SABIAN Cymbals

SABIAN Cymbals

sabiancymbals_official SABIAN is all about designing and creating cymbals and sounds that are right for you.

Did you catch SABIAN artist JohnsonOut playing through the intro to a Jennifer Lopez concert for us? En Fuego! 🔥 Full version on our Youtube channel! ICYMI


The Sabian AAX 16" Medium Crash has a smaller raw bell, which makes for an even faster response for instant, explosive crashes whenever you need them. And trust us, you need them💥


panos.vassilopoulos doing what he does. Incredible. Do you have a video drumming on a unique kit, or in a crazy location? Maybe you're experimenting with a new beat? Post it with the hashtag UnboundDrummers to be featured SABIAN's Twitter and IG.


The AAX 22" Medium Ride's medium weight trends thinner, with added darkness and complexity. Perfectly pairing with the darkness and complexity in your heart 🖤


Want to fill the stage with big, open sound? This AAX 16" Freq Crash is a good pick. Most rock cymbals cut with focused high-pitched tone generated by the bell, but the 16” SABIAN Freq Crash gets its boosted cut from the exclusive FREQ dual-lathing process


The 19" Sabian AAX X-Treme Chinese Cymbal's terrifically punchy response is raw, dirty, and very tight. This cymbal is super loud for maximum accent.


For the first time, SABIAN brings its Freq design to a Ride cymbal. The exclusive Freq dual-lathing process results in intensely cutting cymbals that deliver quick bursts of hi-frequency tone. It offers good control, but the sound is more open than typical rock weight Rides.


Next up, we have our Crescent 15” Element hats. They yield a tight, ticking, closed sound with a little sizzle underneath. A great option for almost any situation! crescentcymbals element hihats


A whole new style of hammering is much more visible on this AAX 18" Medium Crash due to the larger, rounder peen. It's one good looking cymbal. And with complex and slightly darker tones, this crash sounds even better than it looks.


Today was a big day for the sabiancymbals_official team in Europe. We welcomed Pearl Music Europe (PME) as our new distributor for the UK. The entire pearldrumseurope team was on hand at their HQ in Venlo, the Netherlands, including reps from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Peter Stairs & Christian Koch representing from sabiancymbals_official !


Have you checked out our Crescent line of cymbals? The 22” Element Ride has a distressed patina finish that offers a dry, woody and articulate response. crescentcymbals element jazz


You ever look at someone’s set up placement and choice of instruments and just know they must be an amazing player? This beauty shot of Dave Calarco’s set speaks to us. drumporn sabian sabianfamily


SABIAN has always pushed the boundaries of innovation - AAX Thin Rides are no exception. This AAX 20" Thin Ride answers the call for a thinner, more complex cymbal with added versatility.


The AAX 15" Medium Hats are versatile, and blend nicely into mainstream sounds. The foot is very solid, and the thinner-sounding weight of this medium pairing makes them ideal for studio recording.