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SABIAN Cymbals

sabiancymbals_official SABIAN is all about designing and creating cymbals and sounds that are right for you.

So many have asked about Anderson .Paak’s current cymbal specs. The Custom Shop recipes are: 19” Artisan Light Ozone Style Crash. Artisan hammering fully lathed- pinpoint sand blast finish then a WIDE lathe stripe top and bottom (bell included) post Encore finish THREE Ozone holes in a pyramid shape applied at 12, 4 & 8 o’clock. Note all these crashes to have a high profile. 20” Artisan Crash At or barely under the regular Artisan Crash weight fully lathed- pinpoint then add sand blast finish and then a WIDE lathe stripe over top revealing the natural finish- wide as possible. Including the bottom and bell. 12” AAX Splash with only THREE Ozone Holes at 12/4/8 o’clock. Sandblast finish and wide lathe stripe over top, then 3 Ozone holes 10” AAX Splash with only THREE Ozone Holes at 12/4/8 o’clock. Sandblast finish and wide lathe stripe over top, then 3 Ozone holes 10” AA Mini Holy China with Sand blast finish (stacked under the 12”) 22” HH Liquid Ride with sand blast finish. Lathe one wide stripe top & bottom revealing the natural finish 15” Artisan hats, sand blast finish, Wide stripe on tops. Please start with a heavy pair and post finish application lathe the inside of both cymbals pinpoint so they are natural finish and weight of a stock Artisan hat. Crash on far right is a 20” Artisan Crash- no custom treatment andersonpaak sabian sabianfamily bestteefinthegametour sabiancustomshop


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toddsucherman showing some incredible finesse playing The Red Storm by Styx. Can't miss the Limited Edition 22” HH Sessions Ride in this one!


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One take. No camera tricks. No triggers. Chris Turner nails this play through of Ultraterrestrial with precision and a hell of a lot of skill. It’s time to accept that chrisoaa is not of this world. SABIAN Setup: 22" AAX Thin Ride 14" AAX Thin Hats 18" AAX X-Plosion 19" Holy China 18" AAX O-zone Crash 18" AAX Aero Crash 8" AAX Aero Splash 10" AAX Air Splash 12" AAX O-Zone Splash 12" AAX Mini Chinese sabian Sabianunbound sabianfamily AAX sabiancymbals cymbals drums drummer music drum drumming drumsticks drumset drumkit musician drummers drumlife groove percussion drumfam drummerlife cymbal drumporn


ICYMI FiIRST TIME brass is tempered, formed, circled, and hand hammered into cymbals. FIRST TIME a Cymbal company and a Drum company collaborate on Cymbals. FIRST TIME 2 companies in our industry introduce a series of instruments together under a new brand. And so it begins We are excited to introduce for the first time ever, a full line of instruments designed and created by SABIAN and A&F Drum Co. called the ANKH! CLICK LINK IN BIO to watch the film and get more details anfdrumco Sabian playwhatulove makinghistory HiHats Cymbals Our first offering in the ANKH Instrument Series is a limited series of Brass(14”&16”) and Bronze(16”) Hi Hat creations, exclusively curated and designed by SABIAN and A&F Drum Co., for YOU -ANKH Brass Hats- Designed by our very own Ramy Antoun and SABIAN's legendary Mark Love. The first ever of their kind, Ankh brass hats have HUGE BELLS, are tempered, formed, circled to size, and hand hammered to shape at the sabian factory in Meductic, Canada. Sold ala cart so you can mix and match between MEDIUM and THIN thicknesses. -ANKH Bronze B20 Hats- Also designed Ramy and Mark and also with HUGE BELLS. We started with Sabian's exclusive B20 bronze casting, heated, cupped, circled to size and hand hammered to shape at the sabian factory in Meductic, Canada -LIMITED- The ANKH series Hi Hats are limited to a production of 75 total pairs per month, due to the amount of time, care, mastery, and effort it takes to make these instruments. Compared to the 10k plus HH sold globally per month , that’s a tiny number of HH lol -ANKH Pricing- 14” Brass Thin Single Hat$299.50 14” Brass Med Single Hat$299.50 16” Brass Thin Single Hat$349.50 16” Brass Med Single Hat$349.50 16” Bronze Matched Pair$699.00 -Purchasing- ANKH instruments will exclusively be available through all Sabian and A&F Dealers. The first batch of 75 pairs are already heading to the following shops: shops: drumcenternh ikebemusic timpano_percussion bostondrumcenter servette_music_drum_shop philadelphiadrum AND you can call your local dealer to place orders for July-December! anfdrumco 🙏


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