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Dan Armstrong one half of Confluent Phase drops this beautiful ambient electronic odyssey - A Long Time Coming. Available on Limited Edition CD from psilowave danarmstrongmusic confluentphase


Forest Temple


Call of the Coast


In stock in the UK and shipping now at Psilowave For the first time ever on vinyl Roberto Nicolosi's score to Mario Bava's La Maschera Del Demonio (Black Sunday / The Mask Of Satan) Original Soundtrack Gloriously presented by Spikerot Records in Gatefold sleeve and Die Cut Slip Case on Bone White 180 gram vinyl this is quality. A killer old school score with all the right motifs, rising strings and classic horror stabs. Limited to 400 copies only spikerotrecords psilowave soundtrack mariobava lamascheradeldemonio blacksunday themaskofsatan robertonicolosi


It’s almost impossible to pick out favourites from the cadabrarecords catalogue But this is going to be a constant top runner ORA PRO NOBIS – SONGS FOR GRIEVING & MOURNING read by Laurence Harvey​ lh15mm and scored by Chris Bozzone This is Haunting, Heartbreaking, Chilling and Beautiful in turn. Constant innovation from Cadabra Records Turning and weaving through the macabre with incredible attention to detail and impeccable audio quality. And Make no mistake – Laurence fucking owns the narration on this! In stock and shipping now exclusively in the UK and Europe from Psilowave​ – further info and audio sample in the link. Extremely limited so be quick. Ora Pro Nobis - Songs for Grieving and Morning. Read by Laurence R. Harvey, music by Chris Bozzone. Art by jeremy hush with liner notes by Stanley Burns of the burnsarchive . Hand calligraphy by pencilmancer . This is a collection of mourning - death poems that were collected as postcard sets (called song cards) nearly a century ago to help cope with grief, mourning and loss. We’ve adapted these beautiful pieces into audio as it’s the first of its kind. This is a must have for those with interest of mourning art. Very limited quantities are available.


Stunning synthwave release via electricdreamrecords For the first time ever on Limited Edition 3 colour splatter vinyl lvx.synthwave LVX - Rise of a New Empire. Available exclusively in the UK from psilowave Order now here -


makeupandvanityset Classic LP 88:88 is lovingly repressed on Limited Edition Galaxy Green vinyl by electricdreamrecords - Available to order now exclusively in the UK and Europe from Psilowave​ As always further information and full audio samples in the link. This is in high demand so don't sleep.


cadabrarecords presents edogawarampo The Caterpillar vinyl l LP, narrated by Laurence Harvey lh15mm and scored by Chris Bozzone Written in 1929 by Edogawa Rampo, The Caterpillar (Imomushi) was originally banned due to it’s content and is regarded as one of the darkest and most controversial tales ever written by a Japanese author. Tomorrow at noon eastern time we are proud to release one of our most original and creepiest records to date! Laurence R. Harvey has delivered what we think is one of his best readings, while composer Chris Bozzone has created a nightmarishly haunting backdrop. zakuroaoyama has painted this absolute masterpiece for the album art. Hand lettering by jdennison . Liner notes are provided by Japanese cinema scholar Marc Walkow. Packaged in a single sleeve tip-on jacket, comes with poster and insert. Comes in transparent yellow with black swirl vinyl.


Jonathan Dennison' s Cadabra Records release their first foray into soundtracks proper. In association with Hippocampus Press and fully in keeping with the ethos of Cadabra what better release for a debut than the musical score to Darin Coelho Spring's feature length documentary "Emperor of Dreams". A concise, learned and lyrical ode to the esteemed author of weird fiction Clark Ashton Smith. This documentary is a must see for anyone with a passing interest in the medium of Horror fiction. The original composition and scoring duties are handled masterfully by classically trained orchestrator and composer Peter Scartabello and Jacob Mingle. This is Cadabra people so we also get "To the Daemon" included read by S. T. Joshi scored by Peter Scartabello & Nyctalops by Bob Moss This is a true Cadabra rarity and Limited to 125 only on Clear vinyl. Jonathan has graciously allocated a limited 20 copies for the UK and Europe available exclusively from Psilowave so do not sleep on this. • Insert with liner notes by director Darin Coelho Spring * Design by Jonathan Dennison, art by Clark Ashton Smith * One time pressing of 125 on Clear vinyl darincoelhospring cadabrarecords clarkashtonsmith emperorofdreams vinyl


Here cums the Bride First time ever on vinyl thanks to waxworkrecords and presented on stunning Re-Agent Green vinyl Richard Bands score for brideofreanimator In stock and shipping now in the UKfrom psilowave


ishqamatics is the union of the UK's two titans of ambient electronics Matt Hillier​ ( Ishq​ ) and leeanthonynorris ( Autumn Of Communion​ ) After 3 sold out albums exploring Earth, Space and Water the pair bid us farewell and give us the "Elements" Box Set, their last ever transmission as Ishqamatics! Elements includes the first 3 albums ‘Earthbound, Spacebound and Waterbound and completes the series with 4 totally new albums including Firebound and Airbound. In total 8 cd’s of unique elemental musical experimentation which climbs into the higher elemental landscape and dives deep into the imagination of the composers. The material included in the box set is not available anywhere else and is unique to Elements. Mastered by Black Particle. Limited edition of 150 boxes sold out straight away from FE and now with less than 5 left available from Psilowave​


psilowave are delighted to be able to offer the last remaining copies on Planet Earth of the mighty cadabrarecords awesome vinyl release of the edgarallanpoe haunting tale "The Pit and the Pendulum". Screen and voice actor and Cadabra stalwart Anthony D.P. Mann​ excels as always on narration duties whilst slasherfilmfestival strategy deliver a truly atmospheric and unsettling synth score. Adam Burke's stunning art spread across gatefold sleeve complete this package. Less than 10 left available. Do not sleep. As always kudos and thanks to jdennison thepitandthependulum


electricdreamrecords present three massively anticipated new releases for the first time ever on vinyl. Sellorekt/LA Dreams ( sladreams ) - Pulse. Pressed to beautiful Purple Splatter vinyl. psilowave are the exclusive distributor for the UK and Europe. All allocated stock ships next week. Click the link for further information, audio samples of all tracks and to order.


electricdreamrecords present three massively anticipated new releases for the first time ever on vinyl. Jason Priest ( antonmaiof )- King Kill / 33. Pressed to beautiful clear and purple splatter vinyl. Psilowave are the exclusive distributor for the UK and Europe. All allocated stock ships next week. Click the link for further information, audio samples of all tracks and to order.


electricdreamrecords present three massively anticipated new releases for the first time ever on vinyl. starfounder (Danila Ermolaev) – Vengeance. Pressed to beautiful Hot Pink Magenta and Dark Purple Swirl Vinyl and mastered by dynatronsynth . Psilowave are the exclusive distributor for the UK and Europe. All allocated stock ships next week, don’t let this pass. Click the link for further information, audio samples of all tracks and to order.


H.P. Lovecraft's Halloween in a Suburb & Others - cadabrarecords beautiful release on white black swirl vinyl. Masterfully narrated by Andrew Leman over a haunting back score by Theologian. Sam Heimer's stunning artwork completes a luxury package. Super Limited and available exclusively in the UK and Europe from psilowave Get it here sam_heimer hplovecraft halloween vinyl halloweeninasuburb theologian


Next up from theomegaprodrecords is another Pascal Laugier film soundtrack. 2018's Ghostland is a hauntigly beautiful score to an incredible film. Composed by Georges Boukoff, Ed Rig and Anthony D'Amario. Available now in the UK to Pre Order on Vinyl and CD from psilowave


Psilowave are thrilled to present to the UK theomegaprodrecords release of the long awaited soundtrack to Martyrs by seppukuparadigm Pascal Laugier's 2008 Horror is considered one of the darkest rides committed to celluloid and the score is incredible. Limited Pre Orders live now for vinyl and CD at Psilowave. pascallaugier martyrsmovie vinyl cd soundtrack


Incredible drop from Peter Fuller and The Vincent Price Legacy. The Core featuring Vincent Price reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Conqueror Worm limited edition green vinyl LP. Features stunning artwork by legendary horror artist Graham Humphreys. If you are feeling Cadabra Records then you need to check this! Available now from psilowave vincentprice edgarallanpoe theconquerorworm humphreys7120 fullerpeter vinyl lp


cruising available now at psilowave Check the link for audio and info. waxworkrecords supply the remastered and comprehensive release of this cult soundtrack on vinyl


Reel Cinesound is the follow up to videonasties audio/visual release from spacetoonz available now in limited supply exclusively in the UK and Europe from psilowave - Mixed and compiled by rendezvous_la DJ Collective. Check the trailer in the link - horrormovies giallo blaxploitation


Back in stock in limited supply Exclusive to psilowave in the UK and Europe spacetoonz presents videonasties forbidden horrormovies and dirty synth scores bluray mixed and edited by Cinema Therapy