Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon


New vid! It’s a little different but actually really dope 😂 a little cameo from a certain someone too 🎉 Link in bio!


Nothing beats a view like this. 😍 What are your weekend plans? seanholladay I am taking you here. Soon.


New vid! One of my favourite topics in photography! If you’re a photographer- you’ll dig it Also, how sick is this light right now?! Omg! lakesimcoewatersportrentals and I ripping the river at sun down. Love summer. LINK IN BIO


What an epic time we had here. Missing the Dubai crew! Can’t wait to see them all again soon :) Hope everyone had a killer weekend!


Just uploaded a very special video. Talking about my secret failed business and coming in hot with some dope AF b-roll! Link in bio! This is a good one! (Also, how magical is this balloon shot 😳 <— was even crazier seeing this sunrise IRL)


Why hello there :) dropped a new video today that is SUPER DOPE if you enjoy taking photos. You’re gonna dig it! Link in bio :) also <— Canada, you just look so good. 🇨🇦 flytyeflag 😉


4km/h winds this morning out on the water. Still. Calm. Quiet. It was perfect. Ripping around with mattih ANDAND there is a new vlog you should go watch! Things get broken, things almost get lost, things are revealed sort of. Not really. Well, a little 🤷🏻‍♂️🤙🏻🇨🇦⚓️ LINK IN BIO!


Hi! Hope everyone is having a great week! Just dropped a small little two minute (not two minute) Tuesday on how to maximize yer vids on the tubes. If you make videos you’ll dig. Link in bio! Here is me in a canoe. See ya! ❤️🏴‍☠️🇨🇦


Surprise Friday vid! Omg! RIP PETER MCKINNON. Link in bio Let’s goooooo! Have a great weekend!


Hi! This is probably the most badass photo I’ve ever taken 😂 GUESS WHAT! My dad started a channel and didn’t tell me! LOL I was so inspired by it- VLOG LINK IN BIO! check it! 🤙🏻🤙🏻


Sometimes the worst the weather condition (rain, fog, snow, overcast) will provide 10 fold the dramatic results. notadroneshot


So excited! Our 2nd limited coffee box is finally here! All 3 blends of coffee with an exclusive signed print heading out the door today! New tees, hats, leather mugs, enamel mugs- THE WORKS! So proud of this stuff and the team at jamescoffeeco for making it all come together! Only 200 box sets so be quick! Link in bio! THANK YOU Stay caffeinated.


New video! Critiquing YOUR VIDEOS! Link in bio! Go get itttttt 🤙🏻😜


NEW VIDEO Link in profile. Click it if you like fun, smiles, laughter and a good time. If you like none of those things, buy a dog or delete Instagram. Summer is here and I am psyched! Been out on the water a few times already- looking forward to getting back out there with thechrishau <— he’s pretty damn good at wake surfing if ya didn’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️🏄🏼‍♂️


Imagine flying a drone like a beast through this beautiful clearing samkolder style? Omg. Well you can’t cause it’s a national park, but now you pretty much can’t ANYWHERE ELSE too. Just posted a video about the new drone laws. CRAZY! Link in bio!


Ummm I did something Link in bio


Cause I need a little colour in the grid 😉 Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 🤙🏻


My buddy chrisramsay52 helped me out with a requested video that just went live! How to take better photos in DIRECT SUNLIGHT! Cause you know, it can suck. Check it out


Gotta love an empty landscape! Working on 3 videos today. At the same time. It’s rather difficult. Love it though! Comment below, do you like VLOGS more, or sit down vids (tutorials, desk rants, etc) - making some plans! Hit me! 🖤🤙🏻


New video! Hyped about it! What’s inside Tom DeLonge’s camera bag?! Haha it’s a fun one. Linked in bio- Hope you enjoy it!


Summer in the mountains So psyched! One of my other favourite spots in Banff that will be on a second coin coming this summer! 🎉🙏🏻


My dude alenpalander just snapping bangers as usual. Can we go take some photos together plz? Kthx 🙏🏻 Who’s excited for summer?! (It’s been raining here for eternity)


Just posted the first episode of the office buildout! Figured why not share the experience of renovating my new HQ from top to bottom! Check the link in the bio!


Friday! Starting the day off the only way that matters!


NEW VIDEO! How to make the photos you want, from the photos you HAVE! Hyped on this! Thanks gabrielbhappy for letting me Frankenstein your shot! (Also this is a dope pic I shot of angelsandairwaves - so psyched on this)


New Video is live! Just finished a motion assets pack available for download to help sprinkle a little extra love on to your vids! It’s dope! Linked it in the bio. If you make videos- you’ll perhaps find it useful :) CHECK IT! notadroneshot


More. Of. this. Please! 🇨🇦 (summer presets being worked on now. Oh baby!) notadrone


NEW VID! I just have too much fun making these! The food hacks are just next level! Which was your fav?! Kbye. Boarding a flight home now. Don’t worry, it’s not this one 😂🙏🏻 Link in bio


New video live on a must have relatively cheap camera accessory every photographer needs to own at least once! Hope you enjoy it! Also, the weather is getting warmer. Can’t wait to get out more with my camera and vloggggggggg 👊🏻😉 kbye


Soaring over incredible mountain lakes getting the best tour of my backyard one could ever experience! bradleyfriesen I’m ready for epic heli adventure round 2