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Next up from theomegaprodrecords is another Pascal Laugier film soundtrack. 2018's Ghostland is a hauntigly beautiful score to an incredible film. Composed by Georges Boukoff, Ed Rig and Anthony D'Amario. Available now in the UK to Pre Order on Vinyl and CD from psilowave


Psilowave are thrilled to present to the UK theomegaprodrecords release of the long awaited soundtrack to Martyrs by seppukuparadigm Pascal Laugier's 2008 Horror is considered one of the darkest rides committed to celluloid and the score is incredible. Limited Pre Orders live now for vinyl and CD at Psilowave. pascallaugier martyrsmovie vinyl cd soundtrack


Incredible drop from Peter Fuller and The Vincent Price Legacy. The Core featuring Vincent Price reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Conqueror Worm limited edition green vinyl LP. Features stunning artwork by legendary horror artist Graham Humphreys. If you are feeling Cadabra Records then you need to check this! Available now from psilowave vincentprice edgarallanpoe theconquerorworm humphreys7120 fullerpeter vinyl lp


cruising available now at psilowave Check the link for audio and info. waxworkrecords supply the remastered and comprehensive release of this cult soundtrack on vinyl


Reel Cinesound is the follow up to videonasties audio/visual release from spacetoonz available now in limited supply exclusively in the UK and Europe from psilowave - Mixed and compiled by rendezvous_la DJ Collective. Check the trailer in the link - horrormovies giallo blaxploitation


Back in stock in limited supply Exclusive to psilowave in the UK and Europe spacetoonz presents videonasties forbidden horrormovies and dirty synth scores bluray mixed and edited by Cinema Therapy


Sold Out at waxworkrecords HQ. Only 3 left available at psilowave . Don't miss out on this massively underrated score from the Waxwork catalogue. talesfromthedarkside


Fantasy Enhancing release Intervals of Light by Mick Chillage. Limited to 200 only. Available now at psilowave ambient


Trunk Records wonderful Limited Edition vinyl lp soundtrack press of kes scored by John Cameron. Available now at Psilowave


For those that know timothyleary Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out. vinyl lp ʟsᴅ - Limited Edition in stock and shipping now at Psilowave


Incoming from cadabrarecords Heads up for another stunning Cadabra release. Here dwells the Pre Order link for Matthew Bartlett and blackmountaintransmitter dark collaboration "Mr White Noise" vinyl lp Available exclusively in the UK and Europe from psilowave and in very limited quantities so don't miss out. Check the link for a cryptic and strange audio teaser *Random Colour Variant of either Translucent Green or Translucent Lavender * 150 gram vinyl * Single sleeve jacket * 4 panel insert included * Side B is Black Mountain Transmitters isolated score * Newly commissioned art by Aeron Alfrey * New introduction by Matthew M. Bartlett * Liner notes by Black Mountain Transmitter


The first of 3 incoming Pre Order links for Cadabra Records new releases at Psilowave. cadabrarecords presents: Three tales of the macabre by hplovecraft on one colour vinyl LP. dagon thecatsofulthar and themusicoferichzann . Masterfully narrated by long time Cadabra Records collaborator Andrew Leman and featuring a truly haunting acoustic and synth score by animamorteband karmazid provides stunning original artwork with liner notes by Anima Morte and also featuring an essay by weird fiction scholar S.T. Joshi. The package is completed with a 24 x 36 Inch poster. Ultra limited. Pre Orders are live now for the UK and Europe. Check the link below to order, and hear audio samples. -


lunarisrecords present malditoamor soundtrack by Vercetti Technicolor An incredible synth score to this Latin slasher. Limited to 300 vinyl LP only and available for the UK and Europe exclusively from psilowave -


Thomas Nola Et Son Orchestre soundtrack to the 2005 cult film "The Doctor" Super rare pressing of 400 on translucent Violet vinyl and Signed by DouglasP from DeathinJune who also adds narration to this genre crossing score. Available now at Psilowave Audio samples, further information and trailer in the link. soundtrack to the 2005 cult film "The Doctor" Super rare pressing of 400 on translucent Violet vinyl and Signed by Douglas P from Death In June who also adds narration to this genre crossing score.


Iluiteq stunning ambient debut for txtrecordings "Soundtracks for Winter Departures" Limited Edition CD available now from Psilowave


In Memoriam (Abstracts) is the latest drop from Ishq, recording as i7x on the brand new imprint Harmonising Electrified Forms. Limited to 100 only and available now at Psilowave


Ishq recording as i7x on the new imprint Harmonising Electrified Forms drops "Light And Space" Deep Ambient explorations Limited to 100 only and available now at Psilowave


electricdreamrecords compilation dreamelectric all Pre Orders have now shipped. 3 copies remain don't sleep!


dannyelfman - batman vinyl lp Black vinyl variant shipping now in the UK from Psilowave -


hplovecraft - The Hound performed by Andrew Leman and Chris Bozzone vinyl lp Another incredible cadabrarecords release. Transparent vinyl and printed flip side available now in limited quantities for the UK and Europe from psilowave


martinnonstatic stunning album Ligand is re-imagined, restructured and re-dreamt with care, love and attention by a roster of ultimae_records brightest stars including aesdana , miktek "Ligand Remixes" is out now and available in the UK from psilowave