Queen City Jiu Jitsu

Queen City Jiu Jitsu

queencityjiujitsu Offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ages 5+. Affiliate academy member of Pedro Sauer BJJ Association. Locations in both Charlotte, NC and Indian Land, SC.

Congratulations to Patrick Cunningham and Silas Mayer for receiving their first stripes, and to Camilla Lopez for her third! Keep working hard, you’re learning and improving each class. 👊🏼🥋🤙🏼 teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, kidsbjj, selfdefense, www.queencityjiujitsu.com


What a great day! Congrats to our Juniors on their belt test results and promotions today. Great job Preston Streicher moving to Sr Yellow, Michael Kepler to Grey, and Laila Quarry to Jr Grey. 👊🏼🥋🤙🏽Thanks to our ukis Nick Jackson and Jaylon Poon. Thanks to Bethany Stelzl for the pics (more to come) and to guilherminojj as well! Always learnings, stay dedicated - your journey continues with your next step. See you back on the mats next week! teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, selfdefense, kidsbjj, www.queencityjiujitsu.com


Congratulations to all our juniors who earned stripes on their belts today! Great work Jaylon Poon, Jaiden Tulino, Corinne Mayer, Abbey, Sammie and Jax Hinton, Jack Koss, Olivia Assell, James and Owen Ritchie. Keep up the dedication and learning, working hard every day. See you back on the mats next week! 🤙🏽🥋👊🏽 teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, kidsbjj, selfdefense, www.queencityjiujitsu.com


Congratulations to Ariyana Taets on receiving her first stripe in Jiu Jitsu and to Graham Jackson on earning his second on his Jr Yellow! Great work both of you - keep it up. 👍🏼🥋👊🏼 teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, kidsbjj, selfdefense, www.queencityjiujitsu.com


Strong work on the mats by our juniors tonight, keep it up everyone! Sign your up for a trial today at www.queencityjiujitsu.com 👊🏼🥋👍🏼 teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu


Great training today in Daytona Beach with some old friends. Enjoying bigfrogbjj retreat.


Great time representing team Pedro Sauer & the Carolinas learning from Professor Curran at bigfrogbjj retreat in Daytona! 👊🏼🥋🤙🏼


Another week, another 16th birthday! HBD Josiah Stelzl and great defense with your rolls tonight! Great cherry-on-top arm bar on ur older sister to finish things off! 👊🏼🥋💪🏼 Always learning, train, keep it playful and have fun! teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, selfdefense, www.queencityjiujitsu.com


Team Pedro Sauer rocked it today in the Carolinas! teampedrosauer


Great training at Affiliate Day today. Thanks to integratedmartialarts for the instruction and 4m_fitness for hosting! Nice to see so many new and old friends on the mats! Not pictured - mike.streicher, giesber and our juniors that attended as well.


Congrats to Brandon Jackson on earning his first stripe on his Blue belt today! Strong work, keep it up! teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, www.queencityjiujitsu


Congratulations to James Ritchie, David Ritchie, and Chis Tulino for earning their first stripes and to MK Cestrone for her second! Keep up the great work, always learning! Proud to train with each of you. 👊🏼🥋🤙🏼 queencityjiujitsu, teampedrosauer, kidsbjj, ladiesbjj, selfdefense, www.queencityjiujitsu.com


Humbled to be a part of Team Pedro Sauer!


Special thanks to bigfrogbjj for sharing his knowledge over our two day camp. Awesome triangle set-up and back control work, along with finishes. Truly an honor to learn from Professor Jeff Curran! Thanks as well to Mark Cukro integratedmartialarts for your continued guidance as well as all of the seminar participants. Will post an album with more pics soon. teampedrosauer, bigfrogbjj, queencitujiujitsu


Great start to the two day camp with bigfrogbjj. Thanks to Professor Jeff Curran for sharing some of his vast knowledge in our triangle session tonight! Looking forward to two more awesome sessions tomorrow! teampedrosauer bigfrogbjj queencityjiujitsu


Huge congratulations to Jacob Gilleland for earning his Blue Belt today! Jacob works incredibly hard, sets a great example for others, and is always willing to lend a hand. Very proud of you! Keep it up! 👊🏼🥋🤙🏼 teampedrosauer, queencityjiujitsu, selfdefense, www.queencityjiujitsu.com. Photo credits to Lisa Gilleland.


ONLY A FEW SPOTS REMAINING! Sign up today to ensure your spot. You can register and pay here: https:/www.queencityjiujitsu.com/lp/Charlotte-training-camp YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!