Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

recordingacademy As the world's leading society of music professionals, the Recording Academy works year-round to foster a more inspiring world for creators. #GRAMMYs

"I think DJing is beautiful because you can just wing it and be in the moment; be present, go with the vibe. " LosAngeles native DJ/producer/singer justinjaymusic is all about expanding dancefloor horizons. Check out our Story to read the EXCLUSIVE ❗️interview about finding joy in DJing, playing Coachella, and much more!


Only Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration" can bring together such an incredible all-star lineup! Who else is loving these performances? GRAMMYsMotown60


One of Motown’s most iconic legends, GRAMMY-winner SmokeyRobinson, reflects on how the label grew from a it’s humble beginnings in Detroit to spread love and music worldwide. Robinson will co-host and deliver a special tribute performance during “Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration” TONIGHT at 8/7c on CBSTV. GRAMMYsMotown60


"If not for Motown, there would be no neyo." Don't miss neyo's performance medley on the star-studded television special “Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration" this Sunday April 21 at 8e/7c on CBSTV. GRAMMYsMotown60


"When you're sitting in your house and a Motown song comes on, you have no choice but to dance!" tasiasword takes the stage at " Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration" this Sunday April 21 at 8e/7c on CBSTV. GRAMMYsMotown60


Don't miss our latest star-studded television special Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration this coming Sunday April 21 at 8e/7c on CBSTV. 🎶


"There's definitely clues in the music, and we carefully think about thatThat's always something we look for, because we look at the music as another character, so we feel there's really a great bit of storytelling." GameofThrones composer Ramin Djawadi joined us for an exclusive interview to reflect on creating the music for eight epic seasons. ForTheThrone


RecordStoreDay 2019 has arrived! With nearly 1,400 stores participating and over 500 exclusive "RSD exclusive" and "RSD first" releases, today marks the biggest day of the year for vinyl shops across the world. From Prince to ArethaFranklin. Happy hunting! RSD19


With Coachella's two-weekend party in the desert kicking off this weekend, music festival season is officially here! Which artists are you looking forward to seeing this summer?


"These ladies simply don't know that this career path is even an option for them, I didn't! I want to do my part to let them know this is an optionthere aren't any limits!" Amanda Davis ( theeamandarenee) is on a mission to get women of color behind the mixing board. As the Front of House engineer (FOH) for GRAMMY-nominated superstar musician JanelleMonae, she's helped deliver sonic experiences at live shows across the world. PandEwing


Today we headed to CapitolHill for GRAMMYsOnTheHill Advocacy Day with more than 60 members that represent the different pockets of the music industry. We walked the halls of the both the House and the Senate to meet with lawmakers to ask that the work be continued to ensure fair compensation for artists, songwriters, and producers on unresolved issues. We're proud to represent the voices of ALL music creators!


Tonight we built the bridge between music and politics at our annual GRAMMYsOnTheHill Awards. The night was full of surprises and memorable moments that included honoring YolandaAdams (Creators Leadership Award) and KChenoweth (Philanthropist Award), SenatorChuckGrassley, and RepJeffries. In a bipartisan room, Members of Congress joined GRAMMY-nominated songwriter/producer RealLindaPerry onstage to sing "What's up." It was a reminder that music brings us all together and that creators deserve to be fairly compensated for creating the soundtrack to our lives. Tomorrow (April 10) music creators will take part in our Advocacy Day, Capitol Hill's largest and most prestigious legislative event for music creators, where they will meet with lawmakers to continued the conversation about music legislation.


Recording and mixing engineer and Producers & Engineers Wing Member Marcella Araica ( incrediblelago) goes deep on how she got her start, producing her own beats in high school, recording with missymisdemeanorelliot and more! 🎶 PandEwing


After almost 20th years missymisdemeanorelliott’s 'Da Real World' was and remains an important album from the '90s for its songs and visuals which continue to be adored and cherished by hip-hop fans everywhere.


"I look at people, in their eyes, I try to vibe with them. I try to see how they're feeling. I really want to share this moment with them." YouTube's most-watched female artist NattiNatasha joined us for an exclusive interview on her album, working with daddyyankee, representing Latin culture, and more!


🎼 And it's only half past the point of no return The tip of the iceberg The sun before the burn The thunder before the lightning Breath before the phrase Have you ever felt this way?🎼 Pink performed “Glitter In The Air” at the 52nd GRAMMYs in 2010. ( LyricFind)


"There was a time in which there weren’t feminine faces. Now that door is open, and we're coming in. People now want to hear our side of the story. They want to know where we've been and how we did it.” - KarolG. How are Latina artists combating gender inequality in urban music?


"I'm very encouraged where vinyl is taking things." From making a vinyl record to his passion for the art of music and its production, Producers & Engineers Wing Member Jeff Powell ( takeoutvinyl) describes his optimism around the recent vinyl resurgence. Check out the full video on to see how he ended up "Behind The Board" now! PandEwing


Beyond being a businessman and an artist, NipseyHussle was also a loving father of two. Fatherhood served as an inspiration for his music. RIPNipseyHussle


NipseyHussle highlighted life in South Los Angeles and the socio-economic struggles people in the community faced, from single mothers working to feed their families to his own rise from financial struggle, through his poignant lyrics. He released his much-awaited official debut and GRAMMY-nominated album, ‘Victory Lap,’ in February 2018 after years of releasing several mixtapes, including The Marathon mixtape. For Hussle, creating the album was a weaving of his experiences and represented a coming full circle on his own terms. He saw life as a metaphor for a marathon that included not only his resiliency, but also his community's. "Make sure that you stick to what you believe in," he said. "The story that I'm telling on this album made the moment that I'm in even more special and important because it shows you the distance and the ground we covered." Hussle is survived by his girlfriend, actress Lauren London, and his two . NipseyHussleForever


"I would walk into a session, six years ago maybe, and I would be the engineer, and they would say, 'Where's the engineer? Can you go get us coffee?" - Producer/engineer suzyshinn. As the conversation of gender equality in music presses toward progress, check for the full story to hear what's changed and what's left to be done from the women who have been making great records all along.


From the lights to the sound and the guest appearances, experiencing a live performance is music magic! ✨ What has been your most memorable concert? 🎶


"I think staying true to your art and staying true to what you believe in. I think that's been a big part of why I'm here today." We spoke with misschloeflower on her experience in the music industry, activism, performing with CardiB ( iamcardib) at this year's GRAMMYs, her forthcoming album and more! 🎹


Over the years ladygaga's transcendent and diverse GRAMMYs performances have raised the bar and inspired artists and fans alike. What has been your favorite LadyGaga GRAMMYs performance?


"Fame is not a career. Your career is to share your God-given gift. And that is the thing that makes you happy." dianaross