over the highest peaks Sweden has to offer. Every single frame brings back such specific, distinct memories. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY 😍 I love mountains too. ilovelamp


🚨New vid! - It’s a fun one! Also thanks to jude_allen for this 🔥snap! Link in bio


TOURIST VS PRO PHOTOGRAPHER. Just got back from San Fran! Had a blast running around taking pics and making vids! Check out the new vlog! Also, last day to vote for me! See my story! ❤️🙏🏻 Special thanks to jude_allen for showing me the spots 👊🏻


NEW VIDEO! Just posted a new video talking about my NEW CAMERA Also answering your questions! Link in bio This was a dream come true moment for me! This was the first time seeing Aurora. The dog sled I was on stopped, all the lights were turned off and the dogs went quiet. The sky just lit up! The sun had just set way in the distance and the colour just exploded Incredible. 😍


I’m just going to leave this right here 😎👀🔴 I blame mkbhd


Happy Monday! Definitely needing this today. Pretty sure coffee isn’t the best option when you’re sick, but whatever let’s goooo. My golden hour blend from jamescoffeeco


This winter has been a big let down out east as far as machines go. Super glad I was able to get out and rip this quad during the last snowfall. Tracks on an atv are life changing! Now we just need a good dumping so I can get on that sled realsnow


Guerrilla Camera Hacks- just dropped on the channel! A few mean tricks that you’ll love and will make your friends cry 😂😂 Go check it out! Link in bio! Also- how about that heli shot out the open door over the low clouds? YES PLEASE! Psyched.


My friend gabrielbhappy snapped this picture of me the other day when I was running around with my camera. I very much enjoy it. Thanks dude Y’all should go check out this weeks videos on the channel! Working on tomorrows now. Pumped! Have a great day!


Just posted a video on my every-day camera set up! Trying out a new bag that has actually been great Link in bio if you wanna see! P.s. bloopers got out of hand 😂


Frozen City. This shot was taken whilst we were being hit with a ‘Polar Vortex’. -40C with windchill 🥶 Tomorrow, episode 2 of “EDITING YOUR PHOTOS “drops! So excited on this series! Maybe your shots will be next? polarvortex